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Perfect Health in Sin City

Because people do so much evil, they are not in perfect health. Really it is evil to themselves that is the issue here.

Stupid, is it not, why do you want to harm yourself?
Anyway, here are the characteristics of someone who is in 100% perfect health.

Every living person in the world can achieve this, unless they are set to die within a few weeks.

With socialism gone, it is no longer the case that there are people in comas etc. set to live 10 or whatever years,

The artificial heart or breast may not go away, though.

1. They do not need sleep.

2. They look fab and do not age.

3. They will become more good over time, and when perfect, eg in 1000 years, they will merge into Lord Vishnu

4. They are perfectly sexy, with desire focussed on their man or woman.

5. They are perfectly flexible, fit, they can do press-ups 24/7 without difficulty.

6. If they feel thirsty or hungry it is only because they have caused animals etc. to be such.

7. However, such thirst or hunger does not mean they cannot do sit-ups 24/7.

8. If they do no evil, they suffer no pain, but then their soul merges with Lord Vishnu or their husband.

9. If they do no evil, mosquitos, lions, .. will not trouble them.

10. The healthier a person, the less sperm or eggs; at 100% there is 1 sperm or egg if a baby is wanted.

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