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Bloodshed happens twice: Perfect Justice

A typical American airforce pilot napalmed 30 Vietnamese during the Vietnamese war.
That pilot if he died prior to 17 June 2013, would have one very painful death.
He today faces the agony of 29 napalmings.

You may say, how is this possible? He will have been reborn as 29 people*, all with one soul
that will suffer the agony of 29 deaths.

For every American pilot, there were typically 70 support staff helping him, and
12 superiors (starting with the successive American presidents) instructing him to kill..
All of them face multiple agonizing deaths, just in respect of the Vietnam war, leave aside other wars,
and arms sent abroad for cash used to kill and main others.
Thus, President Johnson was responsible, in respect of the Vietnam war, for
2 million deaths
3 million maimings
3 million wives being made husband less
9 million children being made fatherless
.5 million rapes
3 million men being made wife-less
4 million women being made child-less
4 million children being made mother-less
3 million men being made child-less
19 million people being deprived of their property, forced to flee..

This is how much he will suffer in respect of his evil doing in Vietnam.

Then there is responsibility for stealing tax money from about 100 million Americans,..
In those days, I did not cap off the pain scale but allowed people to do virtually infinite evil.
This is because I love seeing Americans, Chinese, Jews, Vietnamese, Germans..suffer EXTREME PAIN.

What does this mean in practice?
The entire USA population today consists of people born to suffer the consequences of the various wars that America got involved with.

They also have to suffer for bring up children badly, stealing, eating meat..

Of course, the Vietcong from North Vietnam, coming to the South, will also suffer dreadfully.

A typical Buddhist Sri Lankan soldier killed 16 Tamil Hindus during the long civil war.
A typical Tamil tiger killed 2 Buddhists in revenge. The Tamil tiger faces no further justice.
The Buddhist soldier will have the pain and suffering associated with whatever he did to 16
Hindu men, women and children, depriving them of their homes, forcing them to flee etc.

The killing and pain in Sri Lanka is about to begin all over again, with the entire Buddhist population affected.

Sometimes, someone pays you a compliment or does something nice for you.
He will experience the same niceness in his life.

Nazi prison guards, besides torturing and killing Jews, had the women prisoners strip naked.
They have been reborn to ensure that their soul will suffer the same fate, stripped, tortured,
raped, killed.. of however many people they harmed.

80% of the current German population will suffer in respect of what happened to the Jews.

*well sort of true, but really what happens is that his mind dies 29 times and then recovers,
so he feels what 29 napalmings are like. He of course remembers the previous sufferings rather well.

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