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Well it is a wonderful thing.

It is an important thing.

When you approach My Lord, our Lord, when you approach your husband, when you shout at your kiddies,
when you have a fetus inside you, you should not bring your junk to them.

You keep it hidden right deep inside you (which of course is not possible)
The first thing to do is very softly touch your naked arm with your thumb. And gently stroke your skin.
This on its own does not do it. You at the same time need to soften your breathing and then redouble your efforts to be soft and gentle in the touch.
And you just quietly sit comfortably or lie on your bed massaging away your evil, being peaceful,
relaxing your brain, your face.
You do not ask for assistance, it is your job to clean up your mess.
Well it is not as easy as all that. So, next you touch your skin, stroke your skin on your arm roughly, and you say to yourself
"you damn go away all anger and turbulence".

Next you lie on your bed, naked, no sun glasses, and relax, arms by your side a little apart.
Stay a while. Obviously no hard rock music at this stage.
And it still does not go. The tummy, abdomen is the thing. It in your life takes a pounding, even just
walking it is not soft, tense. Anger makes it tense. Kids make it tense. Husbands the same. Eating rubbish. Keep fit, jogging makes it impossible.
You need to make your tummy peaceful. It is damn damn hard and damn damn hard to soften it also.
The more you try the more it hardens.

So now, you lie on your side. And there you find it is damn damn difficult to make it hard.
You try your hardest to make it hard, puff it out, scoop it in, stupid tummy does not listen to you.
So next, you draw your abdomen right back towards the back of your body. Keep it drawn back as long as possible. It is difficult to breathe, hold your breath and then take short breaths.
You get tummy orgasm.
Now lie again on your back, and offer yourself
"I offer myself to my husband, to our Lord, to my children, to the forces of good, and I offer myself pure and tranquil and peaceful and with love".
And because you may not be very sensitive you may not notice much difference, but your brain is peaceful.

Now you go and talk to your children or whoever you so wish.
And you have been given something from this article, so you need to give something valuable back.
That is the custom in India.
And the only thing of value is goodness.
So you might want to lie down again and say to Lord Vishnu

"I will listen and I will obey". And of course love etc. offerings are acceptable too.

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