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What should be the kind attitude of sons and daughters to their parents?

Well these are the facts:

*they did not want you, what a surprise, even I do not want you
*they tried to murder you but unfortuately narrowly failed at even this simple task
*they fed you poison
*they taught you nothing other than how to steal, murder etc.
*you started off healthy, intelligent etc. and look what happened to you.
*they owe you big time.

So really I would recommend 50 grams rat poison for dad and 45 grams for your mum
as the most compassionate solution as to what to do with them.
Hide with the other poison in their cornflakes, they will not notice, because their taste buds
have been burned off with chilli.
Before the rat poison, best to threaten them with euthanasia (for them first, then you).
If an adult is sick in body or mind, it is his job to sort out him/her self, not rely on strangers.
You should have nothing to do with evil, stay well clear, do not answer phone calls etc.
Let Lord Vishnu deal with them and give them the punishment they deserve.
The same advice applies to uncles, aunts, grand parents etc.
Kill them off is the kindest thing rather than wait and see them hanging on a cross.
Look, in terms of euthanasia and killing them, I am joking.
You should not take the law into your own hands.
Let then die the gruesome death they deserve and stay as a minimum 250 metres (yards)
away so you do not hear their screams and do not see blood pouring out of their eyes.

2. How much money do parents owe the boy or girl when they finally leave home and get married etc.?

Nothing. The cash payment should be made at age puberty and the horrors kicked out of the parents' home then.

A boy or girl is ill advised to stay in the home of one who has done you so much wrong.
Even if the parents give you nothing it is better to walk out proud than to live with such yuck.
For messing up a child's life parents owe them their lives.
Any token payment made is minute compared with what is owed.

3. You know, I am upset, tears come to My eyes, when I write about parents or rather about children

A fetus, well it is small, maybe just about excusable to kill? No never ever.

But your own child. It is just just appalling.

It is not about My parents. My dad was poisoning My mother and rather than accept poison she simply left him.
So luckily for Me, from age 7, I had nothing to do with Hindu men. Only had evil mother.

Of course, I loved and love particularly My dad.

In India today, not one man likes his wife. They all want foreign woman.

The price of a foreign prostitute, almost does not matter which country, anything but Indian,
is about 10 times Indian prostitute.

And are foreign women actually better, rather than in a man's dreams? No.

And are Indian men better than say dogs? No way.Cockroaches? About the same.

And modern children? They are devil herself.

*I did review this article for accuracy and it seems about correct.

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