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Orgasm in 5 seconds

Place the first 3 fingers of your hands on either side of your pubis, just above your penis or vagina.
Press firmly downwards for 5 seconds.
You are done.
If you want more orgasms, press for longer.
If you want to get wet or hard, place your fingers on the pubis, open the
vagina lips or unpeel the penis a little at the same time.
Then squeeze the legs together.
If you want very hard or wet you keep the legs squeezed together longer.
If you want more orgasms to freshen your mind and reduce evil press the fingers for longer.
Orgasms have many benefits, including making you more creative, more intelligent.
If you want enjoyment aswell, you need to find a partner and give him or her pleasure.

If you want to please Lord Vishnu, you lie down, with your arms relaxed by your sides.
Lie still, peaceful. Squeeze your legs together.Lower your abdomen (tummy) down towards the bed.
Press both the legs down.Scoop the lower tummy down. Keep your breathing soft relaxed but short.
Squeeze the legs harder and harder together.
Do this not more than twice per day.
Then stop, relax and again place the 3 fingers of your hands on either side of your pubis, about 1" (2.5 cm)
from the centre.Press down. Then 10 seconds stop.
Then, place the tip of your index fingers (or little fingers if you are non veg) on your nipples.
Very gently lightly slightly flick the nipples from side to side. Continue as long as you can.
Then press your pad of the right index finger deep down into your navel (belly button).
As you relax and breathe out, press further down. Again, breathe out and more down.
After that, lie on your right side. Possibly,you do not feel absolutely perfect.
You may go blind as the Western poison comes out of you.
Ask for forgiveness and for your sight to be restored, or
'please kindly restore my sight if that is what is good for Me only'
Your legs will feel itchy as the poison comes to the surface, ready to be excreted mainly via the blood
Then He will ask again about your sight. And you might say, 'I have caused 43007 chicken and 1963
babies to lose their sight. Given this it does not seem right that I should have my sight back,
even if these poor creatures did not lose their sight, they lost lives, legs etc. I do not know what.
Please do with me as it pleases you, whatever is best and fair and just.
And then Lord Vishnu will say 'I will give you pain exactly corresponding to the monetary value of your crimes
I give you your sight back, on condition that you use it well, to love someone and to be happy.'
It actually takes a little time for the poison to cause blindness, about 2 hours.

Actually, you know, Western poison embedded in your brain is quite powerful stuff, but it does not immediately cause blindness.
Just suddenly, in the last 3 years, the earth etc. is so sodden with pesticides etc. that all
the poison farmers etc. put on lettuces, inject into cows etc. goes directly into the food supply.
So, if you do not want the poison to come out yet, but prefer blindness in two years, all you need to do is request
Lord Vishnu to give you orgasm but 'please kindly allow the Western poison to stay in me'.
He is a very kind spirit and I am pretty sure He will oblige.

An average person in the world today has 105 grams of rat poison equivalent lodged around his or her brain.

Without orgasm, there is very little fresh blood supply to disperse it around your body, so it just stays there
gradually being moved in and around by what little blood supply you do have.
It is not necessary for all 105 grams to get to your nerves controlling sight, hearing etc.
For example, with hearing, it just needs 4 grams to enter the area which controls hearing.
And for a typical person, with stagnant brain, about one half of the 105 grams gets ultimately shifted
to other parts of the body, and only about 0.5 grams per week to actually go into the active parts of the brain.
This is why it takes a little time for taste, hearing,intelligence .. loss to happen.
However, these particular losses are not life threatening.

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