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Only for MEN

You know it is quite strange possibly that the mere looking at breasts after not too long makes a vagina or penis sore.
It is not too good to have a very sore penis or vagina. One thinks, I must stop looking at naked women breasts and vaginas.
This is completely false propoganda from the Vatican.
It so happens that when your vagina or penis has suffered enough, there are other parts of the body one can inflict EXTREME pain on.
So, this time no tricks, you will retain your manhood (if any left) or womanhood (wetness may not cum but at least you will suffer for it).
So here are some things you can do while looking.
You should not actually have extreme pain, I lied. But it is very healthy to gain flexibility, and also endurance. Stay in a posture for a while until it starts to disturb the mind. Pain should not do this.
Resist the temptation to wank. Instead, move from side to side if pain disturbs your mind, move forward or backward, bend the legs this way and that, straighten one leg, bend it upwards, do push ups,...
With staying in bent leg postures for a while, the knee may hurt or ache. After finishing the posture, slowly straighten the leg, take time, and when it is able to be more or less straight, make it poker straight, tighten at the knee, while relaxing the rest of your body and keeping a fresh quiet mind.
The ache soon goes.
With these postures, mostly it is the groin/lower pubic area that aches most although over the weeks this is less and less. If this ache is disturbing your mind, it is time to stop. Do not continue with more activity in the area the next day or two, wait until the muscles etc. have recovered, and then in 2-3 days you will be able to do more, longer etc.
As time goes by, your mind too becomes healthier and healthier and evil goes away.
Doing all this will create huge health in your body.
First, bend one leg up and take the other leg back:

Then straighten the back leg and press your pubis down:

Stay for a while looking at pictures.If you get tired, you can rest your trunk on the bed
keeping the legs as they are. You can do push ups, straightening and bending your arms.
You can sway your body to the right and to the left. You can completely straighten the back leg.

Then you can do variations on Virasana yoga pose. Bend your legs so your knees are to the front
and feet by your bottom. Spread your knees and rest your trunk in between the legs:

Then spread your knees as far apart as you can. Rest with your trunk down. Then try and sit up:

When you can try and sit up without using the support of the hands.

Then lower the trunk down and do push ups.

Then again lower your trunk, lift your bottom a little and completely spread your knees apart:

Then rest your trunk on the bed. Then raise your trunk and look at some pictures.
Rest on your elbows. Then move your body 6", 15 cm forward and rest on your front.
Spread your knees a little wider, bottom down. Then do some push ups. Then look at some pictures.

All the above are quite strenuous.You should do what you can, and then give up. Yes!
No, not give up, but give your body a rest. Sit on the bed in comfort with simple cross legs,
or any thing that is real easy for you. Leave military training for Chinese and other peoples.
You will get fit enough very soon, it does not take months except maybe if you are over 40 kg (like Me).

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o try this if they wish but it will have no effect on their ageing
until they reach puberty. And then if they try it they will become young again.

PS. You will be pleased to know girls that there is no change in what your boy can do:

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How to touch a Woman Video

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How to touch a Woman Video

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