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Omen 3

Today is NOT possibly going very well.
I go into My bathroom and there is an ENORMOUS SPIDER, like almost 6 foot possibly (2m) on the
wall looking at Me. I just wee wee. And then I almost flee.

It brings back to Me My most most fond memory of Mumbai.
I was taken (age 5) to My uncle's apartment in Peddar Road (Peda).
There was an appropriately welcoming huge spider nearly My size next to the door bell.
He is Hindu. My mum did not ring the doorbell.Just typical of Christian women.

Do you like big spiders?
Me, I cannot say I dislike them, but I really hate them on My skin, and so run a mile nearly
in case they jump and leap onto Me.
They are worse than ants for My skin, although I have to admit the biggest spider that was ever
on My skin was about .03 cm (.01 in) in size so actual experienced knowledge of what
spider would do to Me is non existent.
Maybe once in 3 life times or so I possibly dream about this and I think it is a horrible dream.
Do you like big..

Anyways, I virtually run to My room almost crying and My Lord says to Me maybe:
"get rid of that spider. pick it up and throw it out of window so you are not a murderer."
Well actually He says "you are not a woman".
Oh, I remark, what am I? Baggage? Slave?
Anyway a bit upsetting for any Man so I say 'um My darling, would you mind getting rid of
that spider I am almost shit scared of her'.
And so I have some chocolate and milk and am happy again.
Spider gone.
Well not happy I could not really care too too much about the spider so long as it does not touch Me,
but "you are not a woman" hurt Me.

Anyways this is what life is like, one big blow for man, one big blow for mankind, one after another,
just they keep on coming like Mohammad Ali. bang. bang. bang.

Like a classical Indian drum being played by an alleged musician hitting your ears
one every about 2.5 seconds. In the case of classical Indian musicians,
they only damaged your ear drums for about 5 hours every other day
if you were a drum bang lover.

I got to think about "you are not a woman". I was real peaceful updating the website before this one.
I got a head ache. Bang. Is that an omen? How many bangs can you take?
Anyways, I lie down and as you do sometimes when you are upset,
I click My fingers thumb on middle finger, and bang bang assaults My brain with every click,
even though I click real real gentle.
There is nothing more I can do on My own to stop My headache which is getting worse
over such a seemingly inoffensive remark.

And of course, the solution is to simply ask Lord Vishnu, He is kind,
"Dear Lord, I do not think I have done anything wrong, please kindly remove My pain if You so wish"
And what man is going to refuse such a request? So He replies "I will".
So, I lie down again just in case He wishes to say anything more to Me, and He does,
"peace be with you, Shyam"

And of course with this gift from My beloved, I am happy again.
What can I give Him, nothing, except tears of gratitude or love
I am not really sure exactly what they are.
And of course, I say to Him
"peace be with You too, my love"
and "happiness"
and "whatever You so wish".
which of course in a marriage leads a nice man, any man, to say also, maybe more,
nice things to a woman (?).
So long as He is happy I do not care what I am.

All omens are good omens.

So I go back to updating My website, I am back to normal now,
BUT this article does not save. I know how to save it, I do it, but it will not do it.
Some witchcraft going on here.
Perhaps the possibly BLACK GIANT spider that My Lord got rid of for Me because I am a woman? Maybe a BLACK WIDOW?(generally a particularly lethal species of spider mostly found in Africa
but these days in other countries too.
They crate them over in ships). Maybe a yellow coloured male like Me?

Anyways after the extreme shock of seeing a spider, I lie down and rest to recover and I fall asleep.

Like Kumbhakarna, maybe your granny told you about him.
A giant who wakes up, eats a mountain of food, does nothing else and then goes back to sleep
for I cannot remember 365 days or 24 hours and then wakes up and eats and goes to sleep.
In his whole life like mine really he does nothing else.
Why Hindus have such folk tales I got no idea, just entertains their kids.
Anyways after eating some chocolate I lie down and prepare to go to sleep etc.
And then just before I doze off My Lord He says to Me, "touch your nipples".
Oh My god I say do you know what you are doing to Me? How can I fall asleep after that.
Anyways, I struggle a little because My nipples are kind of sensitive, but I touch them.

Then He says and what do you see?
Well on this occassion He made Me see two green chilli and two round shaped objects
I am not maybe absolutely sure what they were, possibly 2 half melons.
Then He says, now go to sleep.

Do you know how fucking crazy a man gets when he is aroused and then asked to go to sleep?
He could even be provoked into MURDERING.
Jesus Christ.
Back on the website updating after some more chocolate as real woman substitute.

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