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WO MEN II Day ii

Sometimes, you are pretty sure that you have not done anything wrong,
but things do not seem to go right for 'you'.
The article you have written does not save onto your website, even after 3 attempts or 17 attempts.

You do your best and then cry, I give up, 'why you doing this to Me babe'.
It is you the babe, not Him.

There are actually several like who knows (Him) how many reasons why you may need to
type something once or the article of clothing falls onto the bathroom floor and
you have to clean it all over again.
1. He may be teaching you how to type with gentleness like you should do with
every activity in this world.
2. It is not necesary for Him to always tell you what He is trying to teach you.
3. I have to admit it but actually He gave every human being sufficient
intelligence for their journey of love.
4. So, obviously you need to use that intelligence otherwise why would He have given it to you.
5. So when you have to do something more than once, He is not trying usually to
frustrate you or to make water come out of your eyes.
6. Of course, if there is poison in your eyes,
He may make water to come out of them to help heal them.
Western poison like hardness or cyanide or tiredness from watching porn movies all night or
being an accountant. Things you should be abjectly apologetic about.

7.Actually He has given you pretty good intelligence.
So suppose that you are doing something on the side of love,
and it just does not seem to go right and you keep doing the same thing and do it 17 times
and it is still not going right for giving love.
Could there be if you thought laterally and did things differently, used and
developed your intelligence that it would immediately go well?
8. He can do anything He wants. So you can do something like type the letter 'a'
and the letter 'k' shows up.
You got to not ignore His message, not type 'a' 16 times because you are determined to
over-rule His wishes, but use intelligence.
Does He want you to use a different word like kiss instead of arse. or kick instead of allow,
or learn Hebrew.
The guy is a nutter, anything is possible, why would He create Hebrew language if
He did not want you to use it?
Just use also common sense: everything about you is completely idiotic and you
are the only person with any sense.
Why, you even know how to type the letter x.
You are a genius and I am sure that one reason for Him to type k is so you realize
how superior you are to everyone else.
9. Or often it is an Omen. You done bad and He coming to get You.
Eg, could the letter 'k' stand for kick', not 'kiss'.
You should know that He does not that often come down to earth to give a man a kiss.
More often it is the women He does that to, do you remember the story of
Shri Shri Krishna and that horrid CHILD MURDERER who poisoned her nipples
so she could KILL Krishna (Putana).
In My case it was a woman from Mumbai.
So the woman may die quickly as a result of His kiss and you take your time about it.
Or k might stand for BLACK CAT.
You got to think laterally, because eg k is the 5th letter of the Hebrew alphabet
and the 5th letter of the word BLACK IS 'K' AND also in sanskrit 'k' rhymes with 'c' in
If it is an omen, you will soon know about it, so just wait petrified into inaction,
like a chicken does when its head is severed.
It flaps its wings happily but does not actually kiss you, that happens a little later.
Actually (truth here) today I was just about to save My article on Omens to My
ie this website when the whole text magically got transferred into the home page
bang in the middle of
The one about legs being amputated for 1 in 9 Muslim young men last 12 months
(it was 1 in 10 when I wrote the associated article, but now 1 in 9).
Do you think that is quite a good om en?
Actually with this home page omen, I must admit I tried really hard to save it and save it
and the file kept on being corrupted.
So I thought laterally and saved it a diferent way.
And then something different went wrong with the saving.
So finally it CROSSED My mind, maybe He was trying to tell Me something
the way dumb people do.
So, I looked into the file and then found the really inconvenient insertion about
So, then that sorted, I saved the err uncorrupted file.
But, something else is going wrong with the file saving now.
Could this be another good omen? My Lord He only does good.
So I now have to see what is going RIGHT, not wrong with My work.
Or I could always ask Him, "Dear Lord, please kindly help Me,
I cannot quite figure out your message on My own".
And He says to Me, "it is not quite sorted yet, have a peek".
You know the reason why one in ten young Muslim men lost their foot is
because they ate lots of meat.
oh sorry 1 in 9. My lucky number is 9.
But in the past it was not much of an issue for them because they could always
get the amputation done in hospital.
There was much comfort, pain killers so it went smoothly.
Everybody in the world fears Muslims because they are a very brave people,
happy to threaten you and kill you if you are lesbian or gay or
you put up a picture of alla or happy to stone a woman to death for being happy or
write a nice novel.
Really many many nice things about Muslims.
In Kerala Hindus celebrate Muslim holidays, because of course Muslims tell them to.
Of couse naturally possibly Muslims also celebrate Hindu holidays, because Hindus tell them to.
Very very brave people are Hindus.Shit scared and running.
Very very brave people are Muslims. Shit shit scared and crawling on one foot.
And what about their hand.
Did you know that the punishment for minor theft is to have your hand cut off?
Do you think that Muslims are honest people or do they deserve one hand cut off for minor theft,
eg an apple, 2 hands for 2 apples, 3 hands for say 2 apples and an orange and so forth.
Do you think Lord Vishnu can arrange for them to have 3 hands so they can be cut off?
How would this affect their crawling ability?
Do you eat meat?
Have you ever stolen 10 rupees? This is what a Muslim hand is worth.
What about your hand, how much is that worth?
Do you think Lord Vishnu is happy?
Has He got the necessary cutting equipment, or will He have to borrow from Saudi Arabia?
Or will Muslims like to amputate themselves?
Will they do hands first and then feet?
Or perhaps ask their happy wives for assistance?
Or do they wish to pray to Allag for assistance in the cutting off?
I think Lord Vishnu is very happy now.
I feel it in My bones.
But I think He will be getting a touch happier, as will I.

You know I really do have huge fun with Lord Vishnu.
I ask Him what does He want Me to do to OMEN wording stuck in middle of home page.
I believe it is not really very beautiful there. He does not mind in the slightest what I do with it.
And it so happens neither do I.
I say 'look boss please tell Me what you want a Me to do? Have some chocolate? Go to the loo?
Turn the pillow over? Scratch Myself? etc.And are you happy?'
And the answer to the last question was 'yes'. And the reason is that I am enjoying Myself.
He could not care less about a Muslim hand or foot. He cares about Me.
So, I will take a couple of seconds soon to decide what to do about omen stuck in
middle of home page and then do it.

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