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OMENS (om, ah men aargh men, wo men, aum, ill tidings coming) good luck coming My way

I am highly highy superstitious.

Just now, an incredibly bad thing happened.
A little fly (not sure, maybe .05 cm, .02") nearly flies into
My yoghurt which I thought was milk. Yet another major headache.
And then it approaches Me twice more!
How dare she/E? So, I although almost petrified say 'please go away dear'.

Do you believe in astrological numbers?
Am I trying to scare scum bags?
My birth date = 25 + 7 + 1952 =9, if My mum was not lying.
Actually although She was evil,
I should perhaps mention that She was honest (whoops I mean dis, so possibly I am 1 or 2 etc.), vegetarian and like real beaut when young,
although absolutely horrid looking when aged, decrepit etc.
Maybe She had another nice characteristic I am not sure. 1 maximum.
I almost got tummy ache looking at Her, which strangely I like to do. I err love My mum.
Broke Her spine shortly after having Me.
Then had a daughter, must have been a touch painful that.
I think love making was not too easy for Her after having Me.
Would you service your husband as is the law if you had a broken spine?
I wonder how He managed to convince Her to do it?
Suppose your Lord was giving you poison as was My dad to My mum,
would you flee like a fly? Like My mum did, or is marriage until death?
Or would you drink it like I have done?
Absolute bitch not servicing My dad properly and not accepting His gifts to Her and abandoning Him.
What about you, are you an absolute bitch? Or not yet experienced Hindu man?
Or are you charming like My dad? (For His other women, He really seemed to be charming, for a while)
It is handsomeness and a smile that does it.
Are you handsome?
Is that a Hindu smile or an Indian smile?

2+2+1926 =4
My dad. Surat, Gujarat, 25+8+1913= 2, or sometimes He said
25+8+1918=7, what His mum said I have no idea, probably 'I am going to wack it into Him',
She being Hindu.
Absolute evil, although I worship the ground He probably spat on.
Do you cry when you see India or are you not looking?
Love at first sight with My mum, but disobeyed father on arranged marriage (and other things).
If you loved a woman absolutely but your dad asked you to marry another.
Would you without hesitation gladly do what He said or would you disobey?
Suppose your dad had no interest in you. Just hypothetically like.
And asked you to marry someone who loved another and was never going to satisfy you.
Would you obey your dad?
I would.
Are you a man or are you a toad?
Suppose your beloved asked you to dance on tip toes when you have 2 broken toes.
Will you obey gladly and have tears when you almost fall because
at that point you are not actually dancing?
Would you dance for him or her for 1 minute or for 2.5 hours?
Is this painful?
Are you averse to pain?

Today= 25+11+2017=1. Is this good for Me?
What is your birth sign/number? F+E+A+R= FEAR?
Are you INDIAN? Love and happiness 9
Does this make you happy?
Or are you BRITISH SCUM? WW3 (world war 3)
Do you think that 1= scum = should only have one eye, 4 = 4 eyes but no tits,
2 or 7 = 4.5 eyes and no tits? Or is zero eyes better?

Do you love God or do you prefer food?

Was My mum lying or not?
For this purpose and this purpose only I deem it that mothers do not lie in regard to the matter
of your date of birth.
So therefore I am 9 and therefore if you happen to be a 9 and you
happen to be called Shyam Mehta with My email address,
I deem it true that only good things will happen to Me.
Are you pleased that only nice things will happen to Me?

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