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The Noise Control Act 21 October 2017

Everybody has a right to peace of mind.
One of the main ways of disturbing a person's peace of mind is to subject him or her to noise:
for example by
shouting at him (her or it; in this Act references to him etc. include all feeling 2 or 4 legged beings)
whether male or female.
knocking loudly on his door
loud music
hooting a horn..
This act has a reasonableness element at its core.
For example, you can reasonably ask someone a question if he is in earshot, not talking to soneone else and you are not just trying to annoy him but there is a reasonable need on your part and a reasonable expectation that he may know the answer..
If no one is in earshot, you can shout, have loud music,..
If the person or persons in ear shot have implicitly or explicitly given you permission to disturb their
tranquility, you are free to do so.
This Act has retroactive effect, to 580 million BC.
There are four types of wrong doing.
1. Damaging a person's ear or hearing capability
2. Disturbing his peace of mind, which in reality is not other than contact with Me.
3. Waking a person up
4. Stopping a person from going to sleep

For damaging a person's hearing, through noise, (and incidentally through any other means, eg forced
vaccination, ..), you suffer equivalent hearing loss for each such damage.
For disturbing a person's tranquility, you pay at the rate of Rs 25,000 per hour.
For example, suppose you knock loudly on someone's door, or shout at him, or talk rubbish, or whatever, it takes a little time, 7 seconds, for someone to recover.
So, unless he has asked you to knock loudly on his door, each knock will cost you 7*25000/60/60 = Rs 49 or pain equivalent.
Obviously, if you knock or make a noise say between 9 pm and 9 am you are more likely
to wake the person up or keep him awake.

Hearing loss to you depends on loudness, the louder the knock or hoot or car engine noise,..the greater is your loss.
The actual full details are complicated to set out but each act of harrassment will be precisely compensated for.
Obviously, if you damage someone' hearing or tranquility, he is able to retaliate reasonably, the precise amount of retaliation does not matter.
If he has retaliated insufficiently, then the extra amount needed for full justice will be paid for.

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