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How to make a nipple hard

Let us say that it is currently soft.
Sit on the bed and spread your legs as wide as you can (upavishtakonsana yoga posture).
Then bend forward. If you have a penis hide it under.
You do not need any pictures.
Now sit up. Relief you think.
Now very quickly turn from side to side, turning as much as you can. 10 times.
Now feel your nipples. Harder. But not yet perfect.
Place your two little fingers one on each nipple and move it around.
You are getting wave after wave of head orgasm.
Keep going until the orgasms come to a stop.
Is there any moisture coming to your eyes?
Wait a minute, and then again repeat the action of your little fingers on your nipples.
Do not worry if the legs feel sore. Just relax and keep going.
Breathe quietly and relax your feet, legs, throat.
Keep going, the head orgasms will restart.
Then they stop and you start to get a little hard or wet.
Stop, close your eyes and relax, mind peaceful.
Have a good posture, with your chest open, shoulders back, head erect.
If you are a man your balls may hurt. Do not worry.
This is it.
When you are in love, your nipples will now be rock hard,
ready for receiving a gentle touch from him or her
which will make you ecstatic.

You know a less painful way to get nipples and breasts and penis hard is to stuff
them with concrete. I do not know why the Americans use gel. Just stupid people I suppose.
Gel it makes nipples like an American nipple, and breasts like an American breast and penis
like an American penis.

Concrete though it would make them tough and hard. A really good invention is concrete.

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