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The Next Day

Well, you have been perhaps foolish.

You have actually tried a little pleasure or exercise from one of My articles.

The standard ones, not the ones for ill people.

You managed a tiny little bit, it was not very pleasurable.

And today, the next day, you thought you were going to do a bit more to get healthy.

But, half the day has gone in sleep.

You try a sit up to get up, and your tummy hurts. Your calf hurts.Your arms,..

You wake up a little ready, but when you try rubbing, somehow you cannot manage.

Of course, if you are more than about 80% fit, then you will be able to exercise and have pleasure today too.

Finally after some time you crawl perhaps out of bed, or if you are healthy, you jump, ready to roll.

There is one positive, your mind is peaceful, tranquil, you can listen to Lord Vishnu.

You look in the mirror and you look a little younger.Noticeably.
Your skin is smoother, softer.
You do not wish to eat meat.
Today is a Holy day in which you can peacefully resolve, for example:

1. I do not want to be healthy.

2. I do not want pleasure, I prefer crucifiction.

3. The rest of my short horrible wasted painful life, I am going to be EVIL.

And the next day, you get help with what you want.

Anyways, today, just potter around, being peaceful.

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