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The reason for natural disasters

A typical natural disaster nowadays impacts the lives of 1 million people, some 300 million people in total every year.

Obviously as the population of the world reduces dramatically over the next short while,
the numbers impacted will reduce sharply also

The effects of a disaster are more wide ranging than people may realize.
For example with a Tsunami:

  • Short term is the death and destruction caused by the wave hitting, and even more from the wave receding.
  • Long term is disease, for example with the destruction of the sewage system.
  • Local infrastructure collapses.
  • Water shortages.
  • Food shortages.
  • People get cold and then fall ill.
  • Added to that they are living in wet conditions.
  • Fertile ground is made useless due to the saturation by the wave, and then the contamination from the sewage.
  • Victims may be burned and the fat from the human tissue seeps into the ground and then into the water table, spreading disease.
  • People are displaced and children orphaned..

  • What is the reason for so many natural disasters?

    People eating meat other than cow, pork and chicken, which I deal with separately,
    see My other articles, as listed on My home> People suffer in the same way that the animals they eat or harm suffer.

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