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Law for Muslims

1.Applicable date 27 11 2017.
2. Muslim. One any where on earth now living who has thought, muttered, read, said, dreamed
of about etc. the word 'Allah' or any mussel man language equivalent
or any spelling equivalent consecutively on more than 4 occasions in any 5 minute period
at any time since age -9 months.
3. Various odds and sod laws appicable to Muslims:
4. All laws acts commands etc. set on this website fully applicable to muslims.
5. No muslim male shall own any property. Male = one born with a penis.
Man = male over puberty.
6. No muslim male is allowed to bear arms (including knives, cigaretttes, pins, scissors,
forks, whips, guns, torture instruments and stones, for example).
Bear = carry, lift and hold up with arms, mouth or feet.
6. No muslim male is allowed to defend himself against any act of aggression,
rape, violence, theft etc. by any non muslim or muslim female or muslim male, ie anyone
7. Every muslim male shall have sufficient food and other necesseties as required
but no more to keep him alive until he has suffered for all his sins.
8. Any muslim man who thinks, mutters, reads, says dreams of the word 'allah' or mussel man
language equivalents and similar spelling equivalents to be given
electric shock for each such utterring equal to 250 volts or such lower amount as
will not kill him
9.No muslim man to enter a muslim prayer hall, mosque or similar place of worship.
10. As and when muslim man is clean of all evil thoughts he is allowed to
surrender himself to Lord Vishnu, once all sins have been paid for, suffered for.
11. Evil thought = one not given to him by Lord Vishnu.
12. Property = human, animals, cash, land, clothes, watches, glasses, shoes, etc,
ie everything of non spirit substance other than his mind, body.
13. Such property to be given to any one who wants any specific non cash/bank account item,
in order of priority in case 2 or more people want it:
a. any non muslim woman whom he has ever touched with his hands, feet etc. or arms
as defined above in first name alphabetic order.
b. any muslim woman similarly aggressed upon, also in first name alphabetic order.
c. any non muslim male who wants it, in firdt name alphabetic order,
d. anyone else, in alpha order.
In the case of property, such people will be restricted to gaining 300 square feet of internal
usable area of property per person incuding any property elsewhere being used for their occupation.
In the case of cash, bank accounts, gold, bitcoins, shares, bonds, and similar, such will first
be used to compensate reasonably every non muslim woman as in a. of this clause,
then if any left any non muslim male as in c. and
if any left any muslim woman as in b. and
any balance remaining once gold etc. has been converted to cash is deposited in My bank account.
14. woman= one who was born without a penis and has reached puberty for the
purposes of this Law as at 27 11 2017 05.18 hours Indian standard time.
15. For a muslim man the amount of suffering or pain or financial or other loss per crime
shall be the greater of that set out in this website,
and the maximum suffering or pain or financial or other loss for a similar crime
imposed on a non muslim man (ie a non muslim or a muslim woman or a muslim female
who has not reached puberty) since the year 580 million BC.
16. Special concession for Muslim women.
She can of course give her love to any appropriate male
(ie one over age puberty who is not her father or blood brother) she wishes,
but alternatively she can give her love to Lord Vishnu.
For this clause, I am deemed male, which is truth as defined in clause 5. above.
But, first (before loving such) she must have given 100 units or more of love to each and
any of her living children unless such have been taken away from her
and she genuinely believes it would cost more than 50% of her cash property assets
(including gold, bitcoin, shares, bonds etc.) to find them.
In order to comply with this clause in regard to children,
she can ask for the assistance of Lord Vishnu.
For the purposes of this clause a child is any human living being aged between -9 months and puberty. She is of course also permitted to love her father or any blood brother also,
and an appropriate male includes if she wishes a maximum of one muslim man of her choice.
17. However, it should be noted that the
The gruff growling spiteful act 23 11 17

etc applies to muslims also.

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