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Watching a movie

A.Well, you have a man or a woman or a video or a slideshow of some pictures.

If it is a man, keep your eyes open, and look peacefully at his face, his eyes.
If it is a woman, keep your eyes tight shut, and look sometimes at her face and sometimes at her breasts.
If it is a video etc. look at her breasts, with envy malice etc. then her face and then her vagina if open.
Then do next picture.

B. You are a machine

Sometimes you are ill, not feeling up to it, etc. If you are well, just a slight gentle unpeeling
of the penis or opening of the vagina should give you brain orgasm.
Your eyes shut at the time. It may not be pleasurable to you but it is electricity not hitting your brain
but flushing, shutting it down. It is powerful, peaceful.
And about 1 second later your brain opens up again.
So if your machine is not functioning well,
Have some chocolate or chikki, say 20 grams.
Have a shower.

If still no orgasm, take a rest or a snooze. Lie on your side, eg left. Bend your legs a little,
rest your right arm on your body and your head on your bent left arm
(or a pillow; if pillow then have your left hand under your face beneath your ear and cheek.).
Let go, relax completely.

If you hear your husband or Lord Vishnu waking you arousing you from day dreaming, etc.
you know that they are evil.
If you do not pretty much get up immediately you are not well or need more rest
which of course you cannot have.
These days there is a lot of poison in you, not just in and near the brain
but also in your physical heart.
If for example you see My article about walking to Delhi, such activity flushes out the poisons.
If you are now blind it means you cannot read this but also that most of the poison has left your brain.
If you have lost your toes, then most of the lower body Western poison there has also gone.
It does not much get to your really vital areas eg penis and vagina.
But, it does accumulate near the physical heart.

The result of such accumulation is that you need a lot of sexual activity to flush it out,
but also, you need a huge amount of rest or sleep to recover from the attack on your physical heart.
Once you have had enough rest, you are relaxed and then do not get much orgasm,
so you need to do a little warming up exercises.

C.Exercises to warm you up

Lie on your back, turn your head to the side and look at the man or woman, or if not there,
close your eyes and wish.
Then exercise your hand.
He, she or you, if he or she, they exercise their hand, if you you exercise your hand.
Let us say it is you doing the exercising.
You do it slow, gentle, slight.

Breathe quietly peacefully, place your thumb and first two fingers around the ridge part of the penis
just below the head.
If you are over 14 female place your two fingers near the root of your vagina,
the part nearest the anus, and your thumb just at the other end.

Next, just experiment to make sure you know how to do it, that you do not need to move
your fingers slightly, maybe thumb slightly inside the vagina, etc. so you get maximum effect.
If it is your partner, be truthful with them about when you get maximum orgasm
when they adjust their fingers.
However, without exception, you are better able to do it to yourself until they love you,
are sensitive etc.
Once they get to true love you start getting into trouble.

D. Troubling times.

You want to go for maximum displeasure.
So drop the kids off in the countryside about 50 km away, phone off etc.
20 gm chocolate.
Then find some posture which you can stay in with maximum agony
for 15 minutes minimum,
obviously as you get healthy where you can stay for a couple of hours.
One of the seated postures to open the groins, where you can still handle your vagina or penis,
it is not hidden.
Or lying on your back with your legs in the air, spread well apart and relaxed.

Once you are tired of these, lie again on your side and continue with exercise
of their/your hand with you relaxed on your side, one knee up in the air.

E. The lazy time bomb method.

The fingers are well placed and so all you do is open.
You breathe quietly or they do, if their hand, and soft gentle peaceful breaths.
When you get to the exhalation open the vagina or penis a little,
when you start breathing in allow the
penis or vagina relaxation.

And you just keep on going. Opening, relaxing, with each out and in breath.
Plenty of breaths to go.
Each opening should give you orgasm.
If he or she loves you more than 100 units, you will get ecstasy,
far more than if you do it yourself depending on how much love there is and what is good for you.
If they do not much love you, you are better off doing it yourself.

Anyways after about 30 minutes, maybe a touch less you might feel like pleading with them to do you.
Like you want a bit bit more happening and you want it bad.
Well that is entirely their call.

You will find that if you go fast, you lose all sensitivity and all is lost.
You do it to them or you do your nipples.

Lie on your back, and with pads of your/their little fingers press down
very lightly with each outbreath.
Light light slight jabbing dips, even on the in breath the finger should be touching your nipple.
For Me, twice and I am pleading with My Lord to allow Me to stop, of course I do not,
but that is what I would like to do. Anyway it is entirely your partners call when to stop.

After a couple of minutes I am nearly crying and He says stop being a baby,
do not move and do not make a sound.
Slight slight stirrings may happen near the tops of your legs.
Your partner unless he or she is blind may notice something going on.

So next My boss says why not squeeze your legs together, hard.
Now normally I do not much mind doing this but on this occassion, of course I do it
but I believe this to be pure evil.
Then He says stop being a baby, relax, keep quiet, stop wriggling and lower your tummy downwards.
Keep your eyes open and keep looking at him/her or in My case BLANK.
Anyways your penis is now soft, but at least you have exercised your tummy muscles and thigh muscles.

Now He says, you are done, why not update the website.
This is the time bomb method.
Well a request is a request and of course I say yes.
But it may be you sexy things might want a bit more excitement. Like I do.
Fuck. I am wound up like a clock.
So "Dear Lord after the updating could I visit a brothel to get some enjoyment or is that outlawed?"
"Oh" He says "I did not realize that you wanted enjoyment,
it is actually quite easy for you to get some".
"Why not repeat C, D and E and see what happens."
So I go for as you are advised to do, C,D and E again.

F. (for F)

Actually C and D, because your penis/vagina is rested gives you better orgasms in the brain
second time around.
You also maybe start clicking your fingers and getting annoyed,
angry and stuff, maybe crying etc, pleading with your partner to get on with it and do it to you.
This is entirely their call.
Are they human?

Anyways let us suppose they are human and try.
Or if not human, you boot them out of the house and try and do it yourself.
You do it gentle but you do it fast.
It seems ok, but this time the frustration is a touch more and it cannot be done.

The movie you can watch now and enjoy yourself.

Orgasm is good for you.

Poison is coming out of your body and you should shower it off. Do it.
Today, as usual, the water temperature for Me is just nice,
but a few months back He did demonstrate to Me that hot water does not necessarily
have to come out of the hot water tap.
Water temperature for you is entirely His call, +100, -200 whatever is good for you.

Today, there was not much poison coming out of Me, a little from the chest, between toes.
But last few weeks quite astonishing amounts been coming out, particularly from My scalp
and eyes, bottom, really lots of places.
I can feel the poison in My body, mainly in My toes now. It is not real nice feeling in toes.

Anyways kiddies, after shower you have possibly lost some desire.

Are you game for more frustration, or will He decide on pleasure this time?

I got no idea what is coming next.

G. Next

Lie on your back, relax.If you have partner he
(I will just say he but obviously it could equally be she)
sits on your thighs facing towards you.
If you do not have partner,
take your hopefully small tablet and open up a video or start a slideshow of pics.
Holding a tablet in your hand builds up strength in your hand and arm something rotten.
If as for Me, it is a bit heavy, place it on your left shoulder
and have a couple of pillows under your head so you do not need to strain your neck looking.
If it is on either shoulder, your partner can still see you if they are ugly.

Spend 5 minutes quietly loooking at him or her or at a video, just be relaxed.
Me 15 seconds later not 5 mins, I am clicking My fingers softly with building frustration.
Do nothing.
In My case I have all 378 vids
(same with 1694 pics, all in one place so the slideshow can take a while)
in one folder so I can quickly move to the next vid rather than go soft etc. waiting.

But initially I am soft.
A few of the vids on this website are not sexy, and you should delete them,
I just included them to help you discriminate between good and bad.
To keep you stimulated, until love happens, you need to look at new stuff,
so one day look at vids 1 to 5, ot whatever, next day 6 to 12, build up gradually what you can manage.

Anyways, at this stage I am like wanting to scream and possibly kill Myself.
It is not My mind, it is peaceful relaxed, not even thinking about women.
My soul does not want more frustration.
Let us see what Lord Vishnu decides it should get.
Even seeing a closed vagina which means nothing to Me,
I want a touch more, not to see on her, but happening to Me. Teeth gritted.
And I see one breast and another and woman kissing open vagina etc. and My penis is soft.
So far 7 vids, about 10 minutes.
Am I a man? I am getting bored.

With all that poison now wanting to come out of My chest area now, I can barely keep My eyes open.
I want sleep again. I need to recover. And with desire for sleep, My desire for sex goes away.
So, I will write more in a little while!

Well, I did not sleep, My mind was peaceful but My soul needed more. I rested about 15 minutes.
My strength is back.
Well, you all have videos or partners or whatever,
and there are plenty of articles on this website telling you what to do if you are frustrated.
But, I think you are NOT frustrated.
But My soul is.

H. What does a (say) man need?

Obviously, the same goes for a woman.

1. chocolate or chikki for the brain
2. milk for the body
3. videos or a woman if you are a pervert
4. orgasm which can easily be obtained by oneself as eg set out above
5. rest if you are unwell because you have been harming yourself or got Western rat poison in you
6. pleasure which you do not get without goodness and love
7. love, giving it,
8. kindness back
9. sunshine
10. air
11. earth
12. Lord Vishnu (a man, if you are a woman)
13. beauty, for joy of life, coming from rain
14. marriage
15. a body, mind and soul
16. parents to give you love before you get to be a man
(plus. a home and clothes if he is living in a country he should not be living in.)
I. What does a 'man' get nowadays?
pig liver, sewage water, censorship so no vids, no orgasm, no rest, no pleasure,
no love, no kindness, no sunshine in an office, no air in an office, concrete not earth,
no Lord Vishnu in his heart, no trees in Manhattan, no marriage- he cannot get it up,
no soul in sight, filth instead of mind, dirt instead of body, no love from parents.
Just all what he deserves: nothing of ANY value.
Is he a millionaire?
Oh I forgot, he also gets PAIN.

Where all the best original nice interesting important things came
from ME and the rest from Lord Vishnu

I just thought it important for you to know that.

He gave you a brain for a reason. Which is not to do with choosing PAIN.

but I give Him my love
in the possibly vain hope He will be kind to me

I am not of course saying that Hindu man has nothing of value.
He also has a wife, for headache and other purposes
and children, to aggravate him further
and a luxury $20,000 Buddhist toilet so that he has bad excretary function.
In fact, for example, suppose he has 200 possessions.
He has 200 vipers socking it into his testicles.
And what does Hindu man need?

A barrel full of gun shot into his pelvic area.

And what only does Indian MAN need?

Lord Vishnu.

And what will Hindu man get, you may wonder? PAIN.

And what will Indian man get? .000000000001% of Lord Vishnu's love and attention, maybe even more.

One step at a time everything, quiet, peaceful, soft, sure with good determination, good,
evil absent, with love, marriage
And when you want it, and anything it is not cuming, you ask Lord Vishnu quietly:

"Dear Lord, please kindly help me on this, I really tried hard."

Triple frustration

So next Lord Vishnu asks Ms to lie on My back and spread legs apart.
Total time was eg 3 minutes. I can barely write out of frustration. I can barely think.

So, catch hold of your soft penis with 2 say fingers and pull, go back pull again.
Obviously for vagina, place 2 fingers a little inside the front end and pull towards the navel,
release it back and pull again.
Pull and go back 7 times.

Then stop, and then. I forgot what next. So He says do it again.
Anyways, those 7 give brain orgasm.

Next peel penis open (I am gritting My teeth here) and wank.
For woman, place two fingers on back of vagina and thumb on front side and open and close.
Keep going. Quite a few orgasms coming your way. Noises coming out of My mouth as I type.
Now I forgot. So guess what.

Anyways, next keep your legs spread wide, keep relaxed (ho ho) and lower and raise
your legs towards the bed, and then up again and keep going up and down
as many times as you can.
Keep your penis or vagina peeled open.
There is no need to wank although if you wish you can.
When you can no longer go up and down, rest on bed with legs spread wide apart.

At this juncture Lord Vishnu asks Me to write for you what I have just done and written.
I took a minute to be able to do that.
Next He says, just lie on bed 3 minutes, not necessarily with legs wide, and relax.
It sounds real easy to lie still and relax.

Next He says wank.I give this a pretty determined try.
He has disabled My wanking ability.
I am now about I do not know 1 year old.
Then He says enough for the day.
Oh well. I was able to stand up and wee wee, I suppose that is good enough.
I am sure you probably just get on with the rest of the day as normal now.

I did because He asked Me to. Is your brain peaceful, and absent naughty thoughts?
Yet in My case I struggle not to grit My teeth 15 minutes later, and noises come out of My mouth
which are not in any English nor Japanese dictionary.

Have you noticed that the junk mail you receive now is sometimes quite interesting to read?

Then He says to Me, do you want to be a man or do you want to be one year old?

I say "look it is entirely Your call, I am Yours, You have Me any which way You want Me, if You want Me at all"

To tell you the truth I was a little upset when He asked Me to write the first sentence
in My article called 'Vishnu's Family'.

Anyways He says He wants Me as a man.
Please lie down on the bed and wank.
Well I do try a little, but I say to Him "Dear Lord, I am a little bit shattered, would you mind
if I tried a little later, I will try and pull Myself together"

He says "sure".
Well, I have no difficulty walking, wee wee, so maybe I am 1 year 1 month now, not sure.
I will have some chocolate, and then lie down to take a nap like a 6 month old would
So I get up again to get the chocolate and feel a little dizzy. I could easily have forced Myself
to walk over for the chocolate, but I do not believe in force.Either you are a man able to stand
or you struggle which is not My scene. So I lie down.
Well when I was brought up, it was not good to lie down in middle of day. I do not like doing it.
Further, just 1 minute of lying down I get a headache.I virtually never get headaches.
So, I sit, and say 'Dear Lord Vishnu, I apologize for fobbing You off with nonsense about
pulling Myself together etc and obeying You later, if You still want Me please could You teach
or show Me how to become a man now or whenever it pleases You'.

So anyways, I sit up, sit in simple cross legged yoga meditative pose
(the one that destroys your man and woman hood), open My chest,
sit quietly like I am Buddha or Siva.
Then I think this may not be quite right, maybe I had better check with boss.

So once more troubling Him...and He says 'you got your manhood back'.
Hopefully He is happy about it, anyways I stand up no longer dizzy maybe a little weak,
go to bathroom and for like 15th time today clear out poison from My eyes,
wee wee yet again like a 6 month old, have some chocolate,
and now will delete the junk mails after reading them,
then update website as usual, of course if He so wishes.
But first clear out more poison from My eyes otherwise I cannot see screen,
maybe wee wee too. Manhood is possibly not about wanking ability,
but I do feel a little dizzy standing up.
Hell am I going to worry about a little dizzyness, I go to bathroom,
and yes I wee wee again. Fuck.
I guess frequency of wee wee is not indicator of manhood (if He says so).

Frustration 4

So I read junk mail, then He says lie down we will try frutration 4.

I was real pleasantly surprised by this and lie down.
I bend My arm over My forehead like I wish to avoid sun burn,
and start breathing like there is a lion
in front of Me.
I pull Myself together, breathe peacefully.

Next He says 'wank.' Well I start and then smell something.
I have a good sense of smell and I have VD. So countermanding His instructions
I go to bathroom and clean Myself, until smell is gone.I do clean Myself everyday,
today twice, but VD germs travel fast.
I have not released in 2 days because I am practising to be a Christian nun and die horribly of VD.

Anyway, that over, I lie down and start over again.
My stomach is a little hard and bouncy up and down unlike usual when it is soft.
My throat hurts.
Anyways, I start like a Christian nun. I go like mega slow.
It is not because I do not want to go at regular speed, I simply cannot.
And then at 3.5 wanks I cannot do any more. Kid you not.
My penis is soft, but that does not mean you cannot wank, but I could not.
I guess My Lord wants Me to die like a Christian perhaps?
Next He says 'You done well'.

Do it properly do you want VD?

Now here I must admit I am winding you up very slightly, He just said to Me 'do it properly'.
Back to lying down position which actually is what I want to do.
Usually when I lie I do it with a little dignity, but these last few times I have been hitting the bed,
I hope it will forgive Me.
Lie down and bend your legs over your tummy. Relax completely 1 minute.
Then raise your legs to the perpendicular, and squeeze them together hard.
In My case it was gently touch like a feather I think He said possibly.
Anyways, I walk over to the bathroom to clear My eyes of poison, I walk kind of delicately, slow.
Like I have never walked before.
My tummy hurts. Basically I am falling apart.
Anyway, I lie down, legs up and squeeze them together hard. I am not a baby.
He says squeeze hard, I do it. I do 3 minutes, but My breathing gets disturbed after that and He tells Me to come down.
Then He says make yourself hard. I try 6 times but do not think I can manage on My own so again video.
I start off on Zoey Taylor, I am getting there but too much bottom. Next video, no problem at all.
Wow. Then vid 3, Viola. She is just going to take her bra off when He says 'enough'.

Well, I was wrong. "Lie down, lift your legs up and then spread them apart"
I started over on Viola and saw what He meant when the bra was off (sorry Viola)
Anyways, I write this and was in process of lying down with legs apart for next vid,
when He says 'We are done'. And I say 'you kidding Me My Lord'. He takes pity on Me.

So, I go to bathroom, clear out poison from My eyes, strange that I have to wee wee again,
I thought I was back to normal.
So I lie down and spread lifted up legs wide and then He says 'do it without a woman'.
I do not know whether you have observed closely 1 month old baby girls,
My penis was even smaller perhaps. I could not get it up. I am not back to normal.
Anyways Lord Vishnu is not real unkind and things went on same as usual.
Practice with vid first, then without, then with until you can manage both.

You also cannot believe how much Western poison came out of My eyes.

In the last 3 weeks the amount of poison coming out of My eyes is about the volume of a little
English sweetie (bonmels milk eclair is what I have from local shop),
about 4 grams or about the size of half an eyeball.
Masses coming out from My scalp, My finger nails are still slightly grey from scatching,
from My upper back and shoulders.
There is HUGE Hindu poison in you.
About eyes, every 4 minutes roughly I need to go to bathroom to get rid of it.
It is not good stuff to keep on your eyeballs and in any case just a little stops you seeing.
Of course if you do not do proper exercise, walking etc. it just stays inside you
for some years, taking its time to do damage.
About wee wee, it is a sign of ill health if you go often.
But if you are dislodging poison from other more important areas,
it naturally damages urine functionality for a while until the poison is gone
and your body can recover.


Well, next I lie down expecting (hoping) to be able to see something etc.

No. He says, lie down, bend your legs over your tummy, relax 1 minute, and then wank.
Spread your knees slightly.
No vid. Well I managed, groin area slightly sore.
I do not know whether you have tried staying in that posture but it is not easy.

It takes much longer to get hard without a woman (wet without a man).
Then He says stop. Damn.
Then: 'repeat'.
I go and eventually get hard, of course I do not go too quick otherwise it is easy.
Then he says 'continue'. This is where you get some pleasure. Slow, steady.
After I started quivering, He said 'stop'. Damn.


Anyways, next He says, repeat, but just from normal lying position on bed, legs relaxed, left arm relaxed, head, body relaxed.
Of course, after each time you get hard and there is no reason to remain hard
the penis gets back to
a normal relaxed soft state.
From complete relaxation and no vid is a slight challenge.

I relax My brain and keep it completely peaceful.
I go real slow, quiet and easy. Obviously the body moves a bit sometimes.
Each opening gave Me brain orgasm.
And with that I could not keep My tummy soft.
As the penis became about 50 to 75% hard, it becomes rather pleasurable
and you want release bad.
Then, after a while when it is hard, it loses sensitivity and you no longer receive pleasure.
Peace comes and you are satisfied, nothing more is needed.
(except masses of cleaning out of poison from eyes and yes, wee wee again).

Junk Mail from Apple.

I wake up in order to read My junk mail.
Apple (chinese soft ware company) says I have a "Subscription Payment Problem". Rs 900, "Sincerely"..
Quite a nice problem really.

Arabian night problem.
On an average day I get about 30 junk emails from Arabs seeking to enter India.
In last 3 hours it is 3.
Are you jealous yet?

Definition of an Indian woman

One who wakes up 5 minutes before her husband does and sits on him.
It is actually a true statement.
When a man marries you, after that you want him to marry you again.
So, you lie awake anxious not to miss signs of life.
And it so happens that about 5 minutes before an INDIAN man wakes up He is erect
(if He is going to wake up and if He wakes up at a reasonable time in the morning, which latter an Indian man will).
Indian woman of course is possibly dry so there is maximum friction for the man
(eg 24/7, well maybe for her also).
Anyways she bounces up and down for maybe 5 minutes before He finally maybe notices anything (blonde? hair).
He tries opening His eyes to see what is going wrong,
what is all the keffuffle about
(well known English word for a huge continuous screaming noise emitted by babies),
yawns and asks for milk or wetness and something sweet (so she smacks him one or two).
The request happens about 1 minute after waking or so possibly,
and so Indian woman has 6 minutes (well a touch more) of (this particular) pleasure
every day while she does not have her period and is not pregnant.

If My Lord was here I would give Him a damn big hug, maybe several, except He is male.
I touch My skin softly for Him and I worship Him.
May He always be perfectly peaceful and happy and whatever if He so wishes

Omen 59

4 cm caterpillar (1.5 ins) in My bathroom when I go to wash My eyes. 30 seconds later I turn around and
it is GONE.

So, I think, I know what, why not finish updating My website. He agrees fully and asks Me to lie down
and spread My legs. Do you know what a Woman can do to a Man when His legs are spread
and she sits on Him? Christ. (a man should not sit on a woman when she does this or any time.
It is her job to entertain her husband, his job to cry in agony..
So, lie down,
See 'Sex Positions for an Indian Man'.

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