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Western medicine-no benefits, huge side effects

A. Western Medicines have No Beneficial Effects Whatsoever

  • The production companies do not say that their drugs have benefits.
  • The animal testing researchers do not say that Western medicine have benefits.
  • The representative from the drug companies who sell the products to doctors and hospitals do not say they have benefits.
  • The doctors who prescribe the drugs do not say they have benefits.
  • The public and press assume they have benefits
  • What animal or rat tested can tell you if they feel better? Not a single one.
  • What do the production companies, testers, doctors know? Nothing.
  • Take any ailment you like, cancer, AIDS, heart conditions, whatever.
  • Do these drugs stop an illness? NO.
  • Do they postpone it to a later time? NO.
  • Do any of these drugs prolong your life? NO. As is stated in all the scriptures, one's life span is set at birth, it cannot be lengthened or shortened.
  • Do they reduce suffering? NO. Absolutely not.

  • B. Huge Adverse Side Effects

  • The side effects are also not well known.
  • It is not in the interests of pharmaceutical companies, nor Oxford University staff, to test for adverse effects except as required by law.
  • The range of stated possible side effects in the British National Formulary is amazingly widespread, but the side effect is sometimes only triggered
    when there is interference with the cells of a body system that is weak.
  • All the stated possible side effects do not arise at once, because the person has a healthy system that is able to withstand most effects.
  • The actual range of effects is far wider than stated, as noted below.
  • The first thing to observe is that the base of all drugs are either acidic or alkaline.
  • Imagine the cumulative effect of pouring acid on muscles, bone, tissue, nerves, etc.
  • Every cell and hence every body system is involved -ranging from hair growth to intelligence to eyesight to ability to love.
  • The cellular structure of the body is a highly refined sensitive system and both acidic and alkaline accumulation
    is to be avoided.
  • Oxford University do not and cannot test the impact of the drug on the hearing functionality of rats nor the intelligence of chickens.
  • They do not even see whether the patients complain of problems.
  • But most of us will not notice a 20% hearing loss or 40% loss of stress tolerance, let alone a creeping 4% loss each time the drug is taken.
  • This general widespread and gradual impairment of body functions is unnoticed and not tested.

  • Side effects: AIDS as an Example

    What does it mean to be on Western drugs (eg when HIV positive)?

  • 'I had a problem with my right eye.
  • 'I woke up in agony, I couldn't move.
  • Toxoplasmosis, caused by a parasite that reproduces in felines, is present in up to a third of us, but is kept in check by the immune system.
  • Those with HIV who have CD4 counts below 100 cannot hold back the infection, and it can prove fatal.
  • 'The whole of my right side was wiped out.
  • For Ian, this involves over 40 injections into the face.
  • The drug combination, he believes, triggered lactose intolerance, so he no longer eats dairy produce.
  • What is daily life like now? 'It's a huge effort just to take a step,' he says with a sigh.
  • 'I know people who have been attacked and whose children have been attacked, and this is Britain, not Africa, it's very scary,' she says.
  • 'Middle England is dangerous-middle-class people masquerading as nice, tolerant people, they are the worst.
  • 'I went into a massive downward spiral.

  • C. Example: Vaccines

    Here is what Jonathan Campbell, Health Consultant of the Natural Therapies for Chronic Illness & Health Maintenance, says:

  • 'If vaccines and/or anti-viral drugs are offered to you, please refuse them.
  • These actually reduce your immunity; vaccines contain many toxic components, such as aluminum and mercury, and anti-viral drugs interfere with critical body processes.
  • Historical evidence of vaccinations has shown that they actually increase the chances of becoming severely ill.'

  • In addition to all this, what pain do I give in exchange for the torture of animals tested?

    I discuss this in the home page.

    D. Animal Testing for the World Medical Industries at Oxford University

    I have shut all other animal testing facilities in the world down.
    The 5500 staff in 'Medical Sciences' ( are headed up by ..
    Its animal testing operation has the following departments (they invented the names to cover up what they do):
    Department of Biochemistry.
    Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine.
    Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences.
    Department of Experimental Psychology.
    Radcliffe Department of Medicine.
    When states:
    Biological Sciences is an exciting and rapidly developing subject area. The study of living things..'.
    The word 'living' means soon to be dead, and 'things' is an accurate description of what they think.
    It states that those involved are 'the departments of Plant Sciences and Zoology. Additional resources include:
    Oxford University Museum of Natural History, Botanic Garden, Herbarium, Arboretum and Wytham Woods'.
    The biology department referred to is can be contacted at ''..
    From you will probably deduce that animal testers have a 'Nexus' email address, but I have disabled this.
    Of the above depts., Nuffield Department of Surgical Science is the driver. See
    The head of animal testing is Jo Snoeck (, Departmental 'Administrator'.

    The products still tested on animals can be found on:
    Of course when companies say they no longer test on animals, they all still test on people

    E. Natural medicine-two examples

    Natural medicine does work and does not have side effects.
    However, I give you ailments for a reason.
    If you avoid suffering now, you will simply have more later.


    Losing weight


    Fights cancer
    Helps with cholesterol
    Regulates diabetes
    Helps eyes
    Helps digestion
    Heat stroke
    Aids concentration and memory
    High iron
    Kidney stones

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