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Do you love Him/him like max max?

It is easy to tell.

Lie down on your bed.
Touch yourself real gentle with the pad of your little finger. Once you are sensitive any finger, gentle or rough.
Touch yourself anywhere except on the anus of course and not on one of your finger or toe nails, nor of course eyeball.
You can even touch yourself on your hair, scalp, underarm or pubic.

If you love Him/him max, max, then anywhere you touch you will get orgasm.
Orgasm is not to do with giving your mind pleasure, it is for Him/him and His/his soul.
At the same time it pleasures also your soul and cleans out your chakra system.

If you are real gentle you will even get orgasm when you lightly stroke yourself,
but that just depends on how sensitive your fingers are, if you do not get orgasm
from that it does not mean that you have to love Him/him more.
Your hair is actually dead, but the slight touch of your finger pad on the hair moves
the hair follicles a little which gives you the orgasm.
You do not need to be thinking about Him/him to get orgasm.
Keep going until you cannot stand it anymore.
The more sensitive you are the sooner you will have to stop.
If you can do 10 finger pads all at once, each giving you orgasm, you may want to stop a touch sooner.
Actually, if you do them immediately one after the other it is even better.
Obviously different parts of the body give you different intensities of orgasm, so best is to
touch yourself in quite a few places to see where you can get maximum orgasm for Him/him.

If you are in a rush, try touching your nipples. Of course you should not make any sound and
you need to squeeze your legs together hard so you think you will not wet the bed like a one-year old.
When your body has been quivering for 10 minutes or so non stop you might want to try wanking.
You are so sexless you cannot do it. Only He/he can damn kill you.
And you can also try holding your tummy in while squeezing the legs together
and jabbing your nipples. Without making a noise.

If you are not well, eg Christian, you will not want to touch your nipples, and do some dancing
instead, if you can. Next day, after sleep touch your nipples (unless you are also Muslim).
The soul of Lord Vishnu or your wife get real pleasure, the more orgasms you have.
If you want to reach, you just wait 13 years until you grow up, and tell Him/him you are not
interested in such things and that anyways He/he is unable to do it to you.
Tell Him also that you want to reach simultaneously with Him/him and does He/he mind waiting 13 years.
To please Him/him why not do this so He/he really knows you love Him/him:

It is real easy after a little practice. It is bound to make Him horny and then who knows you might then get one.

Then see whether He wants to practice some moves on you:

Can you see His face?
Is He enjoying Himself?
Are you pretty enough for Him?

He says to Me He can do it to you, but not absolutely certain about your facial beauty.
You just keep Him waiting and maybe His desire will build up.

Certain individuals who shall be shameless, oh sorry I meant nameless, will NOT achieve perfect love

*if they drink vodka
*are party to major theft
*do not answer nice letters on account of being rude
*do not answer nice letters on account of having a minor pain sensation
*live in a $1 million pad worthy of the Queen of England
*associate with other criminals
*eat cows etc.
even the desire to torture babies will mean you do not get perfect love.

This is the punishment I prescribe for such toads, also all who get up later than 3 am:

1. Lazy feeling in morning exercise. 4 sit ups. Lie on bed and sit up guess how many times?
2. Sit, spread your legs unless there is a man about, then touch your head to the bed. 3 times.
3. Spread legs widest, poker straight legs and touch nipples to bed 460735 times or min 2 xx.
4. Salute the sun, surya namaskar. simple. 5x. Feet 1 foot (0.3 m) apart, stretch arms up,
legs poker straight, touch toes and then same up down 5 x. If your back hurts take it slow. Then
5.Lie on bed, bend legs over fat belly, then kick legs up to straight perpendicular and back down to bent, quickly 8 times.

This is minimum punishment for all toads, but if
1. heart op, op, then do 2. and 5. only, gently, slowly. Wait 2 years until after operation
and then build up slowly over a 2 month period until you can do all 5.
2. if BRITUSH military, you do same until you drop dead but at least 5 times the above, but only if you keep smiling
3. others. If you can manage go for Brutish military regime or most you can do while keeping
your face relaxed and your heart cheerful.
The above programme is the BARE NUDE minimum that everyone should do.

When you can do above with no difficulty, build up to do 1-2 hours of different exercises, every other day

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