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Man woman fun

First the man lies down and is pleasured, until he can take no more and says 'stop'.
Then the woman is pleasured, until she can take no more and says stop.
No major orgasm for either, preferably.
Then the man's turn, until he says 'STOP'. Then the woman's turn...
Take it in turns, keep going for as long as possible.

You will find that after two rounds you will not want more.
Instead, go to 6. below and do some exercise.

When you have finished exercising, start again. Keep going, man pleasured first, then woman.

When the first one to say 'ENOUGH' happens, one last round each, this time to give major orgasm to both
in turns.

If major orgasm happens, you both lie down, with the woman holding the man's penis and the man her crotch
As and when ready start again.

Both the man and woman should be nude, and at all times they should be able to see each other's chests and faces.

If the woman has a period, you can do this, but the man should not touch her vagina, but instead
manipulate her nipples.

If the man's penis smells he has VD (venereal disease), and it should be thoroughly cleaned until there is no smell see:
What is the purpose of a nose?

for how to do this.
If the woman's vagina smells, also VD, see My article about how to cleanse it:
How to avoid having a baby

and in the mean time the man should manipulate her nipples, not touch her vagina.

Before commencing, you should at the least each clean the other's penis and vagina.

You should not engage in this fun if you are married to someone else etc.

Before starting, you should both relax, see:

How to Relax

The next day, you should just lie together, mess around as you wish.But unless you are pretty fit, you may

want to skip repeating this programme, until the following day.

If you are good together, then you should seriously consider marriage, where the man enters the woman and

releases semen into her.

But this is a permanent long term commitment to each, and so you should not rush into marriage.

Single people:see 7. below.

1. Upavishtakonasana

Sit in Upavishtakonasana:

Spread your legs as wide as you can.
Then lie back:

It sounds easy, but you may need to go slow, using your hands.
The groins will ache.The more they do, the easier it is to remain hard (wet), and the longer you stay
the longer can you remain hard or ooze wetness.
If you really cannot bear the pain, bring your legs slightly closer, slowly.

Then see below, Male pleasuring or Female pleasuring.

2. Baddhakonasana

Then lie back:

If the feet have slipped away from your bottom, use your hands to bring them again close to your bottom.

If you really cannot stand the pain in the groins, and inner legs, place 1 or maximum 2 pillows under the knees.

Then see below, Male pleasuring or Female pleasuring.

3. Bottom up yoga pose

Lie down and bend your legs, feet near your bottom. Then lift your bottom, hard up.

If you struggle to lift, place your hands on the ground beside your bottom and then try.

If you really cannot lift up, place a few cushions under your bottom, about 1 foot, 30 cm high.

Then see below, Male pleasuring or Female pleasuring.

4. Male pleasuring.

The woman puts some milk or water or yoghurt on her left palm, and with all 4 fingers wrapped
around unpeels and peels the penis, going quick until the man is hard. Completely unpeel, and the index
finger should be at the top of the penis head so that the bald head gets pressure. When going up and down
she should apply pressure with the index finger. When the man is hard, she should go slow.
All the time the man should see her breasts and face.
Then the pleasuring begins.

Curl two fingers and thumb around top part of male penis.

The penis at the junction of the penis head and the body of the penis has a slight ridge.

Make sure that your index finger is just above that ridge, on the penis head side, and your thumb is just below the ridge.

As both your index and thumb pass that ridge apply a little pressure.

When you unpeel, make sure that you unpeel completely, and also, you need to be a little violent

so that there is a little jerk when your fingers reach the man's balls and pubic bone.
In other words, there needs to be a little momentum as your hand touches his pubis, so that he has a good sensation

at the point when maximum unpeeling happens. His penis head should become completely exposed.

For 5 minutes, you just go slow with this action, nice and easy for you, be relaxed.

Then for 1 minute you go fast, then 5 minutes slow, then 1 minute fast, etc.

When you get tired, wet the other hand with milk, yoghurt or water, and continue.

You are a woman and KNOW when a man is going to release. Two seconds before that happens, you stop all action.

Wait 45 seconds and then continue with slow for 5 minutes, then 1 minute fast,..

When he says 'stop' you stop.But do not stop until he actually uses the English word 'STOP'. If he says it in Chinese

or says 'enough' or 'finish' or any other word, you just continue.

To intensify the pleasure rather greatly, you should exhale and contract the abdomen downwards
towards the spine, and keep it down for as long as possible while breathing normally.

5. Female pleasuring.

Pleasuring a man or a woman are the same.
Wet your whole left hand in milk, youghurt or water.
Place your 4 fingers and palm to cover her vagina, with the 4 fingers nearer the anus.
Then open and close the flesh of the vagina, the back part nearer the anus by bending and straightening
your fingers. The fingers should be together.As you bend the fingers, the vagina flesh stretches on the anus side.
The more it stretches, ie if you bend your fingers more, the more she feels.
But it should not be permanently stretched, just stretched released like the penis.
When she is wet, you should use 2 fingers and your thumb. Place your thumb at the other end of the vagina,
away from the anus. It should be just slightly inside, on the bone. Keep it there stable, nothing to do.
Then the first and second fingers just bend and straighten, going a little violently when they are bending to the maximum
and her skin is pulled to the tightest. As with the penis, do it slow and constant with nice rhythm,
so you both know what is coming next: the same thing, over and over.
And then fast, but stop before she has major orgasm.
Everything exactly the same as for a male.


a. Surya namaskar, sun salutation. Stand straight, feet together, raise arms above your head, quickly swoop forward
and touch your toes and then quickly go up to have arms above head again.
Keep legs straight throughout. 20 times, up and down.
If your back is not yet strong, go slow, still try and keep your legs straight.

b. Legs bent standing. Stand with your feet apart, and bend your knees as much as you can. Stay there as long
as you can, at the same time swinging both arms up and down, up to ceiling, then down to thighs.

c. Lie on your bed, straight. Work your feet and toes.
Toes stretched back away from you then towards you so ankles move. Crunch your toes.
Open your toes.Press your big toes back and then forward independntly of other toes.Then try with other toes.

d. Legs over tummy. Bend your legs over tummy. Kick the feet up until the legs are straight and then immediately
bend them over your tummy again. Keep going up and down. If your knees hurt, a little slower, more deliberately,

e. Legs to side. Keep your legs bent over your tummy. Then, keeping them bent and together, drop them to right side
then swing back and drop to left and keep going swinging from side to side.

f. Next, keep your legs bent to the right side. Now swiftly stretch your left leg back away from you, keeping
your right leg bent by your side. So, sort of the left side of you is lying straight. Swing the left leg to and fro, with
the foot first touching the bed far away from you, and then touching the right foot. Then do other side. g. Now, lie on the bed with legs straight. Swiftly raise your right leg and kick it towards your head, at least past perpendicular.
Keep going, quickly moving right leg up and down. Scissors acton. Get some momentum going,
so legs really separate. Keep both knees straight. Then do left leg.

h. Relax for 2 minutes, lying on your back quietly.

i. Bend your legs and bring your feet close to your bottom. Then raise the heels up as much as you can,
then lower them and raise your toes as much as you can. Keep going. Then straighten legs and relax.

j. Relax for 5 minutes.

k.Now, kick your right heel towards your anus, so your leg bends completely and is still to the side, not up in the air.
Keep straightening the leg and kicking to bend it. Then do left leg.

l. Then, keeping your right leg straight, kick it to the right and back to reach the left leg. Keep going, legs wide, legs together.
Then other side.

m. Now, keep legs together, and kick right leg up towards ceiling and back down. Keep going, legs straight. Other side.

n. Now, bend your legs and have your feet near your bottom. Then swiftly bring your knees to over your tummy them back down.
Keep going up and down.

o. Finally, your partner, should sit (evenly, not on one side) on your legs while they are bent over your tummy.
Take it in turns.

7.Single People

Well, everything is exactly the same as if you were a couple, the exact same method of 'rubbing' and wanking.

The only difference is that you do not have a visual stimulation, so it is more difficult to become hard/wet
and to stay such.

If you have a small computer, phone or tablet, you can hold it in your hand and balance one end on your chest
to look at a picture or video. Both men and women should use the picture etc. of a woman, not man.

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