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Manhood and Womanhood

Every child wants love.
They do not much mind about toys and piano or hockey lessons or learning history.
Well obviously, with time their natural mind is brainwashed and they get to think they want war games,..
In today's world they get zero love from absentee parents from T=-9 months.
Even if the parent is physically present near the child he accidentally had and put off having and by mistake did not kill
his mind is on more important matters, upcoming football match etc.
A child wants love from his parents, wants to be free to enjoy the countryside, smell flowers, mess with a girl.
They are so stupid, they in the old days did not even think about sex.
And, receiving massive love from parents, in the old days in Tamil Nadu, when they grew up, they wanted

to give love, just as much as they received it.
otherwise they were thieves which in those days they were not.

So a man he wanted a woman to give his love to her. It was nothing whatsoever to do with sex.
And womanhood is the same. You are a woman if you want to give your love to your man.

And it so happens that everything a woman wants, a man wants from a woman, happens when she or he want and proceed to give love.
He wants 5'6" blonde he gets it, of course only if that is the very best for him.
But, in the old days, a man a woman had zero wants. They wanted to give not take.
In their minds they had no thought whatsoever of wanting a beautiful woman or strong man or a round tomato.
So from age 5.5 or so, they messed around with boy or girl they were going to have sex with
at age 14 and whom they were going to give all the love they could manage for the rest of their lives and then in heaven for ever after.
Being a man is nothing other than giving your love to a woman.
A woman is the same.
And it so happens that EVERY man, EVERY woman wants to do precisely this.
A male person wants to be a man, a female wants exactly the same, to be a woman.

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