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Loving Vishnu

1. Let Me tell you a bit about My Life.

When in Mumbai, 1953 to 1960, up to age 7, My real dad (Batuk Mehta) took no notice of Me.
So naturally, I was alone, looking after Myself.
Really becoming a man at an early age.
Anyway when My mum had given her heart to BKS Iyengar, and when
BKS did not want her anymore,
he told her to flee to London to escape My dad poisoning her.

She was a Jewish lady, but did not follow her religion,
she was brought up Christian and in her heart always remained Christian
even though she married 2 Hindus.
She in London slightly encouraged Me to be Christian. She took no notice of Me.

Anyways from 1960 onwards BKS started to come to London once per year
and since My mum was faithful to him I adopted Him as My father.
It was not a conscious decision, it just 'happened'.
Obviously the reality is that Lord Vishnu had adopted Me and was steering Me,
just as He always tries to do for you all.

Although BKS was evil, He still came from India, and so His customs and everything
were a million times better than any Western dad, just love was absent.
He was traditional evil Hindu.
So gradually even though he was only in London usually 4 -5 weeks each year,

I became traditional good Hindu.
It was a slow process, a boy has other things on his mind,
doing homework, learning things that interested him etc.
I focussed on the latter, learning a huge amount about all sorts of silly things.
Lord Vishnu has given you a brain, and it should be used to learn and develop it,
even if you have to go to school and get same destroyed.

Anyways, I go to university, and there rather than focus My mind on the rubbish subject
called mathematics, I focus My mind to continue learning all there was to know about
investment and finance, two other rubbish subjects.
And while continuing to be lonely when My mind not so focussed,
I learnt a little about Hinduism and yoga ie 2 more rubbish subjects.
I see clearly the evil in Christianity, but I really just picking up data rather than analyzing it,
just like a kid should.

And finally in 1982 when I was 30, I say to Myself I am going to get married,
obviously My mum and BKS have no interest in Me.
So, I get married to Mumbai girl, (Me, no idea about her) no previous girl friends,
except one English school girl I met when I was 8 and said hello to and that was entire one off relationship.
Well Mumbai girl has boyfriend and is completely sick in her mind
and our marriage is never consumated.

But, I am learning about love and romance and marriage and God and goodness.
And because I am just heartbroken about Mumbai woman,

I develop rapidly. I determine just to love God, with proviso (which I did not verbalize)
that He is good, and also to be good.
As a boy or a young man, being self brought up without evil influence from dads,
one wants to do good.

So, in terms of being good, I really tried and try always to make men
(two types scum who want to steal from you or stab you in back) happy,
and women happy (three types of witches, ones you do not want like sisters,
ones you want and they pretend they do not want you and
ones who are sometimes prepared to admit they want you-
the latter being My 3 broken marriages,
Tanya Ukraine, Christina Mumbai and Rukmini, Vietnam).

As a good Hindu, I worshipped goddess Gayatri.
I would pass a wood or forest,
and would be disappointed that Lord Rama AND Sita AND Hanuman did not materialize.
When in Los Angeles I waited in a gasoline pump station for 5 hours one night waiting for
Goddess Gayatri to come from heaven to meet Me
(she did not come, but woman truck driver looked at Me twice before rejecting Me,
as did LAPD, Los Angeles Police Department).
I wanted real bad for Shri Krishna to visit Me.

I would walk along alone (of course technically married to Rukmini)
and wonder whether Lord Ganesh would stop by.
I really did give My heart to these cruel dieties.
But, strangely, even though they did not come to meet Me,

I somehow managed to have fun, be happish, peaceful.
Anyways this is what a man wishing to love Lord Vishnu should do,
give love to all, be nice to all, if evil hits you bad 3 or more times,
step aside, and have fun. And sooner or later love will find you.

A married woman focuses her mind on making her man happy.
A single woman waits, if she has parents she marries whom they select for her,
otherwise puts herself on a dating site (like I did), wanks (), and waits (like I did).

Today My Mrs She puts a caterpillar in My bathroom. Then She disappears it.
Then She puts it or another back again. Then She puts it in different place..
Same She does with the men and women you befriend. They cut you up,
She puts them in a different place out of sight.
Then She maybe brings them back to haunt you. And ultimately this evil gets
to thinking 'well I guess I may as well be friends or lovers or whatever'.
And today, can you believe it, She gives Me NICE milk for breakfast instead of the usual
Kerala rubbish.
She must have flown it over special from Devon,
England where are located the best cows in the world.
Except of course I never got to go there.

You know, the balls of a woman, located from 1 inch 2,5 cm in front of the anus
up to the vagina slit are more sensitive than the skin on her penis,
if you ever want to touch or stroke such.

And then I get LIVID, almost. I get a bucket of water, and I sweep the caterpillar out of My room.
They do not like water.

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