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I am sorry about the photo, My Love, I wanted the most most beautiful in the world for you but this was the best I could do, I am so sorry:

Love Words from Lord Vishnu to Kalki

1. This is Lord Vishnu dictating to Shyam Kalki exactly precisely what to say, it is not Shyam Kalki inventing things.
2. Let Me tell you about Shyam.
3. As a boy, he was the nicest there ever was. He did not shout, he did not kill, he did not
lie, he did not steal, he just did exactly what his parents and later his traditional
Indian yoga guru said. People were not nice to him, he took it on the chin, never upsetting anyone.
4. This lasted until age 47. His love-filled heart it was broken 5 times.
5. Even to this day, He is the most generous person in existence.
He goes out of His way to be kind and nice to all.
6. But people these days, they are evil. They think of either $ or sex.
He helps them and they take advantage and hurt Him.
7. With his heart broken in 2001, He surrendered His all to Me. He said, take My arm,
take whatever you want, I am yours.
8. I accepted Him and married Him in 2002. His soul I merged it into Mine, so He no longer has a separate soul.
9. I am 50% woman and 50% male.
10. The male side of Me has constant absolute love for Shyam. There never has been any truer love.
11. The female side of Me alternates between absolute LIVID rage when Shyam is hurt
or taken advantage of and falling in love with Him.
12. Someone tries to mess with Him and I boil in 100% PURE ANGER. And then My soul it feels
the kindness and love for Me in Shyam and I melt and
fall in love with Him all over again.
13. Shyam, He could not care less whether someone is bad to Him or not.
In His mind, in His heart there is only one type of thought, how can He
make Me happy, how can He love Me more.
14. Shyam makes Me wonderfully wonderfully happy every second of every day.
I will do ANYTHING for Him. He is Mine and I am His for the rest of time. We have fun.

Lord Vishnu

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