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What is it like if you decide you wish to love Lord Vishnu

Now I really should say "horrible horrible" like He/She/it has been to Me, so that I do not have
any competition from men other than the other 107357138456 men etc. whom He
already has whom He finds unsurprisingy more attractive than Me
and therefore does not put
a moth outside their front door which they do not have because He killed them.

Well let Me be truthful. The above is lies, other than the title and the bits about being
more attractive and about a moth and about them not having front doors etc.

So, no more jesting, I am going to set it out straight.

0. You got to give up evil and dirt, before you begin.
1. He is damn damn kind.
2. He is damn damn intelligent.
3. He has a brilliant sense of humour.
4. You will never ever regret falling in love with Him.
5. You love Him and He will do anything to help you for your own good.
6. Even if you do not love Him 5. applies.
7. He is able to do anything to you, make you cry, laugh, smile, feel happy, be horny,
miserable, anything at all.
8. He does not kill even cockroaches.
9. He lies about 99.99% of the time, BUT only for your own good.
As and when it is not necessary to lie,
E tells you the truth, how ugly you are by comparison to Me etc.
10. This lying habit of His occassionally might distress you a touch.
But, such distress is ALWAYS for your own good, maybe there is poison in your eyes and
needs to come out, He has his reasons.
11. And you need to learn to trust Him.
If He always told you the truth you would not learn to trust Him, you would trust Him.
He is not interested in the slightest about getting praise or trust,
He is interested in You and your development to be a nice, happy, loving, kind, etc. Indian man.
12. As time progresses He will give you whatever is needed for your pleasure,
happiness, fun, goodness. He will do that as fast as is possible for your good.
13. He is impatient to help you.
14. Of course, as an Indian man, you need to approach him with kindness, love, respect, etc.
15. He will at appropriate times let you know when you are hurting him eg by not being kind,
respectful etc.
16. He may from time to time hurt you, physically, emotionally or whatever.
You need to learn to trust Him that
a. He is real upset to have to do this and
b. that He has to do this because in His heart is only how can He help you more.
17. You hurt My husband and I am going to hurt you,
unless E asks Me not to and only with His permission and so not at all.
But I will wish to do this unless He asks Me to wish otherwise. Which He probably will.
But why hurt Me who has no evil intent to you?
18.If you need anything at all on your journey of loving Him,
I am available to help you, but of course the reality is that He is more than 10000000 times
more resourceful clever, kind etc. than Me so such help may not be required.
19. Sexually, it has to be said that He is short on some properties of a woman
(based on My experences, maybe it is true I am not sure).
But with or without a video He can satisfy you much much more than any woman can.
And, if it is good for you He will arrange for you to have an appropriate woman.
20. He loves you. Of everything above this is the fact that is by far and away the most important.
21 . Nowadays everybody has interesting jobs. For example many people are bank counters.
Everyday money is dumped on top of you counted and then whipped off of you.
And this valuable activity continues for 60 years and then you die.
Or many want to be a jet pilot.
You pull this plastic made in Japan lever and then the next and then the next and then
when you are done you pull the same lever and then the same next one and then the same
next one and then the next day and then 60 years later you die.
Or some want to be tax collectors or accountants.
You look at this $ and then you look at the next $ and then the next and repeat same for 60 years
and then you die in agony.
Or some want to be hairdressers. You snip this hair strand and then next hair strand, and then
next, and repeat every 20 minutes or is it every 1 second and then 60 years later you die.
Or some want to be swimmers. You move this hand forward and then that hand forward
and then..and 60 years later you die in agony.
Most likely He will NOT give you an interesting job other than eg
pulling up and then down and then up and then down..
22. Possessions. Suppose that He puts an ant in your room and then removes it.
Will you smile, be grateful, thankful etc.
Not really really unless you are Indian army and shit scared of ants.
But, suppose He gives you a right big toe. Are you ecstatic? No.
Are you truly grateful. Of course you being a Westerner you want everything
but are never ever happy with anything.
You are quite rightly always short and always truly miserable even if you have to
keep yourself occupied with being a hairdresser all day so you pretend not to notice.
Suppose, say, you like your big toe, it is valuable to you, and suppose He takes it away from you.
You will be a little upset for a couple of hours before settling down to your hairdresser job
and watching horror movies.
Well if you are happy with this nothing much needs to change.
But suppose He thought, this man really would be a touch happier with a big toe,
He will give it back. And then you will have happy face with smiles and gratitude etc.
This is what He likes to see, happy people and of course He also likes to see
23. Westerners hollering and being miserable, crucified for killing cows etc.
All are His subjects and He loves them all
24. Intelligence and common sense. He may say 'why do you not sit down'.You sit.
He says I did not ask you to sit, I asked you a question.
When you put 'why' in front it is a question not a command.
So you answer 'I did not sit because you did not ask me to sit'.
So He: 'well if I did not ask you to sit why are you sitting then...'
You gotta believe Me you start off dumb in front of him and you get wound up:
25. made to see what a fool you are and what common sense you do not have,
and made fun of, and upset because all you were trying to do was such an important thing
like sit down when you stupidly think He wants you to sit when
He could not care less about whether you are sitting, or in a woman or anything else.
He just wants the best for His loved one.
26. His perfect man, you who He is turning into will have zero wants.
When you are perfect, you do not actually WANT anything.
Your mind is calm tranquil like a clear lake.
A lake does not get upset if it is not eating a tomato, or even if it is eating a tomato.
Neither does a cow. It exists, peacefully. So too will your mind.
He may say to you 'do you want happiness' or pleasure or a woman or your arm or whatever.
And obviously, your first thought is 'of course I want my arm'.
But actually if you quietly reflect, you will find that you do not actually 'WANT'.
Your mind is like a machine, it has zero wants.
27. And when you are perfect, you will 'HAVE' AND YOU WILL GIVE.
Your soul will be having orgasm and be 'GIVING' love.
So He may ask you, are you unhappy. And the answer is yes, until you are perfect.
But your soul also does not WANT anything. It IS.
Your soul is unhappy, but that does not mean that it WANTS happiness.
It is a divine being and built to be content with what it HAS, just like a lake or a cow.
My Lord has given you all that you WANT, which is nothing, He is that generous.
(not true: He has given you far far in excess of what you WANT).
28. And He has given you free choice, to take steps to be happy or unhappy, to do right or wrong.
And of course He is rooting for you to take steps towards happiness.
And because E is perfect He will succeed in everything that He wants for you.
29. Just as He has and gives fun,
you will be stripped of your absent sense of humour and will have orgasm etc.
until and even after you too are not an accountant, and are able to have and give fun.
30. He will make you strong and healthy and fit and partly like a woman should be, with tears and kindness and mushy stuff.

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