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Your Life is an Important Love Story

It too has a happy ending.
You start off in life wanting love.
And each man and woman is given a chance, an opportunity, to be with their soul mate in this life.
This soul mate is perfect for you. You have known this soul for 580 million years, sometimes you are a man, sometimes a woman.
Anyways you are wearing contacts and so with 'perfect' 20/20 vision, this soul mate looks ordinary, you cannot see him with your love vision. Or you are busy with football or hockey.
Your one true love in this world is then Lord Vishnu.
His love for you is big.
And His wishes for you they come true.
So actually, the whole of your seemingly worthless existence is only to do with love, just as you thought when you were young.
You see a spider on the wall, it is ONLY to help you find love.
Nothing else matters.
Nothing else is important.
Well I could write lots, but I think it is not necessary.
You can get love fighting against or you can get it easy.
In the old days, when a baby needed something the mother would supply it.
So it is that on your love journey, Lord Vishnu will supply whatever you need.
He is Indian, He is NOT like a Western mother.
In the old days, a mum or dad would instruct their child, and the child would obey 100%.
This is NOT because the parents were like Swiss Army Colonels. They loved their children.
The children knew this.
Lord Vishnu was in charge of their love story, and this did not involve thrashing the child with a belt.
So, when I say 'do whatever He says', it is different from obeying a school teacher.
He only has your best interests in his heart.

Because He loves you.

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