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Is this because Lord Vishnu hates Me and wants Me to shudder and run?
No, He wants Me to tell you about it so you sit or better lie down and say to yourself,
do I really want to litter streets? Do I really want to steal? Am I really anxious to put out
cigarette ends on my wife's breasts? Do I want (another wife to)


It is in the air.
It is happening to you.
You are going to give it.
It will happen soon.
Love is not to do with your mind.
You do not know whether you love someone because knowing is to do with the mind.
If you are with a man or a woman, it works identically both ways, so let us say
*you are male over age puberty, and you are with a woman
(female over puberty, eg not your mana, sister or baby).
She says to you 'I love you'. What does this mean? It means she knows some English.
And suppose you say to her, 'I love you'. What does that mean.
You have absolutely zero idea.
Maybe you love her, maybe you do not, probably that you are attracted to her
unless you want her money or body when you are not sure about that also.

Your mind is really useful at some things like knowing which combination of numbers
are going to win you the lottery, just for example.

So anyways, you soon will be giving love.
You give love from your soul, not your wallet.
Really, it is not too important to count it perhaps?
You are wrong.
When you love somebody, you want to give, not take. You want to give as much as possible.

It is the exact opposite of what your mind is thinking.
Your mind says, any situation, I want to take more than I receive ( ie steal).
It wants the best deal, the cheapest, the dirtiest, the most horrible etc. Stupid idiot.

When you love, you want to give more than you take: you want them to steal.

This is not true.
You do not WANT anything from them EXCEPT kindness.

The more love you pour into her, the more disappointed you are if she is not kind to you.

So, she is STEALING FROM YOU if she does not give you kindness back.

Whether she gives you love or not, even she does not know and even if you could read her mind
you will NOT see LOVE in it, you may see dirt, bad thoughts, maybe even 1 good thought,
some sexy thoughts, etc.

So, the minimum you want when you give her love is to treat you no worse than a pet poodle.

But with a pet poodle is there really any kindness there?
She neuters it, she feeds it poison, she kills it when it grows old,
she keeps it in captivity, she stops it running in the countryside.
Kindness has no value unless there is love behind it.

But, of course, if she gives you love back or pleasure or cash, well that is acceptable too.
At least with cash you can count it and put it away safe under your mattress.

Let us just think what giving cash means.

Suppose you give somebody some love or food or happiness,
and she throws 1 milllion million dollars on your table and says 'take it'., not
please take this I give it to you with friendliness or love or so you will be happy'.

You would be happy with the million million,
but are you happy that you only gave her a plate of food worth $10,
and are you happy with the actual giving?
No. The cash she gives you back needs to be given without evil, or with love,
and you do not really want to be a thief.

Elsewhere on this website I say that the price of 5 units of love is $3200.
The reality is that when someone gives you 5 units of love,
first it is a very very valuable commodity, actually much more valuable than $ 3200.
and the reality is that when you give $3200 in return, you also give some love back.


Well I have been rambling, but let Me summarize implications and conclusions.

1. Whenever you are about to receive something from someone, whatever it is,
you should not accept it if it is given with evil intent, irrespective of price.
For example, you should not use a hairdresser who you think hates you,
no matter how cheap the hair cut. Or food that the cook has spat into,..
2. And if something is given without evil intent, that means there is small good or love intent.
3. For example, Google gives you for 'free' an email account or any of their products.
At the same time they see to it that all data from the computer or other device you use
is stolen from you and given to them, so that if an opportunity arises they can blackmail you.
When you open up a new gmail account, actually the person on the other side giving it to you is a computer.
This computer has NO hostile intent towards you.There is nothing wrong in doing this transaction.
4. Or, when Samsung specifically designs all its tablets and smart phones to inferior quality,
clearly it has evil intent:the directors etc. responsible.
Similarly when every Indian bank deliberately keeps data about your personal account
such as your private PIN number so that when the opportunity arises they can blackmail you or steal all your money,
that is hostile intent.
But, when you actually go to a branch to open an account, or buy a smart phone,
the actual transaction is with the bank manager or shop, and this person probably does
NOT have hostile intent towards you.
5. If you give someone love and they hate you, you should not do it.
But if they do not know you, for example then there is no reason why you cannot do it.
6. If you go to a prostitute and she is one who hates all men, you should not do it.
7. If you give someone who does not hate you love,
he is stealing from you if he does evil to you back, like a Western pet 'lover',
and if for some reason he is unable to give you sufficient love back,
he needs to give you acts of kindness or cash or pleasure or some such.


It is very simple.
The amount of love is reflected in moisture in your eyes.
Suppose you go to a shop and buy some chocolate.
The shopkeeper has a tiny bit of love for you, but it is so so miniscule, say,
that you do not notice the moisture in his eyes when he is THINKING of you.
Or, if you are WITH your loved one, slight tears of joy will be there when you THINK of him,
and slight tears of sorrow will be there when you are
NOT WITH him AND you are THINKING of him.
Here the word WITH means physical presence, ie you can see, hear, feel, taste or smell him.
The actual amount of water that can come out of an eye is limited in terms of
flow or volume per minute.
So if you love someone a lot you may not actually have a whole bucket full of water there
when he is not with you, it will just drip out slowly and steadily for a long time
so that the total volume of water corresponds to how much you love him.
BUT. The flow out depends on your mind and how much you THINK
of him.
So, if Lord Vishnu does not want to see masses of water popping out of your eyes,
for example, He will stop you thinking of your loved one and you may for example
think instead of making love to Donald Trump, or being an architect or a rapist or cooking potatoes. Something else that is close to your heart.

THERE is also another test of whether you love someone.
Suppose he does some act of unkindness to you, eg stab you in the back.
If you love him you will shed water with love and upset, even if you are not thinking of him.
(Sorrow is really the same as thinking of him).
If you do not love him you will have foolish thoughts of REVENGE.

You KNOW for sure that you are crying because you are not with Donald Trump for example.
Everybody in the world, men and women, want him so much.
So, if you love someone just a little, you cannot tell whether you love them or not
because the volume of water emitted by your eyes are too small to be moticeable.
But, if you love them a lot, you will touch the handkerchief and notice that it is wet
whenever you think of them which of course is not often.


It is none of your business what they do.
It is also not possible to tell.
People are like Bollywood actors.
They can easily pour out water from their eyes, many ways,
eg they just think of their other lovers when they are in bed with you.

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