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On Love

You have been given the opportunity to love others, and to love yourself.

So, in very small quantities, you love every giraffe, every human, even Lord Vishnu.

And, when you actually meet a cat, your love for it grows by a factor of 20, to 5 units.

And every subsequent meeting where there is no negativity, no argument, no rudeness, no theft..
your love grows by 5, to 25 units on meeting the cat a second time, then 30,..
It is the actual meeting that counts, if you are with the cat for 48 hours that second time, say, your love will still be 25 units.

If there is some negativity, it scratches you, or says no, your love goes back 5.

For example, if a woman shouts at you 10 times your love for her goes back 50 units.
It can turn to dislike or even hate.

And, if the cat or man is nice to you, that is gives you orgasm, each orgasm gives you 5 additional units of love for him.

So, although you start life with only love, with time, it can range from virtually infinite hate to dislike to
rough indiference to love to true love.

The units in which you measure love are based on how much you love yourself.

I give every person, every 2 or 4 legged feeling being, a specific same for everybody, constant throughout their lives
love for themselves.

This amount is 100 units of love.

You love yourself for all time with quantity 100 units of love.
And, as a 0 day old fetus (of course this is just a soul) you love every feeling being on earth with 0.25 units of love.
There are 108 types of feeling being at present, and the number of horses, chickens, humans, rather large.
You love each of these with 0.25% of the love you have for yourself.

Humans though, have one special characteristic which is that obviously of all potential spouses, there is one
who will give you the most orgasms, and therefore the person whom you will love the most.
This person is the same in each life, one life in a woman's body the next in a man's.
And, each life, I arrange one initial meeting with this optimal soul for you.

A chicken is not going to give a man or woman orgasm, so the love you have for it will always be relatively small.
For example, suppose you meet this chicken twice per day in order to feed it and then you murder it after say 1 year.
Your love for it starts off at 0.25% of the love you have for yourself, and assuming it does not bite you etc.
your love for it grows to 20*.0025*730=36% of the love you have for yourself. It stays at this level after the murder
and of course this murder of one you love is a permanent source of sorrow for you.

An animal or bird will never hurt you except in retaliation. It belongs to Me and so there are two situations:

1. You have caused specific harm, shouted, starved it, stopped it receiving orgasm. If you meet a lion ready to attack you,
you will have previously caused it similar or more pain
2. You may have tried to do specific harm to Me, eg said 'fuck you' and then sometimes one of My animals will in retaliation
give you similar or less pain in retaliation.

These two types of event cause you to reduce your love for the animal, negative events, even though they are your fault.

Anyway, suppose you meet a (let us say man, the same applies for a woman) of the opposite sex. Let us say
that you have rejected your soul mate, and eventually opt for a man who is say 20% perfect for you, not 100%.
Men are mostly not very argumentative, they do not initiate 'no' to their woman. Let us ignore any negativity on his part.
He gives you orgasm 20% of the time that your true love would have done.
So, you start off with 20*0.25% love for him at the first meeting, that is 5% of the love you have for yourself.
Let us suppose that you have a 'headache' 99% of the time. Of course, it may not be pretense headache, it
might be pretense working, doing nails, gossiping,..

A healthy woman (or man) can receive 1 orgasm every 10 seconds 24 hours per day, that is 8640 orgasms per day
Mostly, you will give and receive broadly equally, so the true maximum is 4320 orgasms per day.
If you stick with this man for 20 years, say, with zero arguments, thefts, etc., then you can receive
4320*20%*(1-.99)*365*20 orgasms assuming you are in perfect health, that is 63,000 orgasms.
Your love for him will then reach 5%*63000= 3150 times the love you have for yourself.
So, a typical evil woman today, who exercises, can reach roughly this level of love for a man.
But, mostly she will have another, ie first and only true, husband and is depriving him of orgasm. So she will suffer huge pain.

She will be happy and in pain.

Why happy? It is because a husband who is loved returns love, even a woman who is loved will do the same.

Love from Vishnu

Well He loves you, maybe .01% as much as He loves a donkey.
But 0.01% love from Lord Vishnu is BIG love.
Why does He only love you 0.001%?
As a fetus He loves you 100%.
Then as the fetus ages it hurts Lord Vishnu. It does silly naughty things.
And as discussed above, love dies with each prankish act.
So, you, a man, when you give 7103% love to your woman, Lord Vishnu
then gives you 7103% love from your woman and He loves you 17%, not .0001%.
And He too loves your woman 17%.
It does not happen too often that He gives a big percentage love to a single woman.
Like never.
Well I could give you the detailed mathematics, but I do not think it necessary.

But, it may be useful to you to explain what 36% or 500% love means.

36% means that you love this feeling being 36% as much as you love yourself.
500% means you love him or her 5 times more than you love yourself.

Suppose that you love a chicken 36%.
Suppose that some German nice person said to you, either you or your chicken are going to be lined
for the firing squad to be shot dead.
Because you only love the chicken 36%, you will say to this German gentleman
'thank you for this offer, please kindly kill my chicken not me.' But, if you loved a woman 501% and a German gentleperson said 'I wish to cut off either your or her fingers,
one of hers or five of hers'
you will reply 'please kindly spare her finger, and cut off five of my fingers instead'.

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