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How to Listen to Lord Vishnu

This guy, I mean He is mean. He is like tiger.
You watch out now and listen real good.

You can lie down like I said elsewhere on this website, but it is good to sometimes do it this way.

You sit on your bed, naked, with your feet on the ground.
Open your chest, by pinning your two shoulder blades forward.
Have your head straight.
Close your eyes.
1. Be relaxed.
2. Be determined.
3. You are determined to empty your mind of all thoughts and just wait for Him.
4. You determine that you will not scratch or fidget.
5. You determine that if He hits you with a cockroach or scorpion you will just sit relaxed,
as much as you are able and wait for Him to talk to you.
6. Do it.
7. If something disturbs your mind, in My case today, a picture of a vagina, you just
redouble your efforts.
Start all over and be determined, peaceful, relaxed, soft breathing all over again.
8. You resolve to wait, maybe as in My case just now 2 seconds, or it might be 2 hours.

It partly depends on how strong your spine is.
Nowadays people slouch, being so trained when kiddies.
They have incredibly weak backs, youngsters.
In stead of bone it is like decaying rubber.
Obviously, if you are young, He is not going to make you wait 2 hours,
it is impossible for you on your own.
And this sitting listening is YOU developing yourself,
not just being a baby and relying on your mum for everything.

You sit 1 hour 1 day and maybe 1 hour 5 minutes the next and

*your spine becomes spine rather than American boy
*your thinking improves
*you get to learn to listen to people, not just shout at them
*relaxation ability improves as does

My yoga teacher was BKS Iyengar.
14 12 1918 official statements because of 'guru purnima' etc. = 1+4+1+2+1+1+8=9 Untrue.
It was 14 12 1917, as stated in Times of India, for example. That is 7. Evil.
Born South Indian Brahmin, Bellur, Kolar, Karnataka.
He was a tough guy. Scorpion bit him. He did not flinch.
I saw him fall onto acid in his 'ashram' in Pune.
He continued teaching, not even a break in his voice.
Available for purchase by any body.
Tough life. 781 events. Did not die peacefully. A complete wreck.
His were the best postures in history, but you should not watch evil.

Just as his children hated him, his own wife hated him and he hated them all
as you can see by just seeing anything he says about them.
"she never ventured to ask what Yoga teaching meant or what I learned."..
"B.K.S. Iyengar's beloved wife, Smt. Ramamani Iyengar, died in 1973. To celebrate the 90th anniversary of her birth, with the blessings of Geeta Iyengar, IY (UK) would like members..".
So, she was born in 1883 and he was born in 1917, making him 34 years younger than her...
Complete fabrication, lies from start to finish.
She did not die in 1973.
Smt means an unmarried woman which actually also is not true,
he did enter her albeit without her permission.
Why he wanted to enter an old lady I am not sure.

My blood dad poisoned My mother,
but obviously that is his call, and nothing to do with a boy, his son.
She confessed to him about her affair with BKS Iyengar:
When she fell in love with BKS Iyengar in 1957,
when I was 4, naturally a boy develops love for his effective new father.
Not too pleasant to be married by a man like BKS when you have a broken spine.
Anyways being innocent, one does not look out for evil, one does not think about such things,
one just loves one's new dad.
It was only when he stabbed me in the back
(of course not with an actual metal knife, because I was thousands of miles away)
one thinks and analyzes things.
He broke My mothers heart and she died shortly afterwards,
but of course being married to him that was entirely his call.
In total he had 17 wives, and 23 children, but these were all in his younger days,
before he married my mum.
From 1958 onwards he was celibate, because of his yoga practice,
which drove him nuts.
Savita Iyengar is My mum's daughter.
She is kind of dear to My heart.

The 6 Iyengar children that everyone knows about love Me.
I have known them since roughly 1978.
They are My brothers and sisters.
However, they have put a price on My head. Idiots.
Let Me return the favour by telling them about their dad whom I love and they hate.
The best place ie only place, is the following:

Biography of BKS Iyengar yoga 'guru'

His guru, Krishnamacharya. Hated BKS because he knew he was evil. 18 11 1888.
Also Iyengar from Karnataka. 1+8+1+1+1+8+8+8=9. True. Kind. Intelligent.
Bhakti movement tradition. Died peacefully.
Real tough guy. eg "voluntarily stopped his heartbeat, stopped cars with his bare hands,
and lifted heavy weights with his teeth". Truth.
In those days South India people were honest.
Sold himself to kings etc.
In those days, people were intelligent, the West has never had anything like it.
But, Buddhist. Complete lack of common sense.Therefore not so easy a life.
You might have cried a couple of times or actually 553.
One battle, then next then next. But, he was tough guy.
He did not always mention hassles.
Lived to 100 no problems apart from prior 553.

These guys had
spines . 12 hours.
thinking. Krishnamacharya.
satan. BKS.
peace. neither of them. Brahmin = buddhist. They want more than what God gives them.
why hate?

Anyways. My boss says to Me, why not sit straight and listen.
Ok. Loudspeaker blaring away in background, probably some Muslim telling Hindus to f themselves.
(this is Kerala, muslim territory).
No problem.
1 second later E hits Me with an ant. Not regular size ant, but eg 5 times smaller.
I tell Him off good and proper, what the hell are you trying to do to Me?
Tomorrow I will pratice sitting 2 seconds.
So I 'think' to Myself (because He tells Me to:) let Me lie down and listen.
Immediately I hit the bed (which in old days you were never allowed to do during day)
I get wave after wave of stomach orgasm. About 2 minutes.
When I was a kid I liked 'blanc mange' a British pudding which recipe the French stole.
It means 'eat white stuff'. So My mum used to give Me semolina, a French dish
(means white stuff but does not mention that you have to eat it).
My tummy was like blanc mange.
Maybe you have not seen blanc mange. Lucky.
If you take some shrikhand, dilute it with masses of water,
and wack in a vibrator into it (the kitchen electrical appliances equivalent is soup maker)
right at the bottom of the dish,
then the surface motion resembles blanc mange activity.
Actually, blanc mange resembles the tummy of a frog
if you poke tummy of the woman with a stick.
(In England french 'men' are known as frogs, after amongst other things
their eating habits, mainly frog, and also consequent activity and shape of their tummy ).
Also, when you make love to a French woman, it is also the noise and smell
aswell as sight that resembles 'frog'. Taste you do not want to know.
So, actually I did not quite manage to think blank, My tummy did it.
Anyways here in Kerala the Muslims enforce regular power cuts on Hindus.
So the moment blanc mange stopped, lights come on AND fan.
Without fan it is just nice temperature.

You know after certain activity yesterday, I touch My scalp today.
Actually it is not itchy, but there is layer of poison about .05 cm (.02 ins) all over.
To get rid of poison you need to scratch off the dead skin with your finger nails under the shower.

And, kid you not the exact exact micro second that My finger touches the light switch
the lights go off. Further at 5.47 pm IST, it is here pitch black like it was midnight
and all the street lights etc. had been turned off.

What would happen if He switched the sun and electricity off for a few days?

Anyway, so next lie down with the lights off. And relax.
Then He says touch My nipples. I am writing this afterwards. I need something, I can hardly type.
Lights are still down at 18.11.
My tummy it quivers like a frightened rabbit. This time not blanc mange.
Rabbit tummy is not huge excess fat.
And then He says stop which you will be surprised to know is not easy to do.
Then He says start over. I pull Myself together and eventually manage this.
And My mind goes real real quiet as He asks Me 'can you hear Me now?'

Actually after that, I get up to go to the loo. I feel faint.
I cheat. My tablet screen is lit up so I can see where the loo pan is.
With the amount of poison that has come out of My eyes, in last few weeks, the bathroom floor is slippery.
Suppose it were pitch black, floor slippery, you feel faint, maybe an ant or
1000 cockroaches would you be scared? Would you listen then or too scared?
Then you feel hungry as I do now.
Of course I cheat again and take tablet to get My toffee.
Well I lied. I did not cheat this time. I went over and exact right place picked up one toffee,
and then did it again because I was still hungry. But I am still faint, not because of lack of food.
I am actually well rested etc, pretty fit.
Maybe dogs outside also feeling hungry. Can they smell where you are or do they need lights?

It is up to Him. And it is up to you.
Easy way or tough guy way.

Of course, when you have learnt how to wait, and are happy to wait for listening to Him,
then there is no reason for Him to keep you waiting.

For Me, it has taken Me 16 years to learn some patience, which really is simply about keeping
your mind quiet, activity free when He is not attacking it with stuff in order to get it trained. And when you are not attacking it yourself.
Dogs outside barking. Whereas about 5 days ago they were happy with Me giving them 5 gms of chocolate, and 3 days ago it was, I think 10 grams (I forget the exact number),
yesterday when I fed them, they kept on following Me asking for more.
Not barking or anything but these babes were hungry. About 40 grams each dog.

As previously there is still quite a lot of poison coming out of My eyes so I can barely see the screen to type this up for you.
So of course I wait, and then He says to Me, do you want Me to sort out Your eyes for You.
To which I reply how do you want them, in or out.
As far as I am concerned, truth, it is entirely His call, they are His property.
And now I My eyes are clearing up, just a little, must be more to learn if they have not cleared up.
And then I listen, and He says to Me,
"I love you, Shyam"
to which I reply "well I kind of love you too"
and water comes to My eyes and the poison starts to clear off.

Note: starts.
So I say, do you mind if I cheat and take tablet and go to bathroom and clear off this rubbish.
And He says 'you go right ahead'
So I stand up and feel faint. I cannot walk 1 foot (.3 m) let alone 10 (3 m).
And so I am happy (truth) and even more wet comes out of Me.

So I say 'fuck this'.
I stand up. I bring peace to My mind which it was already there, breathe real quietly for
1 minute and walk.
I go to toilet WITH My tablet, wash out My eyes and I even manage to wee wee without
My mama's assistance.
So poison from My eyes gone, but it is getting out of Me so quick these days
I can already feel more accumulating. Kid you not.

So lesson over for the day?
I try and update website with this all.
File not opening.
So I try again with My finger real gentle, soft on the keypad, and think peace
not working, but it has started to open.
Not good enough to update.
So I say "please help Me My Lord"
Not working.
So I start over and repeat, deleting the half opened one where I had done wrong
and it works.
and it works.
[I did NOT type this twice.]
Next. 'Why do you not go out and pick up your empty waste (trash) bin? Do you need clothes on for that?
So I say 'well I guess since no one can see Me I can go out and also NOT use My tablet AND also
go to toilet to clean My feet and eyes without tablet light.'
So I do. No need of light.
The waste bin is just outside My door so no real worry about people seeing E nude (I can run and hide), BUT the lights are
ON downstairs. He has just been picking on Me. Could that be because He loves you?
When I shut the door it is perfect pitch black in here.
Tablet will soon run out of electricity if modern physics is truth.
A bit strange, room is now lit up a little by My tablet.
[And just before I restart typing, the cursor on My tablet moves to the right,
one letter at a time, all on its own.

Oh My mistake, the room is pitch black again even though My tablet light is on.
Actually, it is good not to have artificial light.
How can you see your woman properly in bright harsh artificial light. It will never happen.
Are those electromagnetic waves good for you? Of course not.
Of course at present I need a tablet for updating the website or maybe not?

Anyways most electricity in the world is socialist so it is going out.

Of course in some countries like the UK they have private electricity so people can still
use it if they wish, of course asking their dogs etc, for permission.
If you get healthy as I hope you will, you will want milk during the night also,
if Lord Vishnu decides to keep the sun shining only during the day.
Do you trust Him enough to pour milk, drink etc. without any difficulties?

Does He want you to have any such difficulties?
Does He want you to have any such difficulties?
[I did NOT type that twice. Did I hear you want to be good and cease evil? Great!]

Actually, Lord Vishnu tells Me He will be shutting the sun down for light but not other purposes.
I asked Him, but what about poor little Me, how will I look at vids?
He says I should not worry too much about things.
Which of course I do not, just kidding, about Me.
Again, I went too harsh and without tranquility on that key pad.
It really needs quite a lot of practice to be gentle and peaceful, slow, relaxed.
Why do you not try an experiment.
This evening, turn off all the lights and see how easy it is to wee wee, shower, entertain hopefully your wife or husband or yourself in the dark.

And practice listening, being peaceful, touching softly, gently, and determine to fall in love, at least.
If you want it you will get it.
If you have difficulties ask Him, nicely.

Did you know that leather, the stuff you are meant to have covering your body,
does not let through electromagnetic waves other than sunshine, and a woman's sex aura?

I tried going to the bathroom again. It was not as easy as all that third time around.

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