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Listen to Me and me

A. It is not just women, it is everybody in the world, Myself incuded, childen as well who do not listen to you.
Now there is a very good reason for that:
1. what you say is total rubbish
2. everybody wants to annoy you
3. you are 97% evil and they prefer 100% evil
4. they prefer to hear their own rubbish.

It is a nice, good habit to listen to good and an evil habit to listen to evil.
Nowadays about 99.99735% of what people say and noise emitted is evil.
You should not listen to your man or woman, bank manager etc.
When they emit noise walk out or shoot them.
When love starts happening in India, soon, your man or woman will start saying good like:
"if you want the truth woman, I hate you" or some such.
If you go to Africa and find a wild lion, it too will say good.
These are the two types of good you should listen to.
AND you should learn to listen to Lord Vishnu, and to a loving husband, just in case you have such.

In My case, I have been married to Lord Vishnu now 15 years and I still have Western education in Me.
It is actually rather difficult to listen to good.
A good person has a tranquil peaceful mind, not wanting to be disturbed by rubbish.
An evil person will be fluent talking at 50 words per minute in order to impress you and take.
He does not care if he disturbs your peace of mind by evil chit chat.
A good person does not do much thinking, he or she is a man or woman of action, entering, feeling, loving you..
He or she does not want to think and talk rubbish and disturb you.
So not so many words come out of his mouth.
And, if you are one who is not focussed on loving him, this is a problem for you.
Everybody is programmed to be impatient.
They, you want good or evil whatever is your preference, and you want it NOW.
So when you listen to a good person or to Lord Vishnu, you wait a second.
*you fidget, not nice for a person who is THINKING slowly, carefully, of what to say to you
for your good to find that fidgeting is more interesting to you than listening or even
shock horror thinking or feeling nice thoughts about him, or
*you put words in his mouth, why bother listening if you really want to talk?
*you get bored waiting, give up and go to toilet instead. So much do you treasure his words
*you cry because he is not emitting enough words per minute for you
It is not so good for a marriage is it, when the woman is more interested in loo than in the
nice loving thoughts from Lord Vishnu or a theoretical nice husband.
Of course, you may not actually go to the loo, that only happens when Lord Vishnu wants you to.
More often you pick up the phone to listen to evil or put on the TV to listen to evil,
anything other than: to wait for good.
Your time is very valuable and you must use it to your best profitable advantage.
Lord Vishnu is by comparison completely unimportant.
Well it all depends on tears.
If you are tearful enough, it may be that one day, Lord Vishnu or a nice husband will take pity on you and touch your hand.
Or in the case of Lord Vishnu, He might copy Czech women and talk to you at 70 words per minute,
He is that capable. Or He might make you patient, or cut off your fingers so you could not fidget so much when He is in the middle of talking to you.
Of course, He does not necessarily have to WAIT for you for a convenient time when
madam wants to be talked to and entertained.
Or He might think that as is normal, a person hears something and then about 19 seconds later
has forgotten what was said. So why bother entertaining madam?
In fact, for example nowadays, you can say the same thing over and over and over again 27 times
and it does not penetrate into an evil mind. Would you like Lord Vishnu to say the same thing to you 27 times?
And people these days are complete idiots. They cannot understand anything, everything uttered is rubbish evil, they want to talk not listen.
So given this, why bother listening at all, you will not understand it, you are not interested and you would rather gossip at the hairdressers.
And, these days, if someone says something to you, you will not believe it anyway. You believe in evil and therefore believe quite rightly that everyone around you is evil, unless
*you meet good, then you will believe but act, say etc. as if you did not, because you are evil
Or would you prefer a smack on the bottom or maybe 3 fingers off for troubling Him
which of course you being insignificant other than in respect of love you cannot do.
Tears are the thing that enable you to listen, but
would you prefer a kiss?

B. Listen.
If Lord Vishnu wants you to listen to Him, to music, to a wife even, it shall HAPPEN.
If Lord Vishnu wants you to understand what you have listened to even though you are completely
unable to understand anything, it shall HAPPEN.
YOU do not need to worry about ANYTHING EXCEPT
*not giving LOVE and happiness and pleasure and fun and caring and looking after and
*doing evil and harm and killing..
And if these things are your true desire they shall happen or not as you wish
Do you want to listen or do you want a kiss, from a loved one?

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