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The Lies Act 23 October 2017

Surprisingly perhaps, one of the worst aspects of Western culture is the practice of lying.
It permeates that culture like the venereal disease that all Westerners have but do not know about.
Everything said from start to finish is a lie. I love you. This is a good job. I am handsome.
This is good for you. Even 'this rose is beautiful', which rose is going to be beautiful on eating poison?
Now, obviously, in some cases when you lie, you will be causing direct obvious financial, harm, pleasure
or tranquility loss to the person you lie to.
'I am coming now', and you actually come 1 minute later..Clearly you will pay in pain as a result.
But, the harm you do from lying is actually far far greater, but it is a harm you do to yourself.
This is because the practice of constant constant lying results in people losing faith in their parents
spouses, children, even in Me.
There is no reference point of anything to believe in.
Of course, this is all hidden. The person's mind might think they have a friend, but his or her soul
knows for sure that in this evil world now no-one is a friend.
So, soon after you start going to school, you become in reality disheartened, losing faith in everything and everyone.
Of course, this disheartenment is directly proportional to how much you yourself lie.
When you do not believe in your wife, for example, you cannot love her.
And being with a woman, or a man, whom you do not love means that it is just a commercial exchange
being together for sex or money, you are using that person like you might use washing powder.
You buy it, use it, then throw it away when it gets mouldy..
And the soul of the man or woman or your child who is being used full well knows it.
For a man who lies, he cannot surrender to Me, he cannot love Me.
I do not accept evil.
And, the same applies for a woman who lies, she cannot surrender to or love a man.
And every woman, every man, every child wants to surrender to and love her man, Me, or his or her father or mother.
So, you are used like a condom, corresponding to how much you practice lying.
No happiness falls on you.It is not to do with pleasure or pain, if you do wrong you will get pain
if you do good you will get pleasure.
But, it is to do with the even more important aspect of human rather than animal existence
love and happiness.

Not a single animal lies.

Do you wish to be better than an animal or worse?

So, I, who have only love for you, recommend you to cease the practice of lying.
But as always, it is your choice, I give full freedom to all.

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