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What should a man say to a Woman?

For 580 million years, men and women did not know how to speak and could not think.
Now you will say that oh, same as now then, they are really shagging machines.
People, dogs, etc. were in touch with their souls (hearts).
They had FEELINGS, for each other, for right versus wrong.
And feelings are far far more important to have than words.
If you are with a man or woman, you need to see each other, touch, maybe lick etc.
You can even smile. Words are not important.

If you look at the Bible, look at My articles on history, look at the original Buddhist texts,
you will realize that actually you will see that outside India there was just as much evil 2500 years ago
as there is today. And their love stories were just as unnecessarily tough as yours might be.Of course
by India I include Australian aboriginee land and American red indian and African black indian etc.

When someone wants to be evil, and they do not have a mind and they cannot think and they cannot
speak, they struggle.
They sit there peacefully, not shouting, not arguing, not thinking bad thoughts about anyone.
And because they are peaceful, they do not come up with the idea of torturing one- year olds. They do not have ideas, they have feelings.
Feelings of being peaceful or agitated, of being happy or unhappy.
These are the two types of feelings that a person without a mind has.
And the Buddhists of old were given by Me yoga so that they could strive hard to obliterate their mind
and cease evil. This is really what Hatha yoga and Patanjali yogas are about: terminating your mind.
And the feelings of neutered man or woman are generated purely by their past good or evil actions.
To the extent that they have unused up good deeds they will be peaceful.
To the extent that they have evil deeds that they have not yet suffered for they will be unhappy.
And the mechanics for them to receive peace or unhappiness is also interesting.
The natural state of Buddhist 'nirvana' and 'samadhi' is agitation.
Their soul, which is their only functioning organ (breathing, eating etc. also being given up, maybe on death and of course if possible before that) is unhappy because it is not receiving orgasm.
When the yogi wanks it gets peace, but of course these buggers do not want to wank etc. so after a while in their meditations all that happens is that they get more and more agitated.
And then they notice organ failure or a lion coming and then their agitation increases and then they
surrender to Me and love Me in heaven, forever agitated.
Anyways, this is yoga reward for lack of good deeds.
And then they might have done bad deeds for which they have not yet suffered for, like abandoning a spouse or a child..
They have broken their marriage duties, eg to pleasure the woman until death, eg because they cannot get it up, the effect of meditation and yoga practice.
This is typical of all buddhists and yogis.
So, the soul feels unhappy on account of evil doing.
But, the soul receives agitation and unhappiness through the mechanism of the body.
So the yogi gets VD etc. etc. in order that it has enough pain to make its soul unhappy.
And when it has had enough pain, it surrenders to Me and soon afterwards it goes to heaven, always unhappy that it did not get to love Me, but at the same time being peaceful, because it is loved by
So the atheist and yogi get to heaven and are in nirvana/samadhi:
1. agitated on account of good deeds not done
2. sorrowful on account of bad deeds done
3. in love on account of good deeds done
4. unhappy on account of not having loved Me
5. peaceful on account of Me loving them
6. receiving orgasm and therefore not as unhappy as all that, to the extent that they loved Me
and therefore receive pleasure from Me.
Yogi and yogini are both neuter not male and female words.

Anyways, before I finish on the subject of Buddhists, let Me set out examples of other
1. A gymnast or swimmer or pianist who every day gets up and thinks the following one thought, eg
"I am today going to swim/play piano 0,0001% better than I did yesterday".
2. Accountants, lawyers, swindlers etc. who every day get up and think "I am going to make some numbers add up/subtract them"
3. Christian nuns and priests and monks, yogis, buddhists, who every day get up and think one thought "nothing" and I am going to do this better than yesterday
4. Business 'women' and 'men' who everyday get up and think one thought "today I am going to focus My mind on achieving Rs 1.03 more than yesterday"
5. Girls and women who everyday get up and say "today I am going to do .001% better at putting My nail varnish on and gossiping"
6. Unemployed people who every day get up and get expert at clicking a mouse on a games console.
These experts and gurus do not really need much of a mind.
So step by step it is subtracted from them.
And then they can really focus and not get distracted: they are all Buddhists with original ancestory inTamil Nadu.

But, Buddhists have minds, even if they want to get rid of them.
And minds can be used for two purposes:
good, or
And, as discussed on this website, Buddhists use their minds to do evil, mostly.
So, gradually they all lose their minds and become experts and achieve Buddhist Nirvana, as above.

But, some people are Hindu:
really really intelligent and also WANTING TO USE THEIR MIND FOR GOOD.
This is actually what the mind was given for.

AND these wankers receive a hard time while living, mostly, because of being Hindu and therefore
BUT, they use their tiny minds to the best of their ability, being obedient and not thinking, for example,
and they do good and they try avoiding bad and they try lovin'.
AND THEN IN HEAVEN they get Hindu 'moksha', which has not 6 as above features, but only 3:
And in heaven, they get to keep whatever tiny mind they managed to preserve by not going to school.
And this tiny mind is used in heaven, to give more and more
more peace not being possible because that comes from Me loving them which I do to perfection.

So, here is the list of words I gave peoples in 835 BC so they could either achieve MAHA samadhi or
Hindu moksha:
After doing yoga, the men think that the letter OM is eternal.

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