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The Land Act 21 October 2017

There are two types of land (or space): public and private.
Each person has a right to ask Me for private land for him or herself and any family members.
I give private land and space to non humans without their asking.
You do not need to ask for private space, the area surrounding you.

On surrender to a man, a woman loses her right to a private land, except if he wishes her to be a prostitute.

When a boy or a girl reaches age of puberty they can ask for their own private land, and

do not have private land with their parents. Similiarly for animals, but they do not need to ask.

When animals or humans are making love, pleasuring themselves or each other,
public space of 5m around them should be treated as private, unless with their agreement eg for cash payment.

When someone/it is eating or sleeping, private space is 1 metre surrounding the person/animal and their belongings.

Otherwise, private space also includes a distance of 20 cm from the person/it and his or her belongings.

Private land also includes property belonging to the man or woman, eg computers, phones, lights, etc.

Private land and space is allocated on a first come basis. Thus if you are sitting
at a table, or in a bus, anyone wishing to tresspass on your private space needs to
ask permission. He or she will pay in cash or pain if no

permission is granted or if they disturb you.

Children and a woman who has surrendered to a man do not have private space in regard to their owners,

but do in regard to others.

When you vacate a space or land, you should leave it in no worse a condition than when you obtained it.

Worse means in terms of cleanliness or the aesthetic beauty of trees etc.

But, if you are sitting in a restaurant, or hotel etc. it is accepted practice for them to clean up after you.
I allocate 20 sq m land per head of family plus 7 sq m for each additional family member, including pets, livestock etc.

This Act has retroactive effect to 570 million years BC.

Your soul has had the use and enjoyment of both private and public land since I gave such to

him/her when you were created.

So too have the souls of other 2 or 4 legged feeling beings.

Beaches, the sea and glaciers can be private but otherwise are public land for the purposes of this Act.

Rivers and lakes and streams are public land for the purposes of this Act,.

It is free, not for rent, purchase etc.

You should not trespass on someone's private land or space, nor take or deny it from him, nor spy or listen into it.

The problem with trespass spying etc. is that he (she/it) may lose tranquility (Rs 25,000 per hour)

or may lose pleasure time (Rs 7000 per hour).

Obviously, you will have to pay for this in cash or pain.

Clearly, if you also make his place dirty, etc. you will have to give appropriate compensation.

A person wishing more privacy for his/her private land should put up curtains, for example.

The problems with theft, is that the Red Indian or cow might have spent quite some time making his

private space the way he or she or it likes it.

Obviously you need to compensate him at Rs 25,000 or Rs 7000 per hour, as appropriate.

Public land is everywhere else.

For example, suppose that you have a 50 sq m apartment for two people.

23 sq m of that is not yours and if someone wants it he is free to take it if he asks Me politely.

I shall give it to him, and every two or four legged feeling being is free to enjoy this public land.

Clearly, if you have spoiled the land, eg with walls rather than trees,

the person loses tranquility at Rs 25000 per hour.

This land is not yours and so it is not advisable to erect fences, have locks, and if you do you

will need to pay compensation to anyone who has not been able to use this land.

If a person wants to use a hotel room as private land for eg 3 days, if he asks Me I will permit it.

If he wants your public land, and no one else who has asked Me is using it, then of course he can

use this room. I do not charge for giving someone private land.

If you have made the room unclean or lacking in natural surroundings like trees or

beaches then you will pay in cash or pain.

Of course, you cannot charge for the room, but you can charge reasonably for other items like a bed,

or fan or whatever the two of you agree on.

Clearly, refusing someone use of this land is a crime and you will pay by

similarly being refused private land.

As another example, roads ('private' or public) are actually public land,

unless someone wants it as his private land (gypsy, slum dweller,..)

On such public land you should not deny free passage. If you want to walk

in the middle of the road, no lorry or biker etc. is advised to threaten or mow you down.

They should wait, go around you, the cow,.. or stop and wait.

Similarly, you should not attempt to stop them. They can go where they like, in the middle, left or right.

You are free to put up eyesores like traffic signs, etc. but then of course you pay a price.

Similarly, you are free to put ashfelt on some land, but then you pay a price in terms of loss of traquility

for each road user, and will need to pay for the cost of reinstatement when you vacate or die.

Similarly, a rickshaw driver will pay for putting a rickshaw eyesore in public land.

The air above a public place is public land. You should not pollute it if this is going to

harm any 2 or 4 legged feeling being, and for your private land you are advised not to let

any pollution feed into public land.

The ground beneath public land is also public and you should not polute it.

If you have been living somewhere, I grant special dispensation for a period of one month

In short,

1. you can do whatever you want with private land, but should ensure

that this does not impact public land, and pay for the cost of reinstatement when you leave.

2. anyone can do whatever they want on public land except they will pay if they spoil it for others

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