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Why Might You Get Knee Ache?

A. Correct and only true answer, together with the other 5 correct and only true answers

Because Lord Vishnu loves you.
Everything that happens in your life is because He loves you.

B. Why may Indian army get knee ache?

So when they crawl to hide under daughter's skirt, I can easily see them when she takes it off.
They are so small and tiny and insignificant that not too easy to spit on and hit target

C.Why may a good man such as Myself get knee ache?

So He develops His thigh muscles so when Indian army come crawling, He can easily put 7 on each knee and smack their bottoms.

D. Why might an ugly woman get knee ache?

So she exercises and develops her thigh muscles so when a nice man like Me comes begging, she
can put Him on her knee and smack His bottom.
I think that covers all possible situations, except

Zz. Why might Lady Vishnu get knee ache?

Because She gives another caterpillar to appear in Shyam's hotel room before disappearing IT.
A very grave matter.

999. And about Lord Vishnu, I am afraid, so I keep My mouth SHUT except I had better say

Was it You who put the caterpillar in My hotel room My life, My Love?
I am really appreciative of this kind gesture of love.

101. How painful is knee ache?

Not too too bad really.
I think it is about 27 times more painful than tummy ache, but I am sincerely hoping that
by loving attention to My knee over next 2 minutes, Mine will have gone away like
the caterpillar today did:
kid you not, I poured some water on it, went to bathroom to get some more just in case I had not murdered it, and 1 minute later it had DISAPPEARED.
I was so relieved, My tummy ache went, My heart lifted, My nerves came back,
almost well actually a good day, again.
Yes! Knee ache gone! A wonderful day, x woman x Lord Vishnu, so I am most happy.
About Lady Vishnu, I almost sincerely apologize.
About Indian army, life is tough sometimes. Why not join the British army?
About ugly women, there are actually several situations which can be discussed in private,
face to face, etc. etc.
I would not want to embarass you about the exact exact details. I am a very shy person.
You need not worry too too much, 27 times is a mere trifle.

000. I am sorry.

Sometimes one just says things without thinking. I did that in this article.
I really did not mean it, it just slipped out unintentionally.
I am a man, I do not change My mind unless Lord Vishnu He changes it for Me.
And at least at this point in time He does not want Me to change what I have written.
As is mentioned elsewhere on this website, at this point of time He is LIVID.

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