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Kissing Her

A. Jeepers, I got no idea about this one. My Lord said write and so I do.

My thinking is really:
"do it".
Kissing is not about sex, it should not be about sex, it is nothing to do with sex.

B. A man does not kiss another man or boy because that is about sex..
No man kisses his son or daughter or baby, that is a girlie thing to do, I mean disgusting,
it is like Christian priests do. Such perverts should have their penis torn off.

A woman should not kiss another woman, baby, son, daughter etc. also.I mean that is dirty.
What you should do if you find such a woman, is take a sharp knife, put in her mouth
and twist it so she never does it again.

You leave kissing babies to Hindus so they can show off to the world how nice they are.
Probably wanting to get laid by you.

What mama would kiss her son in private, voluntarily? It will never ever happen.
Of course now dads kissing their girls is the norm nowadays, but that does not mean it is right.
You pick on someone your own size.

C. Kissing is a man woman thing when you are over puberty and you ALREADY love this man or woman.

If you kiss a woman or a man and you do not love her/him you are committing grave sin.
I will just talk about kissing a woman here because it is easier for Me to imagine how nice it might be like, Me being married to a man.
But it applies equally to even kissing a man.
If you kiss a woman you do not love, eg tenderly, you are giving her a lie.
A kiss is about love and you are indicating to her that you love her when you do not.
It is really evil. She may think oh great, I got a kiss from this charming handsome rich man,
get wet etc.and fall in love on false pretenses.

D. What is kissing for?

So, you have met a woman, and you KNOW that you want with all your heart to love her and to
be with her for the rest of your life.
She may be Hindu and therefore stupid and go for beer with her girlfriends instead.
That is up to her.
But once you know this detail, from then on you have a right to kiss her,
of course assuming she is clever enough to permit it.

Kissing is not some silly Bollywood game, a pretense.
Kissing is to give her something of value, a manifestation of your love for her,
something to make her feel happy, loved, wanted, not lonely.
What woman in this day and age will love you back? None.
They want rather a diamond marriage ring worth $2000 or more.
Of course they may give you a peck or a French kiss, if they want $3000.

E. How do you kiss a woman?

Do you go for the jugular? No.
A love kiss is a gentle, soft, tender thing.
The only place that is not jugular is her hair.
You if you are sure she will not mind (most women are lesbians these days),
grab hold of her so that you do not swoon.
Eg you catch hold of her ankles, or boobs etc. Kidding.

You place your arms gently around her back, or her arms, or place your fingers on her chin
and give her a peck on the hair.
If she has waist length, it is not a tragedy, you need to kiss her hair near her scalp.

How long should this kiss be for?
Women do not really want kisses, they are very busy people and want to get on
with important matters.
So soon she will show signs of impatience, eg pushing you away, walking away,
telling you to stop, answering her mobile, calling her boyfriends, etc.
So with your heart broken, you should then stop.

Also, if the moisture in your eyes has ceased and you are thinking about dinner, you should stop.

F. How do you sex a woman?

Well of course it has been known that if you put your finger in a womans mouth
or your tongue she may get hot.
It is not really important what it is, even your nose or ear.
And with dirty women they do not even mind a penis.

So long as it is you, and she wants you, your finger on her thigh or your lips on her thigh,
they are all cruel instruments to torture her.

But, actually, one should really consider the mathematics.

To sex a woman, you need to use your most sensitive soft feeling skin.
And that is the pad of your little finger, stronger hand so you can easily control it.
But suppose that all 10 fingers were pretty soft, say in aggregate with the softness
of 9 little fingers, then she potentially feels 9 times more sexiness,
depending on where you put these 9 little finger equivalents.
Eg if you put them up her nose for example this may not be the exact optimal,
but if they touched the sensitive outer part of her nostrils or bridge of her nose,
any other place, she might find it rather nice.

All external surface area of a woman will land her in trouble.
Inside the vagina, inside the ear, inside the anus, is not much good.
But inside her mouth is good, it counts as external suface area.

But, you also need control over your finger, your nose or tongue do not have such.
If you are standing, and touch her thigh softly with your little finger,
that is a nice kiss, there is no weight forcing your finger down onto her.

But if you are dangling your hand above her nipple,
soon your hand or arm will get tired and you will use force,
the weight of gravity for example.
What you need is a feather touch, but of course, a feather is not so soft.

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