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There is no penalty for being unkind.
Suppose, for example, you are a wog policeman and you are about to cut off the balls of an englishman,
and he foolishly but poo-litely says 'please do not do it'.

Of course, you being a whitie wog, you do not listen to a word like please.

So anyway snip snip.

And then with kindness you give him his balls back. You have not stolen anything. No $
theft, this time.

So obviously you will not be pee nalized for theft.

Also you will not be penalized for rape.

Maybe you even ask him nicely to eat.

You cannot be criticised for depriving a man of food.

This is what the Muslims and then the British were like in India, right up to today.

In the old days in Indian people were kind.

If someone came to their house hungry, thirsty or tired, they would serve them, even if they had nothing to eat themselves.

In the old days, Indians did not mistreat animals, they did not poison fruit, they did not lie, they did not steal.

They did not murder, they did not maim. They treated their one wife well and she loved her husband and did not nag.

You will have perhaps read Buddhist stories about highway robbers, about Krishna with 1008 wives,

about Rama abandoning his wife Sita with child, and putting her to a fire test.

Buddhists, Muslims, British, killed and tortured one another but not a single Indian was ever harmed,

in any way. Crops did not fail. Even outside Tamil Nadu, people were broadly happy.

Well, seeing how rich and powerful the Muslims and British were (actually only seemed to be), Indian men became jealous.

With Buddhist influence they (their souls) had gained pride through learning by rote rubbish Buddhist

First in the cities, largely. Their children were 'educated'..

Next they started to pray to Buddhist gods for wealth. It did not come, so they became mean, they did not want

to part with their wealth to guests, to potential husbands.

So, the women, mainly in the Northern cities became thieves, and of course their children copied them.

The men tried to make money by selling themselves to Muslim and then British paymasters.

Not believing in Me, when a Muslim or British monster asks for your balls or your wife you give.

And when your wife is taken, or your hand, you cease to be kind.

You are now a cockroach, a thief, with no morals, eaking out whatever existence you can manage, sucking up to evil

and having zero pleasure in life.

So, step by step the rot spread in India, reaching Southern cities also.

And then something very nasty happened.

The villagers of India were taxed. They were forced to sell their produce at low prices.

Why was this? It was because they too were sending their children to school.

Pride, jealousy, slum dwelling in big cities,..

Huge injustice to children, followed by huge injustice to the villagers.

So, children worshipped $$, became thieves, became cockroaches. Zero morals, no kindness.

Like British 'people'.

So, nowadays, India is populated by British people.

But, in the back of the minds of Indians, is a belief in Indian values. They are not completely British.

And kindness is the most important of all Indian values, completely absent in other peoples, chinks, wogs, yanks,..

So, if your father was born in India if you are male, or if your mother was born in India if you are female,

you fundamentally wish to be kind.

And one act of kindness leads to another. And then I will give you another opportunity to be kind.

You will suffer for every act of British behaviour, mostly you will suffer horribly.

But, the kinder your actions, the happier I will make you.

The Kovalam police, did not want Me to dress in My bathroom. Adamant I had to dress in front of them.
But I said please, insisted, and finally finally they relented and let Me put My pants on in the bathroom.

Obviously, I could not care less where I put My pants on. But they finally finally managed one minute act of kindness.

Same happened with the Bangalore poo-lice. Finally finally one minute act of kindness.

It would not happen in England.

Maybe when they next want to rape you, and you say please do not, who knows, even scum like them
will manage one more act of kindness?

And of course Lord Vishnu is kind. If you happen to want to be good, then good things will happen to you
Maybe rape is one of these? Only you and He knows what you deserve and only He knows what is good for you

and in this world, only good things happen.

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