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Solving Your Life Equation

Many of you will have come across the programme 'Microsoft Excel'. It is like truly evil.
There used to be a better one called Lotus 123 but then Mr Gates 'Bully' came along.

Anyways, included in this programme is another programme, in fact two, called something like:

"data solver", "optimizer", not exactly these names but this is the meaning.

Now it so happens that there is a very clever (possibly) guy (possibly) up there who created the dumbest people
ever in existence called

Now it so happens that I am a mathematician.

And one day Lord Vishnu was thinking
"I know what, I am going to give a mathematician a programme called "optimizer""

So, this programme pops into the peanut sized brain of a particular man called Mr Buddhist Mathematician in 439 BC.
Then a Greek (ie Buddhist who had fled India) mathematician called Euclid muttered to himself
"oh I know what, if I copy that programme but call it something else
people are so dumb they will not notice that it is an inferior copy because
I am too dumb to understand the original and
that way I can become very very proud of Myself and call Myself a Mathematician".
Anyways there were several of these idiots in the early centuries before prime idiot
Jesus got himself crucified.
You do not actually get crucified for copying badly a bad idea.
Then these mathematicians just wanked and wanked and did nothing else until about 1600 AD.
Then between 1600 AD to 1960, a massive copying exercise went underway with 49 copiers.
Copying really fizzled out around 1939 when for obvious reasons the Jews were sent to concentration camps,
and the remaining mathematicians could not even figure out how to copy using a photocopier.
(My mum was Jewish and many of her 'family' if one could call such family,
went to concentration camps.)

Me I got no idea how to use a photocopier unless told by Lord Vishnu.

Anyways along comes Bully boy who did not copy, but STOLE, "optimizer"
and made it much worse by hiring mathematicians to pretend he was improving it
so that he could STEAL a fortune from you and I.

Anyways I knew you wanted to know all this so I told you.
An "optmizer" programme takes data like
"here is one pretty girl and here is an ugly one" and then
after millions and millions of calculations tells you an answer like
"I do not know" whether there are 2 girls or one, "my brain hurts".
Actually it does not even do that. It just types out the word "#error".


Lord Vishnu.


This is what Lord Vishnu's optimizer programme ie His brain does in respect of you:
1. No idea. He has not got a brain has He?
2. Whoops I got that one wrong. He says He does have a brain.
3. So, I ask Him, well where is this brain? On Mars? In sugar, dotted all over the universe?...
4 . No He says His brain is located in Me. Obviously I say things like 'you got to prove that, I cannot even tie shoelaces without your assistance'.
5. Yes He says and soon with a woman you will be able to do a lot lot less.
6. Anyway be pleased to know that your life is being optimized by Me. God help you.
7. Yes, He says, I do.
8. So. I figure something out like eg you should not kill babies, and then He implements it,
with a universe that complies with My figurings out.
9. So I say, oh, but there are plenty of things I have not figured out like
how to tie shoe laces (possibly on this).
10. No, Kalki was His brain before right from the start of life on earth.
In those long distant days, I was smart. Why was I smart then?
He comes up with an idea "I will create a smart guy to give Me all the laws needed
for My wishes to come true" and whoosh, there I am.
11. As have you all, I been around a long time. Just with different bodies every few decades.
12. He knows everything about Me, past, present and future.
He knows therefore that I select love, good, happiness, and absence of evil and would
come up with Laws that deliver that.
So all He has to do is say 'let it be so" and the universe that is in his imagination
is adjusted to implement these laws.
13. So I take a little time to come up with ideas, and until He implements these previous laws apply.
14. If I am not smart enough on any issue, I say 'please help' and He then helps, perfectly.
He has no brain except Mine, I belong to Him.
Look at the world. Was it created by or even with assistance of a guy with brains?
15. Well, Me being a mathematican and all reckon yes.


1. A long time ago, I was in My mother's yoga class,
I was a kid really in those days, not a woman like nowadays. Maybe age 25.
I was a nice kid, never had bad thoughts, never shouted etc.
Anyway, I cannot remember the details, but some evil doer, said something NOT nice to My mum.
I cannot remember what I did but for like 1 minute or whatever, I lost My
(well in those days it was 'my') cool.
I went up to this 'evil doer' and said eg 'you get out' or 'you apologize' or similar.
It was not that I wished him harm, I just did not like My mum being attacked.
She really did her best for all her students and I could not see any justification for evil doing.
But it was My mum. Had it been another mum, I would probably just have said,
I was Hindu in those days, oh it is her fault she must have done something wrong.

(the false Buddhist theory called karma).

2. A couple of years later I was near Hyde Park, London, and was walking with

My yoga teacher BKS Iyengar.
A real big guy came rolling by, drunk, and said a couple of not nice things to My love.
1 minute where I lost My cool. I step in between them, as if I can do anything against this big guy,
obviously I am not actually going to do anything,
and then My love says to Me, can't remember exactly 'keep it cool' so I did.

3. When yanks pour napalm on vietnamese people,

even though these are yellow colour (I married a viet chink woman for 20 years+), or
when buddhists mess with Tamil tigers, or chinks mess with buddhists,
I do not really think it cricket (English expression for fair).

4. When a man can be a muslim even though he hears about lesbians etc. being thrown off a roof,
I say do I really care if He is thrown off a few times. I ask My boss, and He says 'it is your call'.

5. When a catholic can call 'mother' Theresa a saint even though she did not cut her womb out,
or can like a pope who crucifies african boys,
or a christian can stand being a christian after what they did to africans and witches etc.
I say, do I really mind if he is fed to lions a few times.
He does not care about witches, let us see whether he cares about jesus followers.

6. And then now I have another love, I keep changing whom I love every couple of years possibly.
And suppose someone hurts His feelings.

7. Anyways, these are My FEELINGS about justice.

8. And what about My boss? His feelings run on similar lines to Mine.
You mess with Him and a minute or so I am upset.

And His feelings are 'you mess with Shyam's heart and I am going to trample all over you,
if it will not hurt Shyam's feelings.'

9. And then a minute later I say, what has happened is history, who cares about that,
let us go for love.


1. I want maximum love, pleasure, fun, happiness for My Lord.
2. I want all of you to surrender to Him or your husband
3. I want love etc. to come your way if you give love..
4. I want all of you to give love
5. I want all evil to cease
6. I want Him.

7. So your life equation is solved.

Everything that happens to you is determined by these 6 wishes of Mine,
except He adds to the list, items 1 and 6, the words 'Shyam and'.

So you see a pebble, or a cat or go to weewee, it is entirely driven by My Lord's
soon to be implementation of 1 to 6 above, in whatever way He wishes

Today My Lord inflicts on Me sighting of caterpillar.
I throw bucket of water on floor, and caterpillar is swept in a flood
(it is not actually perhaps a flood, just seems that way to it) towards My front door.
Then it scarpers (crawls slowly as fast as it can go because it is scared,
it copies Indian army trained by the British) towards My front door
and crawls under it and goes away.

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