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Jolly hard cheese, better luck next time!

Well, sometimes it so happens that Lord Vishnu asks you to do something that is kind of difficult for you.
The English expression for it is above.

He wants you to marry someone whom you KNOW is not good for you. Argumentative. Or you are not attracted. Or she wants just to have citizenship rights. Or you are repelled by the thought of touching her.

You say to Him, well marriage is only for 50 years or so, I will manage.
Or He says to Me, you please stay on earth, when the only thing in the world that I want is to be with Him.
So, I say to Him, of course I will do it.
And then He says 'oh great'.
And then I cry.
And then He says I do not want you to stay on earth if you cry over this trivial matter.
And then I say, please give Me a minute to stop crying.
And He says 'sure'.
And silly Me, I am not fully in charge of My tears.
Of course, I will obey, I know too in My heart that whatever He suggests is the very best thing for Me, for all.
But, I do not know how to obey and be happy about it at the same time.
I do not wish Him to see Me cry unless out of gratitude or some such.
So, I lie on My bed and I say to Myself, 'I will obey you My Lord and I will obey you with joy in My heart'.
3 times.
Then He gives Me a couple of orgasms and I smile and burst out laughing.
But, a few seconds later tears come back to My eyes.
I say 'fuck' 'what the hell am I going to do about this'.
And then I lie on the bed and say
I would like to be on earth/with this woman,.., please kindly arrange it so'.
And He says to Me: 'I will do this for You'.
Problem' solved.

So, well where I live is sorted real easy.

And then He nicely says to Me to think of other women.

After a short while, I say to My Lord, for this one, please give Me two minutes not one, maybe a little longer.

Well He does not reply to that stupidity of Mine.

So I lie down and I say I will do for absolute sure whatever you want.

Not quite good enough is it? I could have added 'with joy in My heart'

I need a bit of time on this one. I do not want to ask Him for a favour yet again.
And He asks Me again, 'are you going to do it or not'.

I do not want to keep Him waiting.

I cannot think. I calm My mind and decide that My only recourse is to ask Him for a favour one more time.

So, I lie down and with determination I ask:
'My dearest, I am sorry to trouble you, but please would you kindly give Me joy of heart when
I am thinking of and with other women. I am sorry Sir'

And He says to Me straightaway 'No I will not'.

I cannot think straight. I ask whether He could reincarnate as another woman. No.

Well this situation has happened to many women in the past, I am not special.

I poke My tongue out but it does not help over much. And all the time My Lord is kept waiting.

So, I say to Him, please forgive Me, please give Me another two minutes.

He says OK. So, I try one last thing, My yoga training.

I breathe quietly and a litte slowly.
I bring peace to My heart. And I say to Myself and therefore of course to Him also

'If you give Me an earth woman, I will love her, I will cherish her, I will be happy with her,
and I will always have joy in My heart with her. And if there are more than one I will do
precisely the same. But, if I am not with her/them, or she/they are asleep may I please
think of You? By the word 'with' I mean that we are engaged with each other,
holding hands, making love etc.'

And I breathe quietly, calm My mind. And I am peaceful. And then after a short while I say
to My love, 'Is that OK?'
And, He asks Me to have some chocolate and then says He accepts My proposal

[Anyway, you guessed it. If I get to choose, I am going to choose a woman who sleeps 22 hours 59 minutes
per day and who likes to do shopping on her own 1 hour per day, and likes cuddling 1 minute per day]

Did you know that the giant armadillo is not a giant, has good weight under 33 kg, sleeps 20
hours per day, is about My size hole wise and looks just the way that My Lord intended?
It does not shout, it does not scream, it does not shop and also does not live for 60 years:

"Two armadillos meet.
One says I want you.
The other says over my dead body.
Fuck you.
So it goes to sleep and enjoys itself.

The next day, it is really happy.
Wow I am going to do this more often.
So it finds another dead body.
Screws itself on top
Hates every minute

And then it dies 15 years later
And then there are two dead bodies

Is that not a happy ending?
Did you know that the giant armadillo lived in the US of A?
And that there were 323 million of them until end 2032, in 15 years' time?
And that there were 323 million of them until the British came?
And that armadillos really really enjoyed themselves until EXTERMINATED by the British?

And then for a few minutes, My heart it broke. He says to Me, forget about Him.
Now, I believe it was just to explain to you about matters relating to some not nice things you may have done.
But, when the one you love with all your heart says 'forget..' it takes a little bit to recover.
(like you never do, 10 years later if I read this, tears will still come into My eyes)
Even if you think you know He does not mean it. Which He says to Me He did not.

Anyways, a fetus he or she may only have a tiny tiny non physical heart. This is not true.
Its non physical heart is just as, actually more perfect than that of its mother.
When she murders a fetus, the soul of the fetus does not die, but the non physical heart which loved
the mother 100% it is broken.

And young children, they may be stupid, they may not say 'I love you' but they start off life with 100%
love for their parents. And so, when you abandon him
at age 2 and put him or her in care of strangers
who have no love for it, its heart is broken.

This two year old's heart is not yet connected to its feeble mind. But it is or was a perfect heart.

And then you meet a nice man who begins to love you. And you argue and try to upset him and succeed.
And he starts off quickly with love for you of typically 15%.
He has high hopes that you are it, and he is set for life.
And then soon his love for you is destroyed by you, his hopes also shattered.
He focuses on work, tries to forget, his next relationship is harder.
Every future relatonship of his is adversely impacted.
You have typically broken 15% of his heart and damaged also his mind.
He loses his childhood innocence, he ceases to care about others. He takes to drink.
The next woman who hurts him he hurts back.
He focuses on $, occassionally sex.
With Western goal orientation he commences crime, rape, murder, theft,..
He loses love for children, and so if he has one he breaks its heart.

So you, sweet woman, and also to a lesser extent lovely men, have caused often multiple multiple tragedies in human lives.

And then there is that dog you put to sleep, or its fetus that you have murdered. Or the farm animals whom you indirectly murder.

Basically, you My dear woman are typically due rather a lot of heart break. And this it shall happen.

Considered advice to men:
Damn these bitches.
You find one, you love one, you sellotape her mouth and you fix her legs open.

And then change your mind, forgive her, tear off the sellotape and tie it around her legs,
Kiss her, pleasure her until she wants you bad. Wait 6 weeks before you enter her.
Then she is yours.

And advice to Myself: forget Her if you can. Which it shall never happen
Please forgive Me, My Lord. My heart it may break, but I shall carry out Your instructions
You will get no further trouble from Me.

So I lie down, bring peace and tranquility and love back into My heart, and there ends the matter.

Well, love it never left.

I breathe peacefully and quietly with My hands on My ribcage and let all evil thoughts depart from Me.

This too is My advice to men, and to women too.

And I lie quietly and first I see a lotus flower in My heart.
I let My hands relax by My sides.
I wait and then white light it shines into My mind and My brain.

And I am back to normal. Smiling, happy.

May all of you also be smiling, happy.

Please forgive Me My darling. I never ever meant to trouble You. And You know that too.

And then I lie down and see what happiness it next comes My way.

In My mind, in My heart there is peace.

And you too should bring the same into your mind, your heart and you can do it if you try.

And from there allow love to enter you. Love her, love him and be happy.
I shall do it, and so will you.

And the first step is, you make her or him happy, and any children too. Dogs and cats, but no entry.

AND THEN. Me all happy and contented, She (Lord Vishnu's wife, horrible horrible non person),
SHE puts an insect near Me. NOT a woman, about .02 cm, .001", no boobs nothing. I am
shattered. HORRIfied. If I ever get into her (name Mrs Donald Trumpet I think,
actual name not important) SHE is going to get a peace of MY mind, wacked in hard.

NEXT. Music on to drown away My grief at seeing insect. It was a horrible horrible thing, I almost killed it.

And then, it disappears! Relief.

NEXT as punishment for Lord Vishnu's wife, I try suicide. 1973,561 million sit ups.
Lie down, then sit up and then lie down and then guess what? Sit up.And keep going until she cums or goes.

The hell it matters to Me what she does, I am a man, I am not even thinking of her.

And then after 2 minutes NOT thinking of her, you give up. Quit. Pack it in. No more sit ups.

And then just to upset her more because of your FAILED suicide attempt, you brush your cheek hard with your left thumb.

And then another suicide attempt just to make her happy. Sit up, place your hands behind your head,
lie back real slow, wait and then sit up. And if when you fail, try again a little more quickly.
And if when you fail, slow but hands stretched forwards.2 minutes.

Failing at that, try next impossible task:
Spread your legs wide like she should do, and go forward and back, and keep going. Initially with hands forward.

Go quick, bang your back onto the bed, but not your head.1 minute.

NEXT. Lie back, and relax and think of her or him or future her or him and have your arms relaxed
by your sides and softly softly tenderly touch stroke your index fingers with your thumbs.
And say to yourself, 'I am going to be good to her'.
AND may good fortune come your way. Not $$ but a good loving man or woman depending on your preference.

NEXT.Relax on your bed. Bend your legs and bring the feet towards your bottom. And we are going to go for
pain. No pillows here. Relax your knees to either side.And when it hurts bad softly touch your thumbs
with your index fingers.And stay.No quitting. And when you cannot take any more:
Straighten your legs a little so your feet are away from your bottom and separated and your knees
are still apart and near the bed. And stay. And your mind you keep it clean. Peaceful. Happy.
Maybe seeing some breasts or whatever. Any evil coming into your mind, you just drop it.
And then when you cannot take it, place your finger tips real lightly, lighter than a spider,
on your tummy (abdomen) and lightly play an Indian musical instrument, touching here and there,
maybe with some light soft beat or rhythm, softly softly. And relax your abdomen a gentle gentle Indian massage.

And when your tummy is relaxed And to recover, you just go about your day as if your groins did not ache. Pain you ain't seen nothing yet.

The more pain you have now, the less later. Or maybe you want to go right ahead and murder another baby right now?

Well, I write all this because you too may have things to do which are not too easy for you.
For example, I wrote elsewhere about the many young Muslim meat eaters who had foot amputations last year.
One in 10 young male Muslims across the world without a foot in just one year.
In the past this was real easy, you go to hospital and they do it for you, no problem at all really.
But with no state hospitals you may like to do it yourself.
Or suppose your husband gets hungry and cuts off half your breast. Do you refuse to give him pleasure?
Of course not.

The next step once you have accepted hard cheese is to be grateful to Lord Vishnu for what He is giving you.

This too is not so easy, in fact even more difficult.

You need to request His assistance:

'Dear Lord, I know what is/has/will happen is all for the good, but somehow I am struggling to feel
grateful to You. Please kindly help me to be grateful to you in this and all matters.'

You know, between a man and a woman, or between man and God, no good person or entity is going
to mind waiting 1 minute or even one year for answers to hard cheese questions.
They too will never in the slightest mind giving assistance.

It is just nice not to keep someone waiting.
Second, when the Lord asks you a question, He KNOWS whether you are able to answer.
He will not try and trick you with a question you are unable to answer.
So on reflection, I was wrong to ask for assistance in My hard cheese questions.
One should do one's best, not second best.

And, with regard to My request for assistance on gratitude, there is also something wrong with it.

If it was appropriate to feel gratitude to one's loved one, then it would happen. One should not ask
for things that should not or need not or do not happen.

Obviously My Lord made Me make these mistakes for a reason, namely to help you the reader in
dealing with your own hard cheese questions.

Well I will love this woman these women with all my heart
i will look into her/their eyes with all the tenderness and love a man can give
and i will touch her cheeks softly gently with the lightest brush
and we will smile and laugh and love and dance
and kiss

and when she sleeps, I will remember You,
and pools of tears will come into My eyes
and I will love You forever
and ever and ever

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