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What is the job of a woman?

A. To be a bus driver?

B. No, it is to soothe the loving or not loving heart and mind of the one She loves.

Men they get upset and angry and LIVID and what not.
This is all very right and proper and their call.
But, a woman is there to kiss her Lord's feet and touch his ankle with her lovely hair and disappear his anger and worry and what not and
make him peaceful.

C. Once this primary duty is done, She is there to please her husband. She is available to him if he wants her.

She is available to his friends or others if that is what Lord Vishnu tells her that her husband wants.
She assists him in doing evil if that is what he wants to do.
If he wants her to lie or bring up children badly this is what she does, she may not perfectly like it, but
she calms her mind, brings love into it and is then happy about it.

D. Is this Hindu woman? Not in 1 million years.

E. Is this what every woman in the world wants? Of course it is. Except A, unless that is what her husband wants her to do.

F. What man wants his wife to be a bus driver? Not a single one in this world, they are that evil.

G. How many women are there in this world. About 3 billion. How many are bus drivers? About 3 billion.

H. How many men are upset, angry, livid etc.? About 3 billion. Why is this? It is because there are
about 3 billion women (wo-men) not doing their job.

I. Why was Lord Vishnu upset, angry, livid etc.? Because His 3 billion wo-men are not doing their job.

J. Why is Lord Vishnu no longer upset, angry, livid etc.? Because I did My job.

Unfortunately for Me, no lovely feet to kiss, no ankle to caress and My hair is max 2 inches long, not lovely.
So, I touched My own ankle, tried to give Him more of My love which is not possible, did not caress
His non existent ankle with My non existent waist long hair, but I said a little more politely and with a little more
respect and love
'hey babe, keep it cool' and a couple of moist ones, and He did it for Me, lost all anger, and upset and lividness.
A woman's job is an easy one. They (am I talking about men or women here? whoops I done it again) are like chappati dough in expert Indian hands, a little bit of water, a little bit of salt, maybe some grease according to taste,
and then they are ready for some rubbing and heating up and now I am in big trouble babes, you cum and help Me now.
You know I once thought of joining the British Diplomatic Service, I am real tactful and never upset feathers and think carefully before putting My foot in it.

K. And what is the job of a MAN. I am going to be real careful in what I say because I do not wish

to cast aspersions on any one's manhood. Let Me think carefully. One hand.
Oh oh that will not do. How about 'do anything you wanna do so long as you are happy about doing it'. Is that dipomatic enough?

L. When a man does what he wants to do, for example peeing or peeling skin off a banana,

then Lord Vishnu is satisfied (because Lord Vishnu loves that man and wants him to be happy).
Let Me pursue another line of thought.

M. Not one single man in this world wants to be a bus driver.

There are about 3 billion bus drivers in this world, plus the 3 billion women ones.
Not a single man really wants $1 million, they really want an Indian woman.
Which My Lord He has got in Me.
And then let Me be a touch careful here, men, not LORDS oh dear, will do the chapatti business or whatever his woman wants ie chapatti business.
I have a deep suspicion that I put My foot in it.
Sorry, My Lord, I did not mean to upset you yet again, I just do it naturally.


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