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You want it

Today I woke up and I was not hard.
Easily fixed I think. I am feeling pretty good.
So I take a look at some pics. No problems,
except that there is quite bit of poison coming out of My
eyes so every 3 minutes I have to go to bathroom.
Well ok.
Then I see caterpillar. The hell am I going to get rid of a caterpillar, I want it.
So I get bucket of water and caterpillar goes under bed. Stupid bitch.
So I wait for bucket of water to fill and pour water under bed. No caterpillar.
I notice that water is really warm and nice, would have been nice yesterday when I had a shower.
Then I see small spider. The hell am I going to worry about a small spider...
Then as I was writing a small ant crawls onto My leg.
Then as I was finally looking I notice I am not looking at the women with kindness.
So I try with lying on My back with legs spread, I go soft.
So I think hard to Myself, could it be that I am doing something wrong?
There are on days and off days for a man? No, He says.
He wants Me to write to you to upset you? No.
A couple more things.
I want to wee wee but obviously I am not going to do that because I want it. He says weewee.
Earlier today, about 3.00 I was a little hungry, but He said do not bother to eat.
Today I, I mean more than 2 hours later I am not hungry.
So something is not right. What that is I got no idea.
End of article. Fuck.
Well He says best next to go to:

How to touch an aura

So, I sit on My bed, and sit straight, and say words like

I want to make You happy...and
I want to do it for You, and
I mean I want to make you happy for You.

That 'it' in the middle line did not mean 'it' the way everybody understands what 'it' means,
it' meant if you are good at the English language, which I am, 'it' meant

"making My Lord happy"

which of course means doing 'it".

Anyways when you look at a woman, she is not an
it, she is not
for doing it to.

She is a woman whom I selected the nicest photo of her I could find,

so she would be happy and

you would look at her with not filth, but

niceness and kindness and a little moisture and love

and then when that happens of course

she wants it to happen too.

And of course when you look at a man, he is also not it, $10 or it.

And of course I say to the babes I looked at this morning, "sorry babes", He made Me do it, etc etc.

So, you lie down, relax.
Then touch your nipples.
Mess with them.
Then lower your abdomen, keep it down.
Then squeeze the legs together.
Wait one minute.
Stop touching your nipples.
Now you know what the BRITISH word 'want' means.

Any time you go soft, it is good practice to do this, you should not try and make a dead animal live,
you should want it to live.

Example, in My case by the time My boss told Me whether I wanted video or pics, which programme to open them with..
I am 50% soft, and then
He wants it to live and so it does 1 second later, without Me doing above...

And then He changes His mind so I want it but He does not want Me to have it so it goes soft.
Next, lie on bed, no pics. Lift your legs up and spread them.
Then straighten them hard.
Then clench your buttocks together hard.
Then draw your abdomen down.
Then you or your mate molest your nipples.
Keep going until your penis ir vagina is hard, all the while poker straight legs,
buttocks gripped together and abdomen down.
Repeat three times.

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