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Indian Hotels

A. You know most people when they think of Indians they perhaps being shy do not say 'wog'.

The reality is that Indians are typically a little worse than wogs.

The actual technical term which should be used is 'whitie'

You should NOT call them wogs except to upset them and soon you will find that you do not need to upset them,
I will have done it for you. Only you will probably agree with Me that I am better at it than you.

Whitie wogs today are pretty much exactly the same as British 'people'.

They may look black, and indeed their hearts are black, but they converted to British whitie culture
long ago.
What is meant by a

stab in the back
Exclusively in the whitie wog mind is satan.
Their idea of cleanliness is to open up a rubbish bin and search thoroughly for used condoms
and then wear them on their fingers to suck shit out of their anuses.
and then eat whatever they find.
Well who am I to disappoint them in their dearest wishes?

Please see My letter to hotels ('D') in Reasonable Business Dealings,

and see Public Announcements and World Governance
for the register of good practice hotels.
Obviously, it will take a little while to set this all up, but top executives will be in so much pain
that quite a few will decide to register.

B. How to choose a hotel

1. A shower that works. A sign of good health is when you sweat a lot and all Western evil poison is excreted.

2. A drainage system so first thing is you pour water on loo pan to kill bacteria that swarm there.
Then water onto floor towards hole in ground.
Room etc. that can be cleaned, see How to Clean a room
3. A fan so after you shower in sewage water at least the bacteria you pick up float off you
4. If AC one that you can switch off, you do not want the rubbish it pours on you.
5. If Indian hotel, few insects, if Western as many as possible because insects are far less harmful
to you than rat poison and stuff
6. No TV, phone, wifi,fridge..electromagnetic waves are not good for you. At least shut them down
7. A bucket and jug to store and pour water.
A towel, if it is white unblemished it is filled with bleach. Seemingly dirty towels are better
but always best to rinse them in water from shower, maybe soak in bucket.
8. A waste paper basket for your rubbish, preferably kept outside your room.
9. Facility to keep your chappels (Indian foot wear) outside your room, streets are not clean these days
10. When you first arrive, and eg every 2 days, turn on tap in sink, the water should not accumulate in the sink bowl
Brits may kill bacteria on floor etc. but sink is storehouse of filth. You should not use it.
Similarly water may accumulate on floor or in bath: turn on tap for 1 hour to kill off what is under drain.
11. Obviously light switches that work and, see below, not a light that either stays on or
comes on even after you have switched it off. Why let wogs spy on you? 12. A door that you can lock, police and hotel staff do not like breaking down doors.
13. Normal not electric based key, they can lock you in, lock you out, electricity can fail..
Some electric type keys are not a big problem, because they give you normal key for room and electric key just
to turn on the lights in your room, etc.Be aware though that there are no good electricians in India
so, electricity can easily blow.

14. Stairs to your room, you do not want to be in lift when socialist electricity fails, for example.
15. Hotel receptionist that is nice. Not ask you too many questions, in the past they were in trouble if
they did not have your passport copy, every other question in India is impertinence: address, tel,..
16. A sign of goodness is if they answer your questions, deliver promptly what you ask for
17. Boys who do not hang around waiting to be tipped. An hourly wage is Rs 30, so a tip of Rs 5 or Rs 10 is generous.
Receptionist available eg 24/7 rather than asleep, if that is what you want.
If you give more, then you are encouraging theft (ie of your money) and will of course be punished.
18. Price reasonable compared with what you can get nearby etc. If you pay excess, then you are encouraging crime
and will suffer pain.

19. Obviously, you should try to have hotel away from main streets where police wogs accumulate.

C. Police

Historically, police usually try and stay in room adjacent to yours, and keep their door open
so they can see who comes to you. If you keep a tap running, or music going,
they have to stay up all night.

When you leave the room they have a spare key (hotel does not) to search etc. yours.

These neighbours of yours have specific hostile intent.
For example, suppose you innocently went

into their room and searched it, maybe removed their ID or whatever,
the whole wog thuggery in your city

would descend on you, not with apologies but other ideas.
These wogs are PURE EVIL and shall be





Even though wogs are now not paid, they have a small soft stick for ANY pretty foreign woman, and hard
wooden ones for rich men.They have no pleasure in life and are frustrated.
If you like privacy, you should keep your curtains closed, hotel will give you room where police have easy vision.

If you are staying longer, you should read How to Clean a room

3 and 4 star hotels sometimes have socialist or police guests, who for obvious reasons do not like privacy invasion.
Hence they do not have spare keys. So, whenever you leave, you should take room keys and passport and debit card with you.
Every wog is a thief. Hence, for other hotels you should also keep your passport and debit cards with you,
If you go to shopping mall where they take your bag from you, leave it back in hotel at your peril.
However, ALL wogs are completely stupid. They are afraid of police, but do not realize that for small annual sum
about Rs1000, they can steal as much as they want from you. Hence personal belongings theft is not much of an issue in India.

Basically every other transaction will involve them stealing from you.
But, how did you get your money?

D. Debit card fraud by international hotel chains

Did you know that 3 of the last hotels I stayed at continue to deduct room charges from My debit card,

including hotel pigeon and formule1, Bengalaru, big world wide groups.

Now, all three are ultimately owned by Jin Jiang, chink communist party official.
Suppose he takes 1700 Rs per day on average per customer who pays by debit card for an average length of
holding same card of 9 years with average no of customers per hotel 10 each staying about 2 days,
he makes about Rs 106,000 lakhs rupees per year from each of his hotels.
Now, he has about 4050 hotels. It so happens, he uses the same formula in EVERY country and EVERY hotel.
I am not exaggerating,
Are you scared of yellow slit eyes secret service?
In any case, you should straightaway go to an ATM and withdraw all your money from your bank,
keep it as cash with you.

Did you know that 100% of theft profit to Modi, Icici bank, airtel,... go to 5 commie party officials with secret service in hong kong.
Did you know there are 17000 commmie chink ss in India, but that some are brown, not yellow?

E. Why do hotel bathroom lights near the shower not turn off?

How do you like My review of Hotel Seven Inns,(3 star on their visitor card although they told Me 4 star)
SsKovil Rd, Trivandrum,,
It happens in other socialist countries I have visited too.
The bathroom light near the shower does not turn off. No switch.
Now suppose you were a very pretty lady and had a shower.
Or suppose you were a man and entertained a lady.
It does not matter about the law, every night police come to EVERY 2 star and above hotel to search opportunities.
$10,000 is going rate according to widespread gossip in Kovalam where I have been in tourist area for last 8 months.
Anyway this hotel will not negotiate on price and charge me Rs 2800 per night for double room.
Nothing whatsoever special about room except of course cleaned with the usual rat poison
and god knows what to kill all insects when ordinary Indian hotels have for decades just used water and does better job.
I walk out to post letter and find 3 other hotels within 5 minutes walk at
Rs 900, Rs 1050 and Rs 1100, double room, no restriction on occupants.
Friendlier staff, of course they too will happily report you to police without telling you,
but this is Indians today, what do you expect, niceness?
Service here absolutely appalling, but this is modern India what do you expect?
I will not bore you with details.
Shower does not work even though I specifically asked before paying whether they had a shower.
They answered truthfully that room had shower.
I ask for refund so I can walk 2 minutes away and get nicer hotel 70% cheaper.
Or can they give me discount. Typical modern Indian response: total lies., rubbish otherwise.
Anyway guess what, answer was "NO" plus assorted lies.
In India, you are advised mostly, not always to avoid using hotel wifi. "free" yes.
But what these modern techy guys in the police dept can do to your tablet/pc. eg,
I was at best hotel in Ukraine 2 months ago, bugs crawling all over my computer screen was their idea of fun,
Or hotel in Bangalore 2 weeks ago (Pigeon Int), pics of men with halloween face masks,
my web pages going down, new ones opening up, ads which you should not open,.
They now have my debit card details, They can have tremendous fun with that.

F. Reviews that and TripAdvisor will not publish

Or how do you like My reviews that people like did not publish, preferring instead to remove the
hotels from their lists? Do you think they face pain or pleasure from censorship?

Why do you think TripAdvisor takes 2 days to publish a critical review?
Why have they refused to publish 3 more of My reviews including complete rip-off merchants Hotel Abad Plaza, Cochin etc.
and their also 5 times over market price travel 'services'
and pretence advertised Rs 1667 price from Rangamaalika- The Heritage 'Spiritual Retreat', with police threat attached,Trivandrum
and '50% off'
So the hotel and police wogs can be notified and threaten you.
Why will they not let Me mention that there was shit on bathroom floor of Hotel Jeevan 'beach resort', Kovalam?
Why are you not allowed to edit or update your review? "Do you want to delete your review" is all you are allowed.
Nice and threatening.So wogs can pay you another visit.
They have a slot for reporting threatening behaviour, but all it does is lead you to
"Do you want to delete your review". Such nice people TripAdvisor.
Last time I came to Jeevan, I did not give manager Wilson George any notice.
So no police cameras and bugs in my room.
When I returned, I gave him 1 days notice. wog coppers all over place.
I asked him whether My room had been left completely untouched, clean as I had left it.
He confirmed no one had entered it. Why is the light on when I return,
why the menu card on the floor, why My bag moved?
I am brought up old style Indian, never waste electricity, never leave things on floor.
I left My waste paper basket outside when I was away. Not emptied, 4 days now.
Empty milk packets strewn on floor outside My room attract cockroaches.
Sweet packets attract ants and lots of things.
No problem for Me as I have poured water all over room and not a single insect here.
Airtel stopped My internet, obviously connected, hotel wifi only available in reception not in room.
So, I am not allowed to be writing this from My room.
For this room I pay Rs 1100 per night, mostly when foreigners come here to be scalped and raped,
they pay Rs 5000. Of course real cost for man is blackmail, ..typical $10,000 unless they
cannot pay when they visited when they return to their home and encouraged to mortgage their house..
Anyways, I had good fun with wogs outside My room today. They not very happy.
Kerala wog 'police' now unemployed really went to town on My laptop today, 20 web pages closed, threatening ones opened,
they thought they had complete control over My tablet. They were wrong.

I go out to buy some milk, 20 mins or so. Kerala wogs enter My room and turn light on again.
Bathroom light of course. Today they are planning a BIG robbery. They want to steal My chappels
(Indian sandals). So, I bring My chappels inside. My wet floor, you cannot believe how dirty My chappels were
even though I cleaned them only 3 days ago. So many wogs on the streets of Kovalam and
Trivandrum excreting shit and snot etc.looking for Me. 2 buckets of water to get rid of wog mess.

G. 510 million more unemployed people in India now.

Did you know that there are now 510 million unemployed x socialists on streets etc. of India,
with zero bank balances and no stolen gold? And soon, not able to do crime and mostly no home.
No wonder they want to steal second hand chappels while they still can.

H. Hotel listening and peeping at you in shower devices

By the way, did you know that in most countries, listening devices run off the AC control?
All you do is remove the bateries. But before you do, order a bucket and turn the tap on
full targetting the centre of the bucket. Wogs do not like noise.
Mostly they have just one camera, in the bathroom. Mostly there are 2 lights, one that works
and one that is either always on or turns itself on at intervals. And if it is only a regular
light, that is the one. Get a chair, carefully step on it, about 1 foot to side and bang it
with eg hotel umbrella or a hanger. Tell hotel light just burst, and get replacement.
Average cost of a spy camera in most countries is $400. It is not one of the modern bulbs
with absolute poison inside.

For camera, best is to do as follows if you are single man and do not mind being seen.
Turn light off if possible so they have to peer with strained eyes 24/7.

If you go in and out of bathroom every eg 10 minutes, camera will notice movement and man will redouble his efforts to screw his eyes.

Eg keep the water running just a little so there is slight movement,

and when you go in move it to side so bigger movement.

To go into the bathroom, keep the light off. Do the best you can,

if the water is just a trickle, then when the bucket is full, pour it on the walls,cupboards,,.to clean your place.

For specialist spy, keeping his eyes screwed is very good for him.

Eg 3.5 hours and he loses 50 % vision, permanent loss.

He has to tell his superiors that he cannot see so he will lose his job.

Eg, start bucket running at whatever but say 6pm. 9.30 pm he cannot see.
Specialist replacement found for 9 am. Reluctant specialist because all police
see this site and know what is going to happen,

but he does not like balls cut off.

So 9am to 12.30 pm you go to bathroom every now and again.

He cannot see.

New replacement at 1.30 pm. 5.00 he cannot see.

Next repacement at 9am..

And your room is cleaned!

And they know full well that any action against you is not possible

because you are following My instructions.

You can keep your door open.

Wogs have their orders and cannot make sensible decisions.

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