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Indian Twisting Positions for All

You do twists when you are sitting up eg on her or him or whatever, or when you are lying down and..

The idea is to keep your spine healthy.

For example, any sitting position, however you have placed (your) legs, you

*turn your trunk maximum to right then to left. Eg, you get some momentum going ,
raise your elbows, have your hands close together and
try and jab her if she is behind you, with elbow as you quickly swing to right,
then immediately jab her boyfriend behind you on left as you swing your elbows hard left.
And you just quickly go right elbow jab it back, then left.. until you are on your own.

*side to side. Quickly, move your whole body, keeping it facing forward (see Direction),
so first your right side hits the bed to the right of you and then quickly to crashing your left side
into the bed to the left side of you.
Right= where you have your right ring finger, left = where you have your left ring finger.

*side, twist and down to right, side twist and down to your left.
Here, you twist first, then take your front body to bed on right hand side and then
come up (possibly with assistance) and then turn turn and swing front
(where your nipples are) body down to bed on left hand side.

Next, a little anotomical lesson.

You have two ends, a bottom one and a top one.
So when you lie down, any lying position for your arms, legs etc.

*you swing your legs (where the bottom end of you is) to the right and then
without assistance you raise the (whoops sorry I mean your) legs up and over and
with full control to the left side.
You either stay a while on one side or you quickly cum up,
swinging in one big arch from right to left and back again.
To make it more difficult, your feet should not touch the bed and so you nearly touch her
I mean the bed before going over to other side and nearly reaching the bed there.

*you swing your trunk ie body (where the top end is) to the right and
then to the left, quickly or slow.

By the way, it may be that you cannot afford a double bed and only have a single bed.

Well, you have two choices, snuggle up close or get rid of him..

Actually all the exercises on this website can also be done on a single bed,
even though when writing
I was actually using two double beds snuggled up close together.

The leg or arm that is hanging off the bed needs to be kept straight,
as if there is a bed there or you just go down a little bit further
and reach the ground with your foot instead of a bed...

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