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Indian Lying on Front Positions for Men

A. Here I am assuming that you have balls, eg like a typical modern girl.

Either you have two balls or none or anywhere in between,
it does not matter because soon it will be zeroroused
(new word =zero + aroused= nothing happens).

As a result of certain activities a little over 2 days ago
(NO woman I should empathize), I did not do too much exercise yesterday.
See How to entertain a man, Indian lying on back I exercises)

The result was this am (British for morning),
My arms and legs came out in blotches, and I had to scratch off dead skin, really lots of places.
My scalp just now for 5th time had layer of poisonous skin on it.
My groins, kid you not were wet like Hindu women used to be.
NOT because of orgasm or exercise, just poison in sweat coming out naturally.

In 1979, I was staying at the Yoga Institute in Pune (BKS Iyengar) with My mum and sister.
NOT what you are thinking.
Anyways, mosquitos (I think they were Indian) attacked My mum something rotten,
but stayed more or less clear of My sister and I.
Why did they pick on My mum, of course also stopping us sleeping out of fear and noise.
With her broken spine, she was not too fond of much yoga, and so was unhealthy.
Mosquitos like dead skin.

So guess what, a mosquito in My bathroom.

So of course the above has nothing (much) to do with what follows.

B. So, the base position for MEN is with your eg right leg bent in front of you,
with your foot near penis or vagina.

Then you of course need your tablet or computer to look at the BRITISH countryside.
And you need also a LEFT hand.

So, next, I am today not actually going to discuss hand positions,
you bring gradually your LEFT
leg backwards, maybe in stages, until it is straight back behind you.
( right leg still bent in front).

And you may wish at this stage to relax a little with your forehead dying on your RIGHT arm.

Anyways after a little rest, you continue occupying your eyes with points of interest.
With your chin resting on your RIGHT hand.

C. Then you bend your straight, back, ie left leg, so that the foot points up to the ceiling.

Then you rock from side to side so that your left hip bone goes close to the bed.
At this stage you may find that your LEFT hand is tired so you work your RIGHT hand instead.

That is very convenient because you can catch hold of your left ankle with your left hand
and press down your left foot down to the bed a few times until it at least reaches your left bottom.

D. You might find that your right hip is getting a little sore. That does not matter,
but you can if you are a baby, repeat B and C on the other side,
bending your left leg in front of you and working your right leg backwards until it is straight back.

Well, it is now nearly 7 am and I actually never got to repeat B and C.
I fell asleep instead. I just woke up. All the blotches have pretty much gone,
my boy is about 12 inches (30.4 cm) or so, I feel better but not perfect.
When I walk it is slow. My skin is itchy, I take a few minutes to get up,..
I do not really want to do B and C just now. Nothing interesting in My inbox.
But the small small ants have gone, no mosquito.

But (ie so) I do B and C. No problem. Except I omit hand movement for now.

E. Do B, with your leg stretched back, and do some push ups.

F. Rest for 10 seconds say.

G. Repeat pushups, but keep straight back leg completely straight, poker straight,
if toe nails are too long, with foot slightly off bed.

H. Debate: lie down or stay in position B with left leg bent and right leg straight.
I choose latter and rest My forehead on My arm, and relax. You can do videos.

I. Same thing, but turn your body to the left so it is over bent left leg and do more pushups.

J. Then turn your body to right hand side and do pushups.

K. and L. As I and J, pushups, but with right leg bent so foot is facing ceiling.

M. Rest forehead on left arm and relax. More and more relax,
let go and move your arm out of the way,
and let your whole front body rest on the bed.

N. Then contract abdomen and move it towards back of your body,
all the while relaxing, lying, resting on the bed.

O. Then bring left bent leg forward, as far forward as you can,
you will need to turn upwards a little to fo this.

To be continued, I still do not feel perfect. I am itchy arms and legs and take a short rest
(legs in normal position..)
Just these few leg movements have caused the poison to surface. My abdomen,
feels flaky not smooth to the touch. My feet are covered in poisoned skin, as are
My arms, legs, even forehead, throat.
I put on the fan, I am not too warm but it feels good;
a fan is not good for you so I turn it off after 1 minute.

Anyways. 10.34. am. I just woke up. I feel good. I am smiling.
My heart feels light. I am happy. NOT because of Him, just that is how I am.
And of course I now think of Him and tears come to My eyes and back to sheer misery
(not quite true).I am peaceful, relaxed, My mind quiet.

I still got to scratch away Karnataka skin but it is no longer itchy.
I also got to do something about My boy, not actually 12 inches 30.4 cm.
I write this all, actually type, slow, quietly not like English touch typist.

And now some chocolate for breakfast. Today I am lucky.
It was 'Cadbury' dairy milk, 24 grams, 126 calories, 'tastes more chocolately' the wrapper says.
It is BEST BRITISH, of course made in India.

I was wrong about one thing, maybe 2. I do not have Karnataka skin (32B women, please note),
nothing to scratch off, although slight itchiness coming back.
Like a cobra, skin must have come off while sleeping and disappeared.

You know My paintings are quite nice.
If you are feeling agitated, low, down, hassled, angry, let down, miserable, scared,
ugly, Indian, Chinese, Christian, cold, hot, broken hearted, foot less, soon to be crucified feeling, etc. take a look at My book

My Book of Paintings

All My other books are rubbish, but this is I think good to fix things.

I did these paintings for Him.

(all My other books I did for you, possibly).

Anyways, now videos and B and C above to get Me going so I can tell you about P, Q etc.

Oh He says 'no videos for you, boy, the article is finished'.

You know I have had slight differences of opinion with My Chinese bank HSBC.
The result is that My main bank account, card etc. died, does not work.
Card ending with 4 digits
6 1 2 9 = 9

But, last 3 days I have had about 50 messages, 46 with "payment successful" "domain name" renewed, and 4 with "declined".
I could not renew My ownership of some world wide websites.

My (not Lord Vishnu's) discovery of two methods of taking over websites of ALL the largest corporations in the world, plus vatican etc.cost Me a small fortune, about typically $30 each.

Too bad someone with a different card number had to pay over $6 or so to renew My ownership for each.

Tomorrow 7 December 2017 is My 65th birthday. I got plans.
Lord Vishnu tells Me that although big money, £230 total, about $300 in proper money, was
the actual cost of the domain (website name) renewals,
actually the amount debited from the chink
account was err ginormously (American word for a touch) more.

He is out of cash and one ear.

Let us see what other HSBC officials decide to do.
With loss of ear, it really depends on how it is done.
If delicately you may have one thinking
about what to do, if less delicately maybe no thinking about what to do.

Anyways it could be better, he still has one ear.

On a more important matter, My tablet is now 100% charged, but unfortunately possibly,
I got nothing much more to say, about 10 or so more hours work, other than
I love you.

These corporations do not actually like their websites being hijacked, and they do not like them being renewed.
They actually tried quite not nice things against all those who unwillingly assisted Me in the theft.
They even wrote to Me asking basically 'pleassse (cobra language for please) could we have our website back and here is $1 or so'.
But gmail is a really super email system,
it somehow manages to filter out hostile messages and only give you good ones,
and so does My bank.
I got Teona 24 just now in My inbox.

Is that cute or what?

First thing today every morning (Chinese word) I went to big loo, 12.37 pm.(chocolate lunch time)
All ok, except no running water. Luckily the loo flushed, but
real unfortuately for Me I had to use water from the bucket of water I keep spare.

One minute later I got Problem Billing Your Credit Card Your most recent payment for of $5.00 was declined. And then أميمة , 23 Online أصدقائي يقولون لي انني إنسانة إيجابية لدرجة أن أتمكن من تغيير العالم! نعم لدي ما يكفي من الطاقة والسعادة بداخلي. أريد أن أشارك مع زملائي الرجل المحبوب. حياتي مثيرة للاهتمام ولكن أريد التخلص من وحدتي والعثور على بلدي رجل. أحب أن أقضي وقتي مع أصدقائي. أنا شخص التواصلية جدا ومثل الشركات الكبرى. نو… Continue Reading Type your message here :D :'( :( :* %) 8) :| :) :P X( ;) *IN LOVE* CHAT NOW Send exciting Email to your favorite lady and make her happy! SEND EMAIL FOR FREE My Interests Sports Reading books Music & Concerts Actually, strangely suddenly, I also am interested in sports, reading books, music and concerts.

Suppose Vatican were to come here to meet Me and say 'ee really want our website back'

do I really WANT their website badly?

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