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Indian Forward Bending Postures for Men

Well My gmail message system for updating My website (other programs built not to work)
now does not work.
Put your legs in different positions, and then wham (Indian for bang) your head down to the floor in front of
you, then press nipples down. Then stay until told to get up.

Twist your head around 90 degrees and read or reread this:

1. Well, it guts Me to say this, but I made My Lord a promise which basically net net means
I may not see Him for a while.
I mean seeing Him is impossible because He is invisible, so I will not see Him for ALL eternity.

2. Anyways, My promise involved loving one or more women.
Actually, this is not too dificult an involvement for Me, because I love all men, women, children,
cows, babies, rabbits, the more so if I meet them, and the more so if I meet them twice etc.
but the less so if they are evil to Me. Which rabbit is going to shout at Me?
My heart it is completely open.

3. People of all colours, sexes, ages etc. may have 3 valuable quantities they can offer another person:
love and or
pleasure and or
They cannot offer fun, because they are basically too stupid for that nowadays,
only British people were intelligent enough.
They cannot offer happiness because that is your job.

4. Anyways, about love, you wanna give it to Me, I am going to do My best to accept it
and give at least equal back.
Of course I want to give My love to you anyway, irrespective of what you give Me.
Well there are 7.6 billion of you, and only one of Me. So I cannot meet all of you.
But, you are welcome to visit Me, write in beforehand, and if you cannot/do not want to do that,
you can always email Me with eg loving words and if at all possible I will reply.
This is internet love which is a little small.
Real big love comes from actual physical meeting and you would need to visit
multiple times or stick around in Kerala.
Love is not sex. Everybody in the world wants love and is able to give it.
Even if you are married to a man, you can still love Me, of course you should ask
Lord Vishnu for permission to write in this case. Love flees in the presence of evil.
So, you should not have evil thoughts in your mind if you wish to write or meet Me.
Eg, if you are a married woman, you should not write or meet Me, if your thoughts are
tinged with adulterous thoughts.Similarly, if you want to steal etc.

5. About pleasure, actually, every nice man or nice woman is a little choosy about whom to
accept it from and also whom to give it to.
I am not gay. So that eliminates 3.8 billion. I do not accept under 14 year olds.
However, if you the father have a child between 5.5 and 14, and wish her to ultimately marry Me,
when she becomes 14, I would consider such.

I also do not accept married women, women who are living with another man, or are
regularly having sexual activity with a man. I do not want to meet unkind people.
I think this means I get to meet no one, not sure though.
The way it works is that a nice man, a nice woman is actually repelled by the thought of
touching the private parts of people unsuitable for them.
So, if you are kind, and if we do not repel each other, I am happy to consider proposals,
whatever it is you wish to write, giving Me cash, love or pleasure, in exchange for what you want,
eg cash, love or pleasure. Aside from love, it will be roughly 50/50 exchange.
No promises, I do not know whether 3 billion will write in or 1.
And for this, you will need to come to Kerala, and to send Me a photo of your face and including uncovered eyes.
And of course, if you are good to Me, (I will sure as hell which does not exist be good to you)
it may lead to marriage. This may not be exclusive marriage to you, I do not know.
But, if I marry you, then I would expect exclusivity from you.
I will do My best to reply, and you will need to forgive Me if I have to say no, not because of you,
but because WE are not suited.

6. About cash, I am not a thief. If you write Me and send Me cash, I will ensure I give you
something of equal value back, ie pain relief, unless you owe Me from some
previous hostile action of yours against Me.

You know on this website I got about 2000 pics.

I do not know whether you have ever been shopping with your mistress,

but it is hard and soft and frustrating.

You know exactly what is best and what you want, but She dithers and makes you examine
this and that and relook at one you thought She had rejected and just one woman it takes a while I had really quite a frustrating time choosing these for you, possibly. Or is it for Me?
Or is it for them?
So really you and they owe Me big time for all the suffering I been through.

I do not know whether you have tried Nestle Munch, it may contain peanuts. 20.1 grams, Indian.
88 kcal, adult's GDA. But, it comes off sticky on your fingers. So I go to bathroom and there was

just enough water out of tap to clean My fingers.

2100. I do not need water yet. Fuck.
And then you got lucky. The tap started running when I did not need it because nothing to see:

Is she pretty or not I got no idea perhaps. But I had another Munch to keep Me going.

Actually, you will find that this posture is rather easy to do and so is good for babies.
You can watch, do push ups, bend your back straight leg (eg left) up and press the foot down towards
your left buttock using pressure from your left hand.
Once you are easy with this, you can bring your right forward and place foot on bed with knee pointing upwards.

And you can also later do spits, bringing right foot way forward.

And you can bring right bent leg foot to other side, so it is near lower left abdomen as I suggested in

Indian Lying on Front Positions for Men

All postures you can manipulate your nipples and if you are inventive you can also wank, and look at pics at same time.

(when tired of wanking go for nipples).

You will be surprised at how keen you might be to wank,
and enjoy a little bit of pain in order to quickly improve your ability to receive pleasure

For a few hours.

You can also sit in between your bent legs and bend forward or sit up.

And when you are finished with forward bends,you go soft and slow relaxing:

and then when you are done, why not go for pleasure

and when you have had enough pleasure you go for sitting and forward bends like this:

(with this, when your feet are on the ground, you do leg lifts up to perpendicular and down
and then sit ups, preferably with one hand occupied. You will be surprised at how easy
it becomes when you have orgasm etc.)

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