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Well, I suppose this is a start.

Sex Positions for an Indian Man

Junk Mail from Apple.

I wake up in order to read My junk mail.
Apple (chinese soft ware company) says I have a "Subscription Payment Problem". Rs 900, "Sincerely"..
Quite a nice problem really.

Arabian night problem.
On an average day I get about 30 junk emails from Arabs seeking to enter India.
In last 3 hours it is 3.
Are you jealous yet?

Definition of an Indian woman

One who wakes up 5 minutes before her husband does and sits on him.
It is actually a true statement.
When a man marries you, after that you want him to marry you again.
So, you lie awake anxious not to miss signs of life.
And it so happens that about 5 minutes before an INDIAN man wakes up He is erect
(if He is going to wake up and if He wakes up at a reasonable time in the morning, which latter an Indian man will).
Indian woman of course is possibly dry so there is maximum friction for the man
(eg 24/7, well maybe for her also).
Anyways she bounces up and down for maybe 5 minutes before He finally maybe notices anything (blonde? hair).
He tries opening His eyes to see what is going wrong,
what is all the keffuffle about
(well known English word for a huge continuous screaming noise emitted by babies),
yawns and asks for milk or wetness and something sweet (so she smacks him one or two).
The request happens about 1 minute after waking or so possibly,
and so Indian woman has 6 minutes (well a touch more) of (this particular) pleasure
every day while she does not have her period and is not pregnant.

If My Lord was here I would give Him a damn big hug, maybe several, except He is male.
I touch My skin softly for Him and I worship Him.
May He always be perfectly peaceful and happy and whatever if He so wishes

Omen 59

4 cm caterpillar (1.5 ins) in My bathroom when I go to wash My eyes. 30 seconds later I turn around and
it is GONE.

So, I think, I know what, why not finish updating My website. He agrees fully and asks Me to lie down
and spread My legs. Do you know what a Woman can do to a Man when His legs are spread
and she sits on Him? Christ.
(a man should not sit on a woman when she does this or any time.
It is her job to entertain her husband, his job to cry in agony..
So, lie down,hope to die, spread your legs.

Initially in morning (you get that?), the feet may not be too far apart.
So relax, and let them drop down to the sides.
Then, stay a while, and then kick your feet towards the bed: bend the legs at the knee and kick downwards.
Me on My own it does not work. I cannot reach the bed on either side.

There are 2 ways for a woman to sit on a man.
Either with his legs forward, her legs bent back,
resting her shins on his thighs, or
his legs a little back, her legs bent back but her shins under his thighs.
She is in something called Virasana (sitting), and he in
Upavishtakonasana (prone).
In these two positions, the couple can see each other,
they can touch each others nipples if they are getting soft etc.
(eg if she is not very beautiful or good love has not happened).
She can easily go up and down, and he gets maximum pleasure.
There is no stress on her, she can go just at a nice relaxed pace along with her natural breathing.
For the man, the first position is easy and he can relax a long time,
the second is a bit painful but he gets more pleasure.
In both positions, it is not too easy to reach, so they will not have many babies.
If the couple also practise squeezing their legs together (not in this position),
then the penis and vagina muscles get healthy and pleasure is more.

Anyways, back to the exercise.
After kicking for say 2 minutes, catch hold of your ankles and with determination
quickly press your knees down using the strength in your arms also to help you.
Try and bring the knees and thighs to the bed. Keep going up and down for 1 minute.
Then, press one thigh (say first left) to the bed and keep it down,
and press the other quickly firmly down to reach the bed.
Catch the left foot and keep the knee down using the strength of the left arm.
Catch the right sole of the foot with your right hand and press down,
release the pressure, with each down movement corresponding to an exhalation.
Keep going 1 minute if you can manage, then 1 minute on other side.
If you are right handed as I am, you will find that you cannot get much pressure
when pressing your left foot down, so you can catch hold of the foot with both hands.
Do not wriggle your toes.

Next, stretch your legs up and spread them. Place your hands on your inner thighs and relax.
Then, take or move your legs back, as much as you want.
For example first such that your feet are near the bed behind you,
another time such that your legs are more perpendicular, feet only say 1 foot back.
Then, bring the feet closer together and then kick them apart,
and repeat with each out breath kick them further apart. One minute.

Next, relax and lie down.
Next, lift the legs up to perpendicular, spread the feet apart,
and then take the legs back so the feet are near the bed.
Then wank until you are hard.

Then come down, relax and wait until you are soft.
If that is taking too long, look at your woman or take a shower. kidding.

In a healthy male it takes about 30 minutes, but the penis is not rock hard,
it is gradually becoming smaller.
While your penis is getting soft, or while your vaginal muscles relax, lift your legs, spread them.
Then relax, and quietly touch your nipples with each out breath.
It is actually not possible for your vagina or penis to become soft like this.
They may not be rock hard like an American, but you are permanently male or female.
Until of course you have a shower, open your eyes and see your husband etc.
When you have had enough nipple stimulation, maybe your groins ache a touch, come down.

Then bend your legs over your tummy and have the knees slightly apart.
Stay for as long as you can with your arms relaxed by your sides.
Then, stay there and wank. First right hand, take the arm around your thigh.
When your hand gets tired,
do the same with your left hand.Relax completely.
One opening with each quiet peaceful out breath.
When your body starts quivering stop.

Then raise your legs spread them and do your nipples, as before,
a gentle touch with each outbreath.
Your nipples are not very sensitive now, so pull them out hard to sensitise them.(Christ).
Pull them out with the thumb and first finger of each hand.
Keep them pulled out, and relax, 5 breaths.
Then twist them. Keep twisting until you are rock hard.
When you are finished twisting, release the fingers and with your index finger pad,
press each nipple back down towards your body. Stay for 1 minute.
Then again pull them out as high as possible, and then keep twisting.

This gives ejaculation for man and woman, it is slow steady slight ejaculation.
When your nipples slip away from your finger pads grip them again, pull and keep twisting.
When the nipples cease to be sensitive, press them down to the body using your index fingers pads.

Well, I do not need to go on.
When you are healthy, you can have as much enjoyment with yourself
or with your loved one as you wish. 24/7.
If you wish to stop with your nipples or hers or his, you can wank her vagina or she your penis.
Or you can do it yourself. If you wish you can lie beside each other,
but why not have pleasure instead?
Your mind is peaceful, relaxed, looking at beauty for a man, looking at love for both.
There is no trace of dirtiness, you do not need a shower, you do not need water to clean off
sperm or wet. If you want a baby, the sperm goes into her not into the toilet bowl.
You both are hard sometimes, sometimes a bit softer,
but you do not get soft and you do not get wet.

How can a Hindu woman become hard for an Indian man?

Instead of being an accountant, spending time gossiping, putting on mascara,
looking at yourself in a mirror?
As much as possible:

1. Lie down, bend your legs over your tummy, knees slightly apart, relax completely, bear the pain,
and wank as above when you feel good about it.
2. Same as 1., but squeeze your legs hard together, relax everywhere otherwise, keep your mind peaceful, and do your nipples as above, when you feel you can.
3. Do the above two postures as much as possible instead of snoring, sleeping, resting etc.
4. Do the various exercise programmes dotted around in various articles on this website,
eg 1-2 hours one day, and then nothing the next day etc. until you feel good about doing more.
The more should be something different.
5. When after your groin area is a bit flexible,
6. Lie on your back and lift the legs and spread them. Get used to staying.
7. You can do various things from this basic position.
8. Work your fingers so they become besutiful, soft, sensitive.
9. Work your ankles.
10. Keep your arms resting over your head to free up your shoulders.
11. Wank
12. Lower your legs backwards and go up and down.
13. Harden your knees completely to make your knees straight and thighs strong.
14. When you cannot bear legs apart, bring them together and squeeze hard together.
15. Keeping them squeezed you can take your legs down to the bed or down to the floor
(if your bottom is near the edge of the bed) and up again.
16. Drop your legs to one side and back up again.
17. Swing your legs in an arch towards your head and then down towards the bed behind you.
18. Until you are perfectly healthy you should release your sperm or eggs once per day,
not into a man or woman but for the toilet bowl.
You should do this when you can no longer bear the excitement from wanking and nipple manipulation.
19. When lying you should keep your chest open, by pressing the shoulder blades
up towards the ceiling.
Or, lying on a small hard object, a small book or cotten reel.
20. Practice not going to the loo.
21. Strengthen the arms by holding your small computer in your hand while watching vids.
22. Bend your knees and press them towards the bed by your side, or as far apart as possible.
23. Keeping the knees down straighten the legs, apart, towards the head. Harden the knees.
24. Where you can grip your buttocks together and keep them gripped together,
build up 1 minute, 10 minutes,..
25. Lower your abdomen down towards the back and keep it lowered.
26. Practice keeping the vagina/penis hard. 1 hour. 5 hours...
If you cant manage use some pics/vids.
27. Your arms strong by doing your own washing, ringing clothes up above your head.
28. Legs strong by eg when showering keeping your legs bent as much as possible
29. Practice squatting, as if going to big loo.
Your shit should not stay inside you, so squat to get it out.
30. All the time your face, breath should be peaceful.
If it is not lie on the bed and recover and then continue.
Everything about you should become soft flexible firm,
but to tone up to get the muscles firm they,
including your penis or vagina, need to be trained with some hardness.
And always think about giving love, ceasing evil.

And what about North Korean women?
Can they please an Indian man?
Of course they can.
They just need practice. Part your legs, put on brown make-up instead of orange,
say 'yes My Lord' insead of 'uck madam kim pong' and cry.
In England, Kim is a female name and pong is what they smell like.
Anyways, now I am going to get Myself Hard.

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