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Marriage is about sex not fun

Ho ho, I tricked you into reading this page!

Did I lie or was it just good fun?
If you had a sense of humour, which of course you do not, and you were British, and you were over
70 years old, on seeing the title you would say 'of course you are right Shyam'.

In marriage light-hearted fun is important.
These days everybody is serious. Nothing is funny.
Even if you look at so called comedy movies now, 'fun' is when an American gets a nail stuck in his forehead.
And that was movie Home Alone 1990. Think how much worse it is 27 years later.
Did you know that about 92% of the people who watched Home Alone thought it was funny.
Now, comedy movies are much much worse. They are horror movies, not funny at all.
And now, 96% of people who watch such movies think they are funny.
And then there are a huge proportion of the population who are entertained by movies that are pure horror,
like absolutely not funny at all.
Well, that is just the movies. What about music, school, TV, the bedroom, stand up 'comedy' shows..?
Are people having light hearted stomach ache from laughing?
Truly, fun has gone out of all but about 2% of people's lives.
People think they want $$ or sex sex.
But, this is NOT true.
Actually every person wants humour, wants to laugh, wants tummy ache from laughing.
Evil, the devil, has taken hold of people's minds to such an extent that 98% find it entertaining when they
see someone's feet being chopped off.
The truth of the matter is that they do NOT actually find it entertaining. Their soul is worried. It knows,
because I tell it,
that evil is repaid with pain.
And souls do not like pain. So, they try and avoid 'thinking' about it. Let me amuse myself and forget,
is their approach.
But, it so happens that the person in charge of what they should see is Me.
And so, whenever they want to be entertained they see something that their mind likes, for
example someone else in extreme agony, and also something that reminds them of what they do not
wish to know about.
It is all a slow slow build up towards fear and panic. Because they see American humour, it becomes
easier to spread terror.
If people were watching British comedy (also now stopped), they would not get over perturbed when
horror starts.
They would laugh it off.
And with enough terror and pain, people soon decide to be good.
Love it happens.
Anyways, marriage is about fun.
And the only thing necessary for this fun to happen, you do not need to fake a smile, is orgasm.
It blows away evil in your mind, and replaces it with good.
And good is fun, love, sex and happiness. All happens naturally.

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