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How to solve harming oneself problems

As noted on the home page, there are seven problems that Satan causes you if you do not listen to Me.
These problems correspond to the seven sleep disorders that 99% of the population has, see
'99% of the population have sleep disorders'
Here are the ways to solve all problems associated with harming oneself:

1 Have arguments with your partner
Causing insomnia and destroying your marriage.
What to do? You need to satisfy see here and if she or you do not want this you need to get rid of her.

2 Not having sexual pleasure
The following articles discuss belief systems which stop you enjoying yourself:
About Hinduism
Chanting, Meditation and Prayer
Comment on the Quran
The Bhagavad Gita is a Buddhist Text
The Ramayana is a Buddhist Text
The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali are Buddhist
For what to do, see
My home page.

3 Have mental disease
Examples are depression, schizophrenia.
For mental disease, you need orgasm, see My home page.
With mental disease, you rely on others.
The following article shows how bad the advice you get is:
'Experts' and 'Gurus'

4 Have lack of sleep
Of course, this causes you lots of problems.
You need exercise, see My
home page.

5 Become proud
To lose your pride in your physical abilities, you can study the following:
Yoga Backbends
To lose your intellectual pride, you need to study this website, starting with the following article.
A History of the West, a Jewish Perspective

6 Have stress
The way to solve this is to start on a milk diet, 2.5 litres per day plus something sweet,
eg 150 grams of chocolate per day.

7 Avoid pain due to you
This is where, for example, you have an operation rather than face the pain you would otherwise have.
The whole world tries to avoid pain and soon I am giving each person arsenic poisoning so that each person suffers
the amount of pain due to them.
The following article will help you with the consequences of this problem.
Dealing with arsenic, illness, etc.

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