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How to avoid having a baby

We are approaching the end of this bad era known in India as Kali Yuga.
Many many horrible things will be happening as a result of all the wrong doing that has been going on.
It is not at all nice to bring up a child in this environment and you should not.

What you should do is get a needless syringe (also known as an oral medicine syringe),
one which can hold and release liquid but has no needle point.
It has a plunger which moves in and out of a small tube
(two to four inches, i.e. 5 to 10 cm long) which holds the liquid.
Within 5 minutes of having sex, put some milk in the syringe and release it into the vagina.
If there is no milk available you should use coconut milk.
If it is a two inch tube, do this four times, if it is a four inch tube do it twice.

You should insert very slowly, carefully, such that the syringe enters the vagina in small
stages as the vagina hole relaxes and accepts entry, you should not use force.
The best is for the woman to lie on her back on the bed with her legs apart, thighs on the bed
and lower legs off the bed. Put a small towel under her bottom as a little milk and semen will come out.
She should breathe quietly and relax during the procedure.

Incidentally, nowadays, most women have vaginal infections (venereal disease). The vagina smells.
Obviously, step 1 is to whenever you urinate to close the vagina and let the urine disinfect as much
of the area inside as possible, and to similarly apply the urine outside.
But, to get rid of the infection, you should follow exactly the same procedure as above,
but with liquid yoghurt, not milk.
You need to repeat this four times per day for three days.
It will not go completely, but will be much better.
The infection is not transmittable, but you should never kiss a woman's vagina, because there are
plenty of harmful bacteria there, coming from the anal area. They travel fast. Of course, if she is 100% healthy there is no problem, but it is not pleasurable for her or for you.

Although VD is not transmittable, you can do silly things like touch your wetness and stick it in
your ear or bra or put on man who then puts it in your mouth. Do not drink your urine, but apply urine
then lots of youghurt to your bra etc.

Men have infections too and a woman should never suck the man's penis.

NB. These suggestions and similar on this website about sucking, anal penetration, etc. apply only in India.

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