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How to Reduce Your Pain

There are many wrong doings in this world, and I discuss this elsewhere.
To take one example, theft.
Suppose that you are a hospital worker or a policeman or a street cleaner and were paid out of stolen tax money.
To keep it simple, suppose you were paid Rs 5000 per month for 20 years.
That amounts to 12 lakhs rupees.
Leaving aside other wrong doing, you owe the people whose money was stolen Rs 12 lakhs.

You will pay this either in cash (if you have any honest money) or in pain.
The result of wrong doing is in the main PAIN.
Pain has a price in this capitalist free market world, see The Capitalist Fair Exchange Act 22/09/2017
and The Important Prices Act 24 October 2017

Aside from giving Me honest money, there are other ways to reduce your pain temporarily, although the
total pain-level-hours you will suffer does not change:

*you will be pain free for appropriate exercise time: Exercise: Principles
*you will be pain free whilst you relax and give or receive pleasure.Obviously, the prettier
your wife, daughter, girl friend, dog, prostitute etc. the longer will you be able to be pain free.
But, clearly, the prettier the dog, call girl, wife etc. is the more costly.

My bank details are as follows:
Bank: ICICI Bank, Trivandrum, Thiruvananthapuram branch, Kerala, India
AC no 626201090561
IFSC code ICIC0006262
BIC/SWIFT code ICICINBBXXX (In India, this is used instead of an IBAN, International Bank Account Number).
Currency: Indian rupees
Savings account
Name of a/c holder: Shyam Mehta
Address: South West Tours and Travels,Light House Road, Vizhinjam 695521, Kerala, India
Reason for payment:You should not need to give a reason, but if your bank asks you for one then you should ask them to make a donation to Me.

Methods of payment:

1. Online Money Transfer
2. International Wire Transfer

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