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How to Clean a Room

Everything I say on this page (and elsewhere) is true, except for one thing.
Lord Vishnu created the logical rules etc. set out, but He is able to do ANYTHING.
If you are American and so like your room dirty, Lord Vishnu can make it completely clean.
Why do ants suddenly appear out of nowhere when you drop some sugar on floor? He just creates them.
1. Cleanliness is important for your health. Before the British invaded India they did not even have showers, so He gave them disease and they died at about age 35. Not nice deaths.
2. Disease in your room, kitchen, bathroom etc. is mostly spread by small decaying dead insects (or of course dead animals etc.) where bacteria feed.
3. You should not at all believe Western industrial companies when they say 'Domestos..kills 99.9999% of all..'.As you know they are complete liars and thieves.
4. The ONLY thing that 100% kills bacteria is water, but then the dead insects decay more and more bacteria thrive.
5. For example, cockroaches feed off dead insects or dead skin. If you have flies, cockroaches etc. in your home you know it is dirty. Even if they are not there it will be dirty unless you clean it say once per week.
6. You should never use carpets, etc., the dead insects sink into the wool etc. and it is impossible to get rid of them.
7. You should never use Muslim rugs, similarly, they are NOT Indian.
8. First clean the bathroom.
9. Take a bucket of clean water, having rinsed the bucket first, then pour it over all top surfaces, like sink, door, toilet bowl, taps, shower unit..
Run tap in sink, in bath and any other for 1 hour to kill bacteria in drain pipes near you.
10. Then pour another bucket onto the floor with two objectives: to move the dead insects and other gumf towards the hole in the ground or floor where your water escapes, and to get rid of the bacteria. Get rid of them.
11. Obviously, these insects and bacteria are small, so mostly you cannot see them. Just flush the whole floor area with water.
12. Then do precisely the same with your kitchen, living room, balcony etc. Surface/top areas, then floor. Obviously include chairs, tables,.., they may look clean but you would be surprised.
13. Use plenty of water if you can, you would be unpleasantly surprised if you could see how much gumf there is in your home or hotel.
14. With hotels, this Indian knowledge of how to clean a room became lost from cleaning staff about 30 years ago. You need to instruct them or do it yourself.
15. If there is a shortage of water, you can use milk, almost as good, if that is unavailable, use coconut water.
16. Incidentally, of course, baths are completely unhygenic. The dead insects on the surface layer of your skin, get into the bath water and when you get out of the bath they are on your skin. And then bacteria..
17. For the first clean, you need to use a lot of water, after that the weekly clean does not need nearly as much.
It is good to leave the floor wet, because this kills bacteria that you may have missed and keeps rebirth of new bacteria at bay.
Keeping the floor wet does attract a few mosquitos but Indians are mostly immune to malaria.
If you keep doors and windows closed after sunset mosquitos do not come in and existing ones will die after about 30 hours.
18. You should avoid wasting water, dripping taps etc. call in a plumber to fix such.
19. Bacteria are everywhere, so, as in the old days, you should rinse every utensil you use for eating from before eating,
rinse the plastic bag or container containing the milk, for example.
But, to really clean a pot, spoon, etc you need mud and scrub, again as they used to do in India
until 30 years or so ago. After using mud, just rinse.
You should avoid ingesting harmful Western chemical substances like modern soaps, etc.,
although some natural soaps can be acquired.
In order of cleaning and getting rid of germs are water, milk, urine and coconut water.
20. After cleaning, have a shower. In fact, whenever you sweat more than a little, you should shower.
However, you should not shower long these days as otherwise the faeces etc. in modern water seeps into you.
21. Dry yourself with a damp or dry towel that you yourself have cleaned in running water from
a tap or shower, river etc. do not believe in laundry companies.
22. Every 4-5 uses of the towel, rinse it.
23. You should preferably use Indian toilets and also avoid sinks, baths etc. Sinks and bathtubs are NOT Indian.
24. A lake is not ideal, it is better to be near a running river.
Similarly, well water is not ideal. Accumulating rain water is not too bad, but not in a typical
Western storage tank, just in small or whatever containers that you can clean.
25. Of course, you do what you can, it is not essential to have absolutely clean water for cleaning a room for example.
Definitely avoid Western bottled water. Germs pour out of it, rather than clean your room.
26. The water should be room temperature, not cold, not hot and of course Western sewage water is not good.
Under homeopathic principles, the more you refine out the faeces, the more powerful is the adverse result.
Do you want faeces on your floor? It is an absolute breeding ground for bacteria and disease.
27. Sea water is also typically not perfect, you cannot believe how much rubbish
Westerners dump into the sea, faeces included.
Definitely, also do not use sea water where the salt has been extracted, again read up about homeopathic principles if you wish.
28. The reason why lakes, wells etc, even rivers, even rain are not good is that
Westerners put all sorts of harmful substances on plants, into animals,..and eventually after not too long
this all seeps into the ground, sea,..
You cannot believe what these wankers do. They are 100% evil.
Homeopathic principles apply even with rain water.
Do you want to tread on acid, etc. even if poisons do not actually spread germs.
Thus for example, you should not swim in the sea, river, swimming pools etc.
29. You would also be surprised to know how much germs spread inside Western shoes, panties, bras,..
Whenever possible you should be naked so that dead skin falls away and germs do not
accumulate and feed inside clothes where they are trapped.
The next best is to if necessary wear traditional Indian loose clothing and traditonal Indian chappels.
Barefoot is not too good nowadays because of all the Western rubbish on the ground everywhere, even on the beach, in a forest...
Western variants of chappels are typically not good for you: plastic, cloth..
A cow is not usually (ie never) killed for its leather, more typically for food and
so there is nothing wrong in using a little leather.
Leather jackets, bags, chairs etc. accumulate germs.
30. Well I know this is not all about cleaning a room, but if you use just a little common
sense, obviously absent in Westerners, you will know that what I say is true and do your best to cope.
31. Dead insects and germs are damn everywhere: on your laptop, on your comb, telephone, electricity socket..
32. It is not too bad inside plastic or glass containers with a lid, for example,
but even these should be rinsed once in 3 weeks or so.
33. Somethings are not too bad, eg dead hair, spilt milk or coconut milk.
34. In the past, in India, even in some other countries, people were strong, fit and healthy.
They could easily cope with the rubbish that the Brits and also Muslims threw at them.
35. But this is very unusual nowadays.
The best measure to see how healthy and strong you are is the number of hours you sleep.
If you sleep less than 3 hours per night you are reasonably healthy and can put up with germs and disease.
36. But, most people have ingested enormous quantities of poison fed them by Westerners.
You cannot believe, for example, how much antibiotics is force fed injected.. into animals ultimately murdered for food.
Even vegetables, fruits are sprayed with poison.
I have a sensitive tongue. Yesterday I had some 'papaya' juice, fresh here in Kerala.
Definitely poison in that, taste of chilli (also NOT Indian).
Even the milk I have does not compare anything like to what it was 20 years ago.
Westerners use ENORMOUS amounts of poison. They are complete complete idiots.
37. And it is not just what poison you eat, what rubbish you drink, it is also vaccines, drugs, cosmetics which seep into you,..
38. Very very few people nowadays are able to cope with diseases, rabies, avian flu, cockroaches...
39. Their internal systems are all screwed up.
40. Even mobile phones, TV, electricity power sockets, internet have electronagnetic waves that harm you.
You should as a minimum swich these off whenever possible, or get rid of them,
move to an area where not too many people who are near you use these..
41. Bed sheets, beds, pillows, pillow cases all will help you catch disease.
Eg if flies land on your bedsheet or little insects are there, it is definitely time for
it to be washed.Eg once once in 3 days, maximum.
Bugs, bacteria cannot travel through cloth and so it is the top sheet that should be changed often,
you should not touch the mattress.
Pillows basically cannot be cleaned and you should try to do without them.
42. Truth: it is really undesirable to catch disease nowadays, I will not go into all details, but
43. When you are unwell, not able to lift a hand, run, for example, any hungry insect, animal, person can take a bite.
44. And how do you get food, water?
45. You need to trust Me also that flies, cockroaches, bacteria move around and feed off
of dead flesh (like some humans) and DO spread nasty disease.
Even a dog carries nowadays nasty disease, even birds do, cat bites and scratches
are also not good for you, rats, mice, vaginas, penis, mouth,..
Mostly, nowadays, even dogs are not vegetarian.
Have you ever smelt the breath of a meat eater? There is horrid disease in there,
it just does not show up for some years.
46. Anyways, most people are advised to clean their room, computer, .. best they can.
47. Of course if you have not done wrong in your life, no harm will come to you,
but even then it is just good upbringing to be clean, and you should not be a vehicle
for spreading disease to others (which is wrong, and then harm will come to you).
48. You would be wrong to assume that disease only spreads from the outside.
It also spreads from what you consume.
If you consume infected meat you catch disease, only because of your relative health,
it may not show up for years. Bacteria have long lives.
Nowadays, all meat is infected.
All fruit, vegetables etc. should be thoroughly cleaned in fresh running water,
with some friction to remove the poisons that criminal Western farmers put on it,
even if what they have put inside it cannot be removed.
49. In the old days, people did not sweat and did not get dirty. But that is no longer true.
Even the air is polluted. You should shower whenever you are sweaty, and you should
rinse your clothes inside and outside particularly where they come into contact with
your underarms, genital area etc. You should rinse your mouth 3 times with water after each meal.
Germs accumulate there too.
50. All public places, seats, tables, railings,.. are unclean. Wash your hands or clothes after contact.
51. If you go to a restaurant, the fewer flies.. the better, but, they often use poison to 'clean'. It may kill flies, but what about your insides?
52. When you clean your room or your skin, not all flies etc. will leave immediately.
It may take them a few hours searching for food and then leaving when they do not find any.
53. Faeces, insect, animal, human (even cow dung) is highly infectious. You should not
handle it, remove with some paper and then throw the paper away and then throw water
at the impacted area. Obviously you cannot help with faeces in water and sea: at least you
should avoid drinking such, even if you use it for floor.
54. Air conditioning spreads bacteria, as do fans, though less so.
55. Disease is also spread through contact, kissing etc.
Before love making you should at the very least have showers, and really you should insist that
your partner is vegetarian for at least 2 months before hand (if you are).
You should avoid kissing etc. anus, vagina and penis.
Definitely avoid anus, and wash your hands after vagina or penis; clean the penis and vagina both before and after pleasure.
56. If you clean walls, cupboards, doors..everything just throwing half bucket of water
there will be no bugs in your room, you can keep food uncovered for one day.
of course not meat, cheese which are filled with bacteria..
otherwise you should buy small packets of consumables which you can eat in one go without keeping it.
57. With larger insects, they take time to die. They do not just disappear down drain holes by magic.
With no food, a cockroach will die in about 3 days. Dunked in water, they do not carry disease.
If you pour water ontop of it, it starts to drown. If the floor is covered with water, it drowns more quickly.
With enough water below and ontop, it drowns in 30 minutes (or 1000 years if He so wishes).
Eg, if in the bathroom, just let the bucket overflow.

They come up through piping behind loo etc. and so you may need to do this eg every day..
unless you keep bathroom floor covered in water.
58. After a couple of days you might still find a small ant crawling on your bed or a fly,..
Mostly, this is not because of your living area being dirty, but is an indication that for example
bugs or whatever have come up through the drain in the bathroom floor.
All you need to do is pour water on the bathroom floor, particularly near the drain.
Turn the shower on for 1 minute, say. As the water drains away, so will they.

59. Lizards hate water.Just a little 20 grams kills them but it takes an hour or so.
Spiders also hate water, but float so need much more water.
60. Finally, of course, most most important, you should have clean thoughts, nice, good thoughts about nipples etc.

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