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How to Choose a Woman

Your father or (if he is no more) your mother select one for you.

Or, if that has already happened, or will not happen,

your eyes meet and you know, 0.1 seconds later.

If you do not penetrate her, but just twiddle her nipples, very soon a woman
will do whatever you want.
So, the actual choice is really nice smile, nice breasts and nice figure.
But, the following will help you also.

You should not hurt another man, so if she is sleeping with another man, you should look for someone else.

Preliminary remarks:

Some women have a seemingly secure home and income, and so want sex.

Other women are looking for a home and income.

You should disregard this and see what you want.

Given that sex is the most basic drive in all living beings, it is not surprising that it is the single most important factor in selecting your mate.

In My article Call Girls and Hard Men, prices, details,
you can find the price for sexual pleasure of the woman you are considering.
If her price is less than Rs 300 per hour, it is not worth pursuing her except if you are
prepared to wait and she agrees to take steps to improve, through slimming or becoming vegetarian.

Hence you should do dating with a woman before settling with her for marriage or any purpose
unless you are selecting a cook, driver, cleaner etc.

See Dating Service India and

Dating suggested arrangements

When you love her, more than 30%, do private dating.

Even if you pass the private dating test, things may not work out between you
(unless you pleasure her sufficiently but do not enter her).

So, you should try and answer the following questions about her to give you a very good idea of whether you should settle with her.

Questions about prospective woman (in order of importance):

Answer honestly

Take your time

If you are not sure or do not know, try and find out

1. Very important questions:

Non argumentative

Willing to take her clothes off for me

She is not on any medication

Weight less than 55kg

Sleeps for 7 or fewer hours per night

She does not cover her eyes with her hair

Does she get orgasm

Attractive breasts


Makes me happy

She has a quiet not bubbly personality


Attracted to her

Does not get ill

Firm breasts

2. Important questions:

Prepared to give up job for me

Firm body

Has stamina in love making

Makes me feel good when with her

Makes me hard when pleasuring me

Prepared to join in activities I like doing


Not looking at me as a bank account

Becomes wet when pleasured

Does she get orgasm easily

Does she behave tenderly to me

No physical impairments

Wants to be with me, most of the time

Young looking

Brings joy to my heart when I see her

Prepared to be vegetarian for me

Prepared to be with me rather than doing lots of things

Speaks my language

Will she try and make me happy?

Willing to change and adapt to me

Willing to do things with me

Attractive face

Not overly focussed on money

Not set in her ways


Does what I want in bed

No other boyfriends!

Own her own property


If she has children, has brought them up nicely

Non smoker

Willing for me to make major decisions in life

Willing to have hair the length I want

No tattoes

Happy with a modest lifestyle

3. Other questions:

She is not stressed


Not overly acquisitive or greedy

Not overly fond of parties and social get-togethers

Not overly fussy about cleaning etc

Not prone to anger



Calm low stress approach to life

Is sexy with me

Prepared to compromise


Does not sleep too much, eg less than 8 hours

She is not outspoken in telling you what she thinks





Good natured

Happy to live in accomodation I can afford

Hard working



Independent financially

Is attracted to me

Is neat and tidy

Kind hearted

Listens to me

Loving personality



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