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How to Choose a Man

Preliminary remarks:

If you are looking for a secure home and income, you are mistaken. There is no such thing.

Given that sex is the most basic drive in all living beings, it is not surprising that it is the single most important factor in selecting your mate.

The first time you engage in sexual activity is the best indicator of whether you suit each other.

Even if you pass this test, things may not work out between you.

So, you should try and answer the following questions about him to give you a very good idea of whether you should settle with him.

Questions about prospective man (in order of importance):

Answer honestly

Take your time

If you are not sure or do not know, try and find out

1. Very important questions:

Gives me orgasm

He is not on any medication


Makes me happy

Can support me financially

Makes me wet when pleasuring me

Does not get ill

2. Important questions:


I am attracted to him

Firm body

Makes me feel good when with him

Satifies me in bed

Brings joy to my heart when I see him

Prepared to be with me rather than doing lots of things

He is not stressed

Is attracted to me

No other girlfriends

I find him sexy

Does he behave tenderly to me

No physical impairments

Non smoker

Young looking

Willing to do things with me

3. Less important questions:

Looks after me

Own his own property



Wants to be with me, most of the time


Good natured

Hard working






Says what he thinks


Now, the reality is that the majority of men will satisfy almost all the above if given a chance by a woman.

So your real choice is not how to select a man, but whether you want to be good or whether you prefer to be bad.

Choosing good, naturally, good things will happen, choosing bad naturally bad things will happen.

And, you may die in pain before good happens, it all depends on how good and bad you have been in the past.

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