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How the hell to love Lord Vishnu?

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A woman, she should love her man. Not gold and not nail varnish. Not two or more men.
Certainly not daughters. Are you a lesbian?
A man, he should love his woman.Not fast cars. Not two women. Never love a son.
Are you gay? Now daughters that is very naughty.

Anyways to love Lord Vishnu (or a woman) the steps are as follows:

You take your wife, if you want her
Or you take a (single) woman (over age puberty).
You strip her, with her permission.
You twiddle her nipples when tired of doing it or you twiddle her nipples first and then
get so exhausted that you cannot get it up.
Then she twiddles your nipples. On My website I set out how to make her and your nipples sensitive.
And you just keep on going, hour after hour after hour. Boring if she looks like typical Hindu, Muslim..,
But you just say to yourself better this waste of time than truly painful death.
Then you wank or get her to wank you. Better her. Not in her mouth, either her hand or her vagina. Not her anus.
And you do this religiously day after long long unpleasant day after next even worse day.
And once in 3 weeks you kiss her unless she is Hindu.
Oh I forgot, when you want it, you need to take her legs and spread them apart.
Once in 6 weeks a cuddle.
Every 19 minutes you dance with her. Hold her back roughly, face her even if she is
horrid ugly, wiggle your bottom this then that way.
Tread on her toes deliberately. Tell her to copy you but kick you in shins also.
If she is fat (excess over 63 kg) feed her every day, she should not go too hungry but
give her semen, water (sewage) one apple, one tomato if available.
Be vegetarian. Fish allowed. Cockroaches allowed.No meat eating, no raping women,
no girl friends, you live like a monk, just on top,
in under in and out partially. No napalming viets unless so told by Me or Lord Vishnu.
No stealing by taxing citizens who deserve to die horribly.
Nice romantic music.
On My website I tell you what sex positions are good for you and her.
Sleep: lie with her, your hand on her crotch. Her head on your chest, just suggestions.
When you want to cum preferably do not cum in her but into her or your hand and then
released onto her if she likes it or into your toilet bowl.
Going out hand in hand.
Be nice to her. Give her presents. She argues, says no, says but, etc. get rid of her and get another bitch.
Anyways, if you do not put it in her, but pleasure her she will soon want it in her. Soon then she is tamed.
She soon falls on love with you. She treats you nicely. You fall in love with her.

When love happens, not if, happiness happens. Your penis can be being removed and
almost you will still be happy. No divorce. She love you until death.
And on your death, what a pleasant thought, you swoon and you fall in love with My Lord.
All 73 of you who do as you are told.
And after falling in love with My Lord, you become hugely hugely miserable.
You cry if you had eyes which unless you soon do what you are told you do not have.
Is that not lovely? You all becoming miserable. But it is a loving misery remembering how naughty you were.
And you loving Him, He is grateful to you whom He loves with all His heart which He does not have.
And you become even more miserable with gratitude that tears would come out of your eyes if you had any.
And you feel damn sorry for upsetting the one you love for 50,000 years, He is that patient.
And then gradually you become more and more miserable and when it reaches
(yes sexual thoughts arise but you do not NOT get satisfied because you were extremely naughty) infinite misery
then My Lord He exterminates you, you cannot take any more of heaven it is such a
wonderful place. And then your job is done.
You have loved Him and served Him and He has loved you and helped you and He grateful
to you and you grateful to Him and then finish.
You gone. And He gets to love and be loved by an even better person. Me.
And now I cry.

´╗┐Let Me tell you how it all works.
You the soul develop pride over the millenia and become partly evil.
The reality is that you want to love Lord Vishnu.
Anyway He does not allow evil near Him, so your love for Him is zero.
But it so happens that the amount of evil you do, the amount of pain etc. that you give others,
and therefore that same exact amount of pain that you will suffer,
is just what is needed for you to give up in despair and surrender
either to your husband or to Lord Vishnu.
And, because you are partly evil, it may be that you actually need to surrender twice or 20 times
because you slip back.
So for example, a woman might be due 500 hours on a cross.
But she may decide to surrender after 25 hours on a cross, then slip back, then suffer the next
25 hours
on a cross, again surrender, again slip back, again go on the cross, ..until finally after 500 hours
she has learnt her lesson.
The 500 hours is exactly what is needed both for justice and to get her to the point of true surrender.
So, this woman has endured sheer hell, absolute agony for 500 hours in total.
After genuine surrender, Lord Vishnu gives her a gift: love for her (first) husband or if she is a virgin,
He gives her a husband to love or He allows her to love Him.
The amount of love He gets her to give depends on how much good she has done. So,
for example if she has been a porn star and made 10000 men happy, He might give her 70% love.
It all depends on how many orgasms she has given compared with the opportunities for giving
that Lord Vishnu arranged for her.
So, if she gave a man/men orgasm on 50% of the occasions that she could have given, she will get
50% love.
Her love percentage ranges between a maximum of 100% and a minimum of 0%.
0% is the norm, where a woman is indifferent to her husband, or a man is indifferent to Lord Vishnu.
40% love is where the man or woman have the same amount of love for themselves as for their husband or Lord Vishnu.
If the man or woman have in excess of 40% love, at the time of death, then he or she goes to heaven.
If he or she does not, his or her soul is destroyed.

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